A New Sex Fetish: Black Women Developing a Sex Fetish for White Men

Thinking Mouse: I cant see how you wont feel bad for them. The black women who are so deranged they cant like their own.

Oh Hell no. I feel great about them. There’s this whole movement on the porn blogs on Tumblr of men from one race trying to steal the other races’ women. And there’s White guys promoting this idea that all these women of other races should develop a White man fetish. And a lot of women of other races are going along with it. Mostly Black and Asian women, but there are a few Hispanic and East Indian women getting into it too. There are porny memes of ethnic women saying, “I am White cock only.” And there are  Black women posing naked with photos saying, “White men only”, “White cock only”, “I only fuck White men,” etc. Then there are Black guys promoting the idea that White women should develop a Black fetish. And a lot of them do just that. They also have memes too saying the same thing. A lot of White women are getting a black spade tattooed on their bodies. That means they have this Black man fetish. It even goes off into porn fantasy blogs where the Blacks have taken over and have made all White men cucks and turned all White women into depraved sex slaves. There are White guys running fantasy blogs about the future when the Whites take over. A lot about are about Whites conquering Asia, turning all Asian men into cucks and making sex slaves of all the Asian women. It’s hilarious and a lot of those people make nice memes and write very well. There is also this whole idiot cuck movement of Black men and a few Hispanic men who let their wives cuck them with White men. They get off on the humiliation of it. And there are Asian guys who are into the cuck thing, and they have blogs about how Asian men are small-dicked and inferior and how all Asian women should go for superior White men. They get off on being cucked and humiliated too. And of course there is a huge movement of White men who get off cucking their wives to other men, often but not always to Black men. A lot of these White men put their penises in cages and lock them up. Their wives keep them locked up like that and will not let them get off. Then the guy has to be in the room watching with his dick in a cage while these studs ravage his wife. His wife turns around and insults him sometimes, talking about his small penis or how he’s going to stay locked up all month. It’s weird, but some of it is hilarious. The Black men they bring around to have sex with their wives are called “bulls.” Then White men formed this new movement advocating Black husbands turn into cucks and bring around “White bulls” to have sex with their wives while the Black guy watches in humiliation. So the men of different races are trying to steal the other races’ women by promoting women of different races fetishizing the race of these men. I think it is hilarious. I have talked to a number of these Black women who have a White man fetish. Personally, I think it’s good for Black women. The Black women who develop the White man thing seem to leave behind a lot of that lousy Black culture and in general tend to behave a lot better. There might be genetic tendencies for a lot of Black women to be somewhat ill-behaved, but those are not set in stone. That awful culture of theirs just sets those tendencies off like a match in a tinder-dry forest. I think if White fetish Black women start degenerating into typical ghetto behaviors, a lot of White guys are not going to put up with that stupid nonsense the same way Black men are. So these women will be forced to act better. It seems to be working, unless there is some self-selection going on with better behaved Black women being the ones who develop the White fetish in the first place. I have generally found that the further Black women get outside that horrible Black culture of theirs, the better they behave and the less they are into the victim addiction, screaming racism, Black Identity Politics toxicity. It is interesting. The Black women into White men hardly complain about anti-Black racism at all. But the deeper they are into that nightmare culture of theirs, the more they seem to perpetually wound up and pissed off. It’s not healthy to live like that.

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14 thoughts on “A New Sex Fetish: Black Women Developing a Sex Fetish for White Men”

  1. Interacial dating might be ok if its proven that interacial societies work and that that model can be applied to reality (which it would if true).
    The domination stuff is wierd and indicates that the shit might have some derranged stuff involved in it.
    But for some it might just be that they are a little afraid of going into a new culture.
    This possible derrangement might be able to be part of the proof needed to prove that interacial societies do not work if prevalent enough and shown to be derranged and unhealthy.
    Funnily enough, the races being capable of depleting their ingroup preference might be ultimately good for whites. The reason for that is that NATO could allign themselves with LATAM, south east asia and parts of Africa (the congo, Nigeria and former brittish south africa) to dominate the world and keep the gringos safe from loosing world control.
    The alternative would be the thirdworld getting more powerfull and demand more controll over their natural resources against NATO that probably has automation making the people in the thirdworld worthless to NATO outside of speical immigrants. China would send guest workers to the third world to organize it and there would be shit ton of drama, but maybe little violence, depending on how much control NATO dominates in the forseable future. We are alreay witnessing this in west africa with the French and Chinese competing. The third world wouldnt collapse without foriegn trade entierly, as they are working on fixing domestic markets and diversifying the economy (even in saudi arabia!).

