How IQ Limits You in School and Life

Rahul: Robert, there are professors with IQ’s in the 90’s out there. There are scientists too, and many other professions.
You are being very IQ deterministic. IQ does carry some merit, but it’s not the only thing. Also, intelligence can span from many different things. Intelligence is the ability to learn. People with Low IQ’s are very street smart, more so than high IQ folks. Musical intelligence exists too, many low IQ blacks are excellent rappers. Mechanical intelligence, not every high IQ fella can fix shit with their hands.
There’s this article on Grey Enlightenment on illusory superiority. It’s a phenomenal article.
Also, you can increase your IQ, it’s not fixed at all. Just because most people don’t increase it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Some people get pretty big gains too.
For a degree, you only need an average IQ.
For a masters too, only an average.
Even for a PhD, you only need average.
Hell, for the Nobel, you probably don’t need a monstrously high IQ either.

There are almost zero university professors with IQ’s in the 90’s. I dare you to show me one university professor with an IQ at that level. With an IQ in the 90’s, you will have a difficult time getting a BA, for Chrissake.
Show me one “scientist” anywhere with an IQ in the 90’s. One.
You don’t realize that IQ is intelligence. By attacking IQ, you attack the very concept of human intelligence itself.
Street smarts, musical and mechanical knowledge alone won’t get you through university or a job as a professor or scientist. As an aside, most very good musicians are quite intelligent. We think Blacks are stupid, but I have read interviews with great Black blues musicians who no one would ever think would be smart, and I was shocked at how smart they were. I read an interview with Miles Davis, and it almost knocked me on the floor. He’s at least as smart as I am.
I am always shocked at how smart auto mechanics are. They’re not book smart intellectuals, but I haven’t met a stupid mechanic yet, and I’ve met more than I can count. We think they are just stupid grease monkeys, and they don’t act all that smart, but those guys are wicked smart. I saw a chart once and I was shocked at how many auto mechanics had IQ’s of over 130. That will literally put you in the gifted program at school.
I met a man the other day whose job was fixing the slot machines in gambling houses. I was stunned at how smart he was. I could tell he was smart very fast just by looking at his eyes, listening to his speech and just seeing how sheer fast he was.
After age 18, IQ doesn’t go up much at all. Nor does it lower much either. IQ is even preserved in alcoholism, believe it or not. It can damage your brain, but IQ is typically preserved somehow.
Show me one person who got an over 15 IQ gain in adulthood. I would even like to see someone who got 15 points. I’ve heard it’s possible, but I’ve never known anyone who did that.
An average IQ of 100 will not get you a BA. You will struggle a lot, and you will simply not be able to understand a lot of the material. Many 100 IQ people will drop out of the university. You need a minimum 105 IQ to get a BA. You need a 110 IQ to get one relatively easily.
I definitely don’t see how you easily get an MA with an average IQ. I have known people who seemed to do it, but they were schoolteachers getting more or less bullshit Education MA’s, the easiest MA’s out there. And this woman that I knew had to have her attorney mother write most of her papers for her, otherwise she would never have passed.
I was in a Master’s program and there didn’t seem to be a lot of average IQ folks in there. Some of them were smarter than I was, or at least they were better at the material. For a Master’s, you will ever struggle at a 105-107 IQ. You won’t understand a lot of the material, and you will have a high likelihood of dropout, assuming you can even get in anyway, as you have to pass the GRE, and it is hard to pass the GRE with average intelligence. I would want a 115 IQ to get a Master’s degree, and even then it will be hard.
You need a minimum 115 IQ to get a PhD, and even then, you will not understand a lot of the material and you will have a high tendency to flunk out. You want a 125 IQ to get a PhD. If you have an IQ below 115, in all likelihood you will simply not be able to get a PhD unless you have an extremely lopsided IQ.
Most Nobel Prize winners have IQ’s of over 145. They’ve been studied.

