America's Ferociously Anti-Intellectual Culture Is Literally Idiocracy In Practice

Rahul: Robert, Feynman didn’t win the Nobel Prize in Physics because he had a 190 Physics IQ or because he had a 125 IQ. He won it because he was ardently passionate about Physics and Math, and he contributed enough to the betterment of using Physics to serve humanity. That’s why he won the Prize. I don’t mean to be rude when I say this Robert (hell, this is the case with pretty much any disagreement I have, which is a lot), but this comment was somewhat insulting to Richard Feynman. Really, you’re attributing it to his 190 Physics IQ (which I doubt)?

He was passionate about it and he contributed to using physics to better humanity because he had one of the most brilliant physics minds ever recorded. It’s not insulting to say Feynman had a 190 IQ in Physics. In fact, I bet if I knew him and I said that to him, he would probably laugh and say I was right. The 190 physics IQ is literally proven by having some of the highest physics scores ever recorded on various tests. If you go around the Net, everywhere they talk about Feynman’s IQ, they say just this. No one anywhere says he did it by trying really hard. You do not get one of the highest Physics scores ever recorded on a widely given test by trying really hard. Fuck that. You get that by being one of the smartest and highest Physics IQ men in history in Physics. Why are you such an IQ denier? Have you lived in America your whole life? Because in this idiot, insane culture, the line is, “Anyone can do anything” and “Intelligence doesn’t matter.” And in America, there is a complete denial of intelligence itself. This is shown by contempt for the very concept. In America, “anyone can do anything they want if they give it enough effort” and often you cannot even acknowledge that human beings differ in intelligence at all or that this matters in any way. I talk like this a lot because intelligence is interesting to me, and I get very politely shut down (they simply disagree with me very politely, mostly by dismissing my argument with a smile) all time. This Idiocracy culture is so infuriating. We acknowledge frankly intellectual gifts in a whole range of things, even athletics, where “physical intelligence” forms a large part of “athletic genius.” Haven’t you heard athletes who say things like, “Baseball is 9 We often speak of artistic and musical genius and the implication is that it was inborn, though you often run into resistance to that with countless Americans implying that musical and artistic geniuses simply “tried really hard.”  Americans simply refuse to believe in the concept of inborn intelligence or intellectual strengths in any way, and that is when they acknowledge that intelligence itself even exists at all. Many, perhaps most Americans simply insist that “there is no such thing as intelligence,” which is a stunning statement for a human being to utter. Most infuriating of all is that the smartest people are the worst intelligence deniers. Even more infuriating is that the more leftwing people get, they more openly hostile they are to the very concept of intelligence, especially if it is inborn. All I have to say is that an American Left culture that has extreme hatred for the very notion that intelligence exists at all is not one I want to be a part of. It doesn’t sound like one that’s going to be very successful either, or if it is successful, I fear for the country that ends up being run by these overeducated fools. You start getting down below 100 or especially 90 IQ, they generally agree that some humans are definitely way smarter than other humans. At that level, people are often awestruck by very smart people. That’s if they are not too stupid. Truly stupid people around 80 IQ often can’t even seem to grasp the concept of intelligence at all or refuse to see how it could be important in any way. This is because they are literally too stupid to even recognize intelligence for what it is. Further, if you start talking about intelligence even related to jobs in the US, you get shut down almost immediately with, “Oh no, you don’t have to be smart to do that. Anyone can do that.” You even get shut down if you imply that some people are smarter than other people. Sometimes I talk about how I can tell someone is smart by simply looking at their faces while I interact with them. I usually get completely dismissed when I say that. I can tell how smart someone is by looking into their eyes, listening to how they talk (for instance, speed, comprehension, response speed), and mostly looking for, more than anything else, simply speed of response. Smart people are simply faster than other human beings. And it correlates directly with IQ. I had a girlfriend with a 140 IQ once, and she was one of the fastest women I have ever known. She got my jokes, bam, immediately, as soon as they hit her brain just like that. And she had a sharp response to the joke almost instantly. She was so fast it almost seemed like she started laughing before the joke was even over. I had another girlfriend with a ~115 IQ, and while she was definitely intelligent, there’s no way on Earth she was that lightning fast. And I met a woman with an IQ of 156 once who was literally the fastest woman I have ever met in my life. She was faster than the 140 woman, knew more stuff, and picked up completely new topics she knew nothing about very quickly. She would ask me, “What is that?” about some concept that she had no idea what it was. I would start to explain it, and it never took more than 3-5 minutes before she had gobbled up the whole concept and had gotten the gist of it like an expert. I have never met a woman who understood brand new things with so little explanation. She might even have been faster than I am. Her IQ was ~10 points higher. I didn’t feel outclassed at all though. We were basically on the same level. But I had definitely met my match. She was a real challenge to talk to, but I love challenges.