  2. Inter-racial societies work in some places – but not others. For instance, the deep ghetto of Harlem or Appalachia have too many pockets of extreme identity politics – normally a couple of local bullies with little education and/or spoiled entitled types with a lot of education (assholes you might find at a university or at a gym)
    Anyway, it seems like where I live in Appalachia black man/white woman unions don’t encounter too much hostility – as long as they’re very passive and quiet and stay out certain areas. But Wal-Mart wouldn’t be one as you see them everywhere.

  3. Interacial dating might be ok if its proven that interacial societies work and that that model can be applied to reality (which it would if true).
    The domination stuff is wierd and indicates that the shit might have some derranged stuff involved in it.

    Well, as far as Asia is concerned it can be seen as a mecca for non-racist misogynists. However, though, mind you, a lot of Asian countries are full of jealous young guys who feel “cucked” at the very sight of foreigners – especially Americans. So they always go the “extra mile” to show you an attitude – so all their pals will know they’re loyal to the race

    1. MIsogyny and some dumb white idiot feeling to be the master of Asians – isn’t a good reason for dating, even a non-racist would argue.
      OK, I have also seen some white women who envision themselves as southern belles with slaves when they are with their black dates/husbands. Come on! Get real!

  4. I think the whole sexual sicko crap is giving interrracial dating a bad name. I mean, plenty of interracial relationships are based on respect and love – not people trying to get even at other races or people who enjoy racial humiliation/

  5. Most people racist around here snooty female bitches and also these bullies I was talking about – either dumb-asses who are poor with little education or these sort of rich “entitled” brats who go to college, often have gym memberships.

    1. Most race conscious whites do not hang out with sows as they would know that the sow would rip them off for a piece of jenkem, crack and meth. Only the degenerate drug addled ones seek out sows and the one going out with the sow would get conned or gone sooner than later as the greasy sow is conniving by nature. Most sows don’t even know who is the jizz donor of the minibucks and sowlettes it spawned, NIGGER sows get knocked up only for crack, jenkem and some muh dik. Sows have a gross sense of self-apetitlement and their tiny frontal lobes do not have the capability of understanding morals, values and rules. That’s the reason you see them knuckle dragging feral on the sidewalk as hos. Even their own NIGGERS wouldn’t want to touch the brattish, loud and obnoxious sows with ten foot pole and seek out preying on white women.

      1. A lot of generalizations. Some of them are that way, not all.
        Anyway, it’s easy to turn this around and bash poor white women doing pain pills and living in trailers. ???

      2. It’s highly unlikely the black women whites would be chasing – are these monkeys you describe.
        Anyway, all of these ignorant retard generalizations could be turned on hillbillies just as easily.

      3. The poor white culture is incredibly unstable and I haven’t seen one shred of evidence – aside from it’s less violent, to differentiate it with the poor black one.

      4. NIGGER sows get knocked up only for crack, jenkem and some muh dik. Sows have a gross sense of self-apetitlement and their tiny frontal lobes do not have the capability of understanding morals, values and rules.

        Nor do poor white swindlers/drug addicts who take everything from you. And believe me, they don’t like blacks! Isn’t that ironic?

  6. I see @Jessica’s point, though, I was being a little bit an ass.
    However, honestly, this identity politics in practice – as see how she ignores obvious, horrible faults of whites – but points out stuff in blacks.
    That’s just like whites in government housing and trailers bitching about blacks – aside from the violence – which the blacks are more violent.

  7. @Jessica’s remarks are no doubt true regarding the most low IQ blacks – but they don’t represent a lot of them. In fact, the rising IQ of blacks is why stuff like segregation and the like became more “stupid sounding” to certain whites. As mentioned in another thread (about SJWs), Jews were just capitalizing, maybe with selfish motives, on the fact blacks were simply three or four times as smart in 1950 as in 1850.

  8. Indeed, a lot of girls looking down on blacks are snooty and also certain elitist punks in most small towns. I mean, I can see the arguments that some blacks will harm white girls – but they throw the racism way into overdrive – mostly because they enjoy picking on people, generally those with open racial views that aren’t David Duke’s.
    The nerve of bullying people who did nothing to you! Come on, don’t these people have any other type of entertainment besides hassling people who aren’t small town sheeple (people who are quiet about racial views, or openly anti-racist etc..)?

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