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19 thoughts on “How IQ Limits You in School and Life”

  1. Here’s the problem Robert, you’re going on average.
    Just because most people don’t, doesn’t mean they can’t. There are professors out there with IQs of 90-100.
    100 to 105 isn’t much of a difference. There are people in that range who have PHDs. Rare, yes, but they exist.
    Also, you said many 100 IQ people drop out, not all. It’s certainly possible with a 100 IQ to get a PDH, a professorship. Hard, yes, but not impossible.
    Just because the average of Nobel Prize winners is 145 doesn’t mean someone lower can’t become one. This average means, theoretically can range from 110-180 (Francis Crick had an IQ of 115. A 115-120 is a creativity threshold, there’s probably some leeway, of -5 points).
    For 15+ IQ points? Go on to Quora.
    Also, when did I ever say getting a masters was easy? I’m only contending that it’s possible. Something being possible, and something being difficult are two very different things.
    By the way, since when was going through university the only way to use intelligence? Street smarts might not help in university, it’ll certainly help in a job, or on the streets.
    Also, what about those intellectuals you know who are in the 90s?

    1. No, Crick did not have a 115 IQ. He had at least a 125 IQ and maybe even higher.
      Show me one professor anywhere with an IQ in the 90’s. One!
      You will NOT get a PhD with an IQ below 115. Not going to happen! Show me one PhD with an IQ of 100-105. No one with an IQ of 100 will ever be able to get a PhD. Anyway, show me one person who did that.
      145 wasn’t the average. The finding was that almost all of the Nobel winners had IQ’s of 145+.
      Going through university is not the only way to use intelligence. Of course street smarts is highly beneficial in our society at least.
      Yes, I know one guy who reads a lot books who is 94 IQ. But he didn’t go to university. Also he says some of my stuff is completely over his head. The other guy I know with a 97 IQ also never went to university. He also has some learning disability that may well affect his score.

        1. It’s not widely accepted at all. I Googled it and everyone said that people always say that, but there’s no evidence it is true.
          COLLEGE professors may well include teachers at the community college level. They don’t need to be nearly as smart as university professors.
          That chart shows MD’s down to 105 IQ, but I recently saw a study of hundreds of MD’s and there was not one below 115.
          Difference between 115 and 125? A LOT. Talk to a bunch of people around 115 and then go talk to a bunch of people ~125. The difference is stark and shocking. Also look at MD’s. MD’s have average IQ’s of 125. Yet at 114 IQ, they almost do not exist. That ten IQ points is pretty damn important.

          1. What’s Tulio? 120? Tulio says he often feels stupid and can’t follow a lot of high level arguments on the web. He’s not getting a doctorate anytime soon, though he could if he tried hard.

        2. Hmm, I understand now why you told me that I wasn’t that different from him.
          However, I certainly can follow the high level shit, but I have to work my brain a little. I have no trouble learning, but I do have many issues applying what I learn. I guess that’s just part and parcel of 115-125.
          Also, am I age adjusted, qualitatively like Tulio in any way?

          1. Of course you are like him. You are a bit insensible compared to him, but that’s par for the course at your age as most everyone is insensible at that age. You will get more sensible as you get older.

        3. I agree. My sensibility is down in the dumps half the time anyway. I also tend to say a lot of dumb things, then regret them. I also say fuck you to logic many a times and succumb to my emotions.

          1. So what?
            In life, you don’t go around asking, “What about the exceptions!” That’s bullshit. In life, you make generalizations and rules, and you live by them. Of course they’re not 100% accurate, but it doesn’t matter because you need them to live.
            There is also the saying, “The exception proves the rule.” If you go through life all the time yelling, “What about the exceptions?” you will not only end up being a complete social retard, but you might not get much of anywhere in life. You will never be able to understand people. You will be an idiot and a fucktard.
            Interestingly, this bullshit WHAT ABOUT THE EXCEPTIONS crap is what the SJW garbage is trying to sell to all of society. It’s catastrophic because once infected with that nonsense, people will not be able to function well in life because they will never understand people.
            Are you an SJW? Because that’s what those pieces of shit do all the time: WHAT ABOUT THE EXCEPTIONS?.

          2. “what about the exceptions?!?” Is good for research though. You want to know as much as possible.

        1. I agree, but I was talking about possible, not likely or common. I really only care about possibilityness.
          I’m absolutely not an SJW. What they do doesn’t help even the people who they are trying to help.

  2. I see how IQ limits people from getting college degrees, but college degrees aren’t everything. I mean, if someone made a popular website, a popular rock band or whatnot – then who care’s about the prestige of