A Brief Look at Histrionic Personality Disorder

Rahul: Have you ever been acquainted with someone with Histrionic Personality Disorder. Is so, can you describe your experience?

I never known one of this particular variety of human monster, thank God for that.
Very, very bad. HPD is the personality of “the whore.” Pornstars, prostitutes, strippers, sexworkers of all types. One reason not to date or get involved with prostitute-type women is because this is the personality that most of them have. Get involved with a prostitute and you get involved with a monster, female version.
Mata Hari was the original HPD. The HPD woman is the “femme fatale.” She’s a black widow. She will draw you into her web and kill you one way or another. A lot of people think that HPD is how psychopathy manifests in the female or feminine character. Men become psychopaths; women (and effeminate men) become HPD’s. ~75% of male HPD’s are gay or bisexual. It’s basically a female disorder.
Basically, they’re monsters. Just another group of Cluster B psychos that will ruin your life like the Borderlines, Narcissists, Psychopaths, and the rest of the motley crew.
Similar to other Cluster B personality disorders, Histrionic Personality Disorder forums are often tumultuous and frequently have to be either policed or shut down due to HPD’s coming in, starting fights and making huge scenes.
And also similar to other Cluster B forums, HPD forums usually have few to no HPD’s (because they don’t think there is anything wrong with themselves) and instead are full of the victims of HPD’s, sort of like how Borderline and Narcissistic PD forums are mostly full of the victims of these particular type of monsters. Antisocial PD forums instead are full of psychopaths because psychopaths love being psychopaths and like to run around on stage shouting to the world how cool it is to be a psychopath. Psychopaths literally think being a psychopath is fun. Antisocial behavior is actually their idea of a good time, believe it or not.

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12 thoughts on “A Brief Look at Histrionic Personality Disorder”

    1. For the same reason we should love and nourish people for something they have no control over.
      Morality is an social contruct.
      A contruct built on fake realists.

      1. Lol. Way to sum up human nature.
        Thinking about it, you love your kid for being your kid, but your kid has no control over being your kid.
        That brings up a new question, why should we love?
        Essentially, what this is going to entail, is that we shouldn’t live. That’s the conclusion that might arise from this.

        1. Well if your goal is happiness, and life gives an net of sadness, then tada.
          Its just arbitrary word games…
          So why do people not regard it as arbritrary?
          Because solipsism.
          Our brains are not logical, so from there follows solipsism. Empiricism is just detailed sherry picking. Though its pretty cool, especially the peer-review methedology. It can process much data, but never be understood in the same way by two different people.

        2. This is why I hate the emotions vs logic debate. Logic is 100% controlled by our emotions. Emotions dictate whether or not we use logic.

        3. Also, your comment brought a new question, how comforting is existential Nihilism? You decide what your point in life is, but what if you don’t achieve it? Then, you revert to a state of Cosmic Nihilism.
          So, if we just accept Cosmic Nihilism in the first place, wouldn’t that serve the purpose of existential nihilism? Wouldn’t that comfort us more than a failed dream?

        1. I live in continental europe ( <3 ) and am 16 years old.
          An introduction to my life and autism:
          Autism (scroll down for more):
          Heres a bunch of text by me if you are interested:
          What id say is that there isnt one truth, but many, all defined by systems created by others (which you can mimic to your liking) and some by yourself, in where they are processed solipsistically. I have the preference of seperating normative from descriptive values very clearly to make things easy. So when i say “i think donald trump should behead obama” or any other normative claim its not an allegence i have but an deduced conclusion from thinking of goals inside a set of conditions. I havent explained all conditions (and im with time learning how to establish such conditions in better vigor as im learning about the world) which is why i might sound like an fascist one day and an leninist the other. Many people are too retarded to do it reliably.
          I also have an pseudo original idea that politics somehow is deterministic,
          Can you see it? Some super retard would say “well why wont niggers just pull themselves by the bootstraps and become 7 times more developed like your other models say”. Those people cant see the difference between different models and cant integrate them. though they tend not to be worth talking to anyway as their lack on intelligence not only is manifest in the dunning-krugger effect but also not getting anything at all outside of whats been pandered in their head, no plasticity of thought, just pure automatons… At best 🙂 .
          I go on to tangents a lot, but they are not really as they all relate to my reasons to be here, and i try to shift through subjects smoothly.

    2. Because they’re assholes?
      You know what? I don’t care WHY someone acts like a fucking diabolical monster. I don’t care if they’re a monster because they feel like it and could change any time. I don’t care if they’re a monster because they’re crazy and they can’t help it. Who cares! All I care about is if someone is a monster. That means I hate them and they need to get the Hell away from me.

      1. Also, have you met anyone with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder? If you have, what are your expierences with them.
        Would they be like the classic workaholic? Would Steve Jobs be one?

        1. My late father had OCPD. I have known one other one and I met and heard about another one.
          Bottom line is they are pretty much horrible people too. Really, most PD’s are awful human beings. That is what the whole notion of personality disorder is all about in a sense. They’re not even psychologically sick so much as they are MORALLY sick. They are sick at the deepest level of their very soul, self, or essence. They’re also pretty much hopeless.

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