Alt Left: On Brett Kavanaugh, "Gang Rape," and High School Girls Pulling Trains in the 1970's

Regarding the sexual misconduct charges detailed against Brett Kavanaugh below, I am proud to say I’ve never done anything of these things or anything close to them. I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life, but I have never raped a female or even come close to doing it. I like to sleep well at night, and I have to look myself in the mirror every morning.
This horrible man is now facing a third sexual misconduct charge.
The first one involves a charge by a woman, 15 years old at the time, that the then 17 year old Kavanaugh and his creepy friend Mike Judge corralled her into a bedroom at a party while Kavanaugh tried to rape her. Brett threw her down on the bed, tried to rip her clothes off, and put his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams.
His buddy Judge was laughing the whole time. She literally fought Brett off and thereby prevented herself from getting raped. This was an actual crime called 2nd Degree Sexual Assault, a misdemeanor that calls for 1-3 years in prison. The statute of limitations ran out three years after the crime. I would be inclined to let him off on this considering he was a minor, but I hate him so much that I don’t care what sort of BS they use to hang him from his own petard with.
The second charge, which just came out, is from his time at Yale. Brett was a hard-partying guy, a member of a fraternity subsequently discovered to be a very creepy and rapey organization. This fraternity has been accused of so many sexual assaults that they were actually banned by the university at one point.
Brett was said to be rather shy but could get quite aggressive when drunk. These men are called “mean drunks,” and it is a known type. I have known men who were very nice when sober but quite mean when drunk.
A woman who was a classmate of his at Yale charges that in 1982 there was a drinking party in a dorm. She was there with several young men. I am going to say right now that she was a damned idiot for going to a drinking party with just herself and five or six sketchy, rowdy college boys. What did she think is going to happen? At least bring a girlfriend along, for Chrissake.
Anyway, these boys started whipping out their penises and pointing them in her face and daring her to touch them. The antics also involved the use of a fake penis at one point. The woman was a good Catholic girl at the time, and she said she had never touched a penis before. Well, there’s no time like now, baby! Ah, just kidding, sorry.
Anyway she tried not to touch them, but they kept shoving them in her face. They grabbed her hand and put it on their penises. One of the men who did this to her was Brett Kavanaugh. The woman was traumatized by this and confided in some of her friends. This is legally sexual assault, but no DA will prosecute on a BS charge like this. It is a dick move though, and dick moves deserve a punch in the face in Man World.
The latest charge is that Brett, Judge, and a group of other boys threw regular parties when they were in high school that involved targeting a girl, feeding her enough drinks to get her completely wasted, and then getting her to pull a train or do a gangbang. These are being called gang rapes, but that’s not the way I remember them.
I was around back then. This happened at parties all the time when I was in high school. You would hear this at parties, “She’s pulling a train!” Or they would point to some girl and say she pulled a train at this party last weekend. It was a pretty regular occurrence. My understanding was that all of the girls pulling these trains were drinking of their own free will. I was at many parties like this, and I never once saw boys or men feeding these girls booze. They didn’t need to. The girls went there with the expressed intention of getting wasted on alcohol.
I never participated in one of these trains. The idea was always frightening to me, and I didn’t have much sexual experience in those days. Plus I had performance anxieties.
A high school girl would get drunk off her ass, then get in bed with some guy. I guess they would ask her if she wanted other guys. These were high school girls who wanted to get gangbanged, so they would get drunk in order to have an excuse to do this without being called sluts. Other guys would come in, and the girl would say, “Bring it on!” I never heard that one of these trains was non-consensual or that they were anything resembling gang rape.
I heard that if you went in there at your turn in the train, you would find some ravenous cum-drunk high school in there, her vagina soaked down to her knees along her inner thighs, panting like a dog in summer heat, and flopping around on the bed like a possessed Jodie Foster in The Exorcist. She would be saying something like, “More! More! More cock! More cock! I want more cock!” If you got on top of her, she would look up at you and ask, “A new one?” And then, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me dammit!”.
Females who are this sexually crazed are obviously getting raped, right? Oh, Hell no. No female acts like that unless the sex is consensual.
Back in those days, just because some horny as Hell high school was pulling a train in some bedroom, that didn’t necessarily mean crap. In no way was it synonymous with gang rape. It was just some high school girl living out her fantasy of getting gangbanged.
Now if Kavanaugh was actually targeting certain girls and deliberately feeding them drinks in order to gangbang them, that was sleazy. But that’s not rape either. No male ever goes down on rape for sex with a drunken female. No DA ever files on a bullshit charge like that. It’s only rape if she’s passing in and out of consciousness, and even then, it’s hardly ever prosecuted. One case that was prosecuted recently was the Steubensville case with a high school girl which was videotaped. The only reason those boys went down was due to the videotape.
If she is so drunk she is literally passed out, yes, it is rape, but hardly anyone goes down on that either because there’s usually no evidence. Sadly, this bullshit happens all the time. Girls and women! Don’t drink yourself black out drunk or even worse passed out drunk. You may well get raped and you have no one but yourself to blame for that.
This is what the college athlete Brock Turner went down on. 95% of the sexual activity he and the girl had was consensual, and it was not sexual assault until she passed out. At that point he was supposed to get off of her, and it became sexual assault as soon as he started messing with her passed out body.
Also it was sexual assault, not rape, due to digital penetration. That woman was another idiot who got herself black out and passed out drunk and then got assaulted. She was with Brock at the party for a long time before they left, and people said she was all over him, practically having sex with him in the main room in front of everyone. When they left and went outside, same thing, she was practically raping him.
I’m just saying that at least in Brock Turner’s case, there is sometimes a lot less to some of these cases than meets the eye.
On the other hand, Kavanaugh and his buddies definitely did what I would call a dick move by feeding these girls drinks and then frankly preying on them when they were wasted. It’s a dick move, not rape. The punishment for dick moves like that in Man World is a punch in the face. That’s exactly what this creep and his friends deserve for pulling this stunt.