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6 thoughts on “America's Ferociously Anti-Intellectual Culture Is Literally Idiocracy In Practice”

  1. “He was passionate about it and he contributed to using physics to better humanity because he had one of the most brilliant physics minds ever recorded. It’s not insulting to say Feynman had a 190 IQ in Physics. In fact, I bet if I knew him and I said that to him, he would probably laugh and say I was right. The 190 physics IQ is literally proven by having some of the highest physics scores ever recorded on various tests. If you go around the Net, everywhere they talk about Feynman’s IQ, they say just this. No one anywhere says he did it by trying really hard.”
    Please excuse me for being rude- it might happen, and I request you don’t ban me for it.
    That’s not exactly why you become passionate about something. You become passionate about something, because you are interested in it. That’s why you become passionate. It’s not about saying Feynman had a 190 Physics IQ (he most likely did not have a 190 Physics IQ), it’s about attributing his genius to a fucking score, instead of his achievements. He doesn’t need a score to prove that he’s a genius. Feynman wouldn’t laugh randomly, he’d laugh in your face, and then probably call you an idiot. I’m sorry, that’s what would have happened. Jesus, he apparently declined a Mensa offer citing that his IQ was too low! Also, how the fuck is he supposed to affirm that he had a 190 Physics IQ. That’s not something you exactly test.
    I don’t think people deny intelligence, they just argue about its definition. Many people define it as “the ability to learn”. Musical Genius and Artistic Genius is intelligence, simple as that.
    First of all, no one besides Steve Hsu says his IQ is 190. This is actually a divisive thing about Feynman’s IQ. Second of all, if you are quick to believe the “everyone” who says Feynman’s Physics IQ is somehow 190, why do you vehemently go against the fact that Francis Crick has a 115 IQ. There’s no debate going on about that.
    Feynman took the Stanford Binet, most likely. If we look at it through a modern lens, 2 subtests would be spatial and quantitative, another one is probably short term memory. The rest is Verbal. He wasn’t verbally weak whatsoever.
    No, I’m not an IQ denier. I do however believe that there is something called a threshold, and beyond the threshold, it’s personality that counts. I don’t believe in IQ determinism, that’s it. I also don’t think IQ measure intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to learn, people are better at learning certain things than others. Athletes are more intelligent when it comes to sport, the drug dealer in the inner city is very smart, socially. High IQ people are also very smart, when it comes to academic shit, like Philosophy, Math, and whatnot.
    For a BS- Average is required
    For a MS or MD- Average
    Nobel- 110-120

    1. He wouldn’t laugh in my face. He might think it was very interesting. His verbal scores must have been lower. That’s the only way to account for his 125 IQ. And there is a lot of discussion on the Net about this. We can’t prove that he had a “Physics IQ of 190” but it is basically true simply by receiving some of the highest scores ever recorded on Physics exams.
      Feynman was passionate about IQ because he had a 190 IQ when it came to Physics.
      Where does Hsu say Feynman has a 190 IQ.
      You are an IQ denier. You don’t think it measures intelligence.
      IQ tests don’t measure athletic intelligence or street smarts intelligence. It’s been proven for a long time now that IQ is a good measure of raw brain speed. IQ is correlated with brain size at .7 correlation. The larger the brain, the higher the IQ.
      IQ is correlated with a measure of glucose utilization by the brain. The higher the IQ, the more efficiently your brain utilizes glucose. You still think IQ has nothing to do with intelligence. For Chrissake, the bigger your brain is and the better it utilizes glucose, the higher your IQ!
      Your figures about thresholds are wrong for most people most of the time.
      The discussion of Crick’s IQ on the Net is wrong. Crick actually had an estimated 190 IQ. I went to numerous places on the Net, and not one of them verified a 115 IQ for Crick. They all shot it right down as a lie.
      This is all wrapped up in your crazy obsession about your IQ numbers. You think your IQ is too low! You want to believe you can win a Nobel Prize lol. Just give it up. You are in the top 8th percentile when it comes to IQ. You are literally smarter than 92% of the population!
      But for you, that’s not good enough, and you’re stupid or something. You have to be top 1st percentile I guess. That’s why you are doing all of this. There’s a psychological reason for this obsession of yours.
      I don’t want to discuss this subject anymore with you as long as you keep acting like a dog with a bone and just repeating the same arguments over and over, arguments which are false and lack foundation.

      1. You’re right Robert on pretty much everything in the post, but I still will, and always will disagree on the fact that IQ measures intelligence.
        If it doesn’t measure athletic intelligence or street intelligence, it doesn’t measure intelligence. Period.
        I’m not saying that because it benefits me in anyway. It doesn’t. I’m socially inept as fuck, and I’m also not even close to athletic.

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