The "White Collar Criminals Are Just as Bad as Street Criminals" Argument

Jason Y: All sorts of rich or middle class whites are just as evil. In fact, as mentioned in another comment, they’re despicable! Why is that? It’s because people with higher IQ and money hide crime. They hide evil and they’re convinced they’re sinless – because they’re smarter and richer

You hear this argument all the time on the Left. Having been an idiot Leftist for decades, I used to recite it myself all the time. Then I got woke. I’m still a Leftist. I’m just not an idiotic one anymore. But there are only a few of us left as most Leftists got on board the Tard Train. It’s pretty lonely out here on the Non-Retard Left.
On White collar criminals.
Ok, I am walking down the street late one night. There’s a White guy in a suit and tie walking in back of me. Do I suddenly step up my pace thinking, “Oh my God! This guy’s going to violate some Health and Safety Code at his workplace!”? Of course not. But what if some guy who looks like a street criminal is walking in back of me. I’d be a lot more scared. I’m a lot more frightened of street crime than white collar crime.
Also I have lived in upper middle class communities presumably full of this sort of white collar crime. I certainly didn’t feel unsafe.
I get tired of this argument.

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