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12 thoughts on “Alt Left: On Brett Kavanaugh, "Gang Rape," and High School Girls Pulling Trains in the 1970's”

    1. Fuck yeah! Anyway I believe he did try to rape that woman when he was 17 and at age 18, he waved his dick in some woman’s face at a party. Both of those acts were quite extreme even by the standards of the high school and the university, so people talked about them. The latter is a sexual assault, but no DA would take a case like that. Still, it is a dick move, and this guy is looking like a rapey asshole. These guys never do this once.
      Even if feeding girls drinks and drugs and pulling trains on them isn’t rape, it’s still a fucked up dick move. Most men think that shit is sleazy and low behavior and many to most guys won’t do things like that. If she wants to drink or drug by herself, fine.
      But you don’t target a girl, feed her drinks and dope so she gets so wasted you pull a train on her. Plus one of those women they pulled a train on is pissed and she’s calling it rape. If she’s still that mad after all this time, they really pissed her off. At my school, none of the girls ever complained about pulling trains. They did it because they wanted to.
      If your sex with a woman leaves her feeling used, raped, and traumatized afterwards, I would say you fucked up bad. No woman has ever felt that way after I had sex with her.
      Every time I had sex with a female, she was quite willing and happy to be there. One said I raped her but that was a 14 year old girl and we were both drunk off our asses. She just said that to make it seem like she wasn’t a slut for getting fucked at age 14.
      She didn’t get raped lol. That girl was one of the horniest females I have ever been with. If the female is ravenously horny like a slavering beast, she’s totally into it, and it’s never rape ever. It ain’t rape if you are loving it, baby!

        1. Honestly, it is exactly the same thing. I had a 19 year old girl over here recently, and I was eating her pussy for a long time. The first thing I thought when I went down on her was that she smelled or tasted or whatever (I think smelled) exactly like that 14 year old girl. Pussy’s pussy I guess at the end of the day.
          I am 60 years old.

        2. Robert, how the hell are you still banging 19 year olds at age 60? How are you meeting these girls? I couldn’t even bang 19 year olds when I was 19.

        3. Yeah Robert, how do you? I can’t seem to properly talk to girls my age, let alone ask them to date me.
          Also, do you have any memories of the Civil Right’s Movement or the Martin Luther King Jr shooting?

  1. It was not uncommon for USA teenagers to get into gang bang party. Many girls who went just want to get bang. All have multiple sex partners, and definitely non was virgin.
    But Brett Kavanaugh got nominated, everyone jump out accusing him of rape.
    Brett is not a good guy. So were his victim.

  2. I didnt know group sex was that prevalent. Ive heard women (and even teens) are rather big sluts, but thats hear-say so i never extrapolated it to far.

    1. It wasn’t literally group sex or gangbangs like you see in pornos. It was one at a time with only one guy at a time having sex with the girl and the others waiting their turn outside. This was called “pulling a train.”

      1. Both the porno and having people on a line sound about the same amount of crazy for me. Were those fish girls hot or did they do it to get access to hotter guys easier? did the girls discriminate depending on how the approaching guy looked? i guess the second question can be awnsered with alchohol lol. ive never been in an party that wasnt planned by parents or school.

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