Intellectual Cultures Around the World That Are Superior to America's

One thing I have noticed is that people from other cultures acknowledge the existence of intelligence far more than Americans.
Arabs, South Indians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Iranians, Turks, Khmer, and especially Chinese people have extreme reverence for intelligence and education.
If they spend any time with me at all, almost all of them act like they are almost stunned to the point of fainting by the breadth of my knowledge. They simply don’t believe that I learned it all from reading. I must have lived in these countries that I talk about.
Mexicans come from a complete retard culture in Mexico itself, but the less intelligent ones, especially if they were born in Mexico, often acknowledge that some people are wicked smart. If they were born here, they were born into Mexican-American culture, one of the most retarded and ferociously anti-intellectual cultures on Earth. Like I said, even Mexico has a more intellectual culture than US Mexican Americans. Mexico’s higher level culture is even more intellectual than that of America itself.
When you get down to South Americans, they are much more likely to acknowledge that intelligence is a thing and a good thing at at that. This is because South America in places like Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina have retained a lot of the intellectual culture of Old Spain, including a reverence for literature and what my Argentine girlfriend called “men of letters.” Peruvians and Argentines in particular are very intellectual and especially literary.
Brazil’s culture is pretty stupid, but at the higher levels where people are much Whiter, it is highly intellectual and often very educated. In particular they take pride in their knowledge of the Portuguese language, which is not an easy language to completely master at all. The extreme hedonism of Brazilian culture, even among White Brazilians, somewhat masks the intellectual culture of the Whiter Brazilians.

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4 thoughts on “Intellectual Cultures Around the World That Are Superior to America's”

  1. What about the american upper class? thats what counts. The others are easily coerced. Other countries score about as bad on standardised testing.
    So all of this might be moot.
    The biggest anti-intelecualistic act in america is the lack of government funded R and D, but Europe is compensating for that loss i guess.
    Also are these smart people really good at any subject? becuase thats what matters, not to have an pleb-teir understanding of many subjects.
    Sure americans are dumber, but in an smarter way.

    1. Who cares about the upper class? Society is made up of the middle class and the working class. Anti-intellectualism permeates all aspects of American life and has for 75 years. See Richard Hofstadter, Anti-Intellectualism in American Life.
      The smartest and most educated Americans are the most anti-intellectual of all because almost all of them are IQ-deniers and even intelligence deniers. Most of these people say that there is no such thing as human intelligence or at least that it cannot be defined. They also say that is is not imporant anyway. All that is important is hard work and that if you try hard enough, anyone can do anything. It’s a shithead, moronic philosophy, and it’s most prevalent in the smartest and most educated fools in the country.
      Why do you defend this asinine reactionary country? I thought you were a progressive person?

      1. The upper class have an very special role in modern capitalist society, their rigid or special life are the accumalation of incentives in the mode of production. They are not the ones controling the mode of production, but the material conditions and miliary strengh are (which have a lot of factors behind them but i use these two intercorrelating things to not take to much text lol). The relationship between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie is indicative of these factors and therefore an easier way of determening the state of the nation. Go gotta have an huge nation like russia or china and maybe Iran to make the revolution, where the upperclass has an interest in nourishing the rest of the population and can manage to maintain the state from foreighn intervention. China has an low IQ on avarage thanks to poverty, but the elite are very decent in their abilities. An prime example of what im talking about.
        The american elite belive in a proxy of IQ, education, which is superior in meassuring productivity anyways. Compare the american elite to the one of latam, one is clearly more productive and efficient. Also remember that they cooperate. The difference is the difference between Bill gates and Carlos slim, one is clearly more adept for modern society. The elite agree with my view on intelligence research, they can see the difference between IQ, G, education and the brain, while beaners on the street cant.
        To get partiall and simple knowledge of many subjects (especially those that dont require good working memory like literature) when not having other sources of mental stimulation is not impressive, americans are smarter then most people but below japan and EU populations (with europeans being the smartest). Even though americans are dumber as individuials they work better as an whole because of specialization which is whats relevant. Americans have been loosing ground though, they used to be amongst the best in the world. It depends on who you call american, but northern (sub)urban whites are still very smart.
        The future of america is the same, unless the china or Iran shit gets overhand. Africa will also change american politics a little. But its the same in terms of economics, unless some really charismatic politician introduces drug legalization (most likely, changing manufacturing in LATAM) or universall healthcare (fixing the lives of many americans debt), though that would need to face an hard fight against big pharma, but with enough asian and central american immigrants, they might just pull it off. Millenials (and most americans) are gullible and follow catch frases (
        Foriegn policy will also get more comples with the growth of china and parts of africa. I think america should preserve rule over south east asia japan, korea and taiwan, afghanistan while negociating with russia about joint ownership of central asia to the benefit of saudi arabia, though china is going to do much resistance against mongolia and Iran and pakistan.
        Africa might go full cold war again, with climate change, corruption and chinese involment, we are going to see right wing death squads, refugees, communists and separatists play it out in some countries, variyng in severity. Max 4 million are going to die (mainly through desiese and nutritional deficency), though i worry the most about its effects on infranstructure. West africa and former british south africa are going to be NATO friendly, while
        Im not defending america any more than im defending hurricanes, we will just have to deal with it as machavellian as possible. There is an possibility that rural whites will learn some economics in the future though, but with non-white immigration (which rural whites are really icky about) and aging demographics, europe might become an worse talking point for the discussed demographic.

  2. |The smartest and most educated Americans are the most anti-intellectual of all because almost all of them are IQ-deniers and even intelligence deniers.|
    Is contemporary intellectualism in Europe different? Do they deny the existence of IQ, or perhaps shrug with disapproval upon hearing such talk about innate difference in intellect? Do they recognize it subconsciously but ignore it? I suspect it is and that Europeans do, primarily because of the consequences of WWII and the and predominance of post-structuralist / post-modern discourse (continental philosophy). Itself, such discourse is built upon a more antiquated French-revolutionist equalitarian (solidaritarian) conception of civilization and human nature and of course – Marxism. That is, socialist and communitarian ideas are far more rudimentary to the philosophical discourse in continental Europe, a phenomena which may contribute to the existence of denialist approaches.
    It seems that the preoccupation with IQ is mostly an American (or Anglo-Saxon) thing. I believe it has something to do with the Naturalist tradition inherited from the English. In any way, denialism and avid recognition and reliance on the IQ as a measure of human success, seems to be both attributes of American intellectual life. Paradoxically perhaps.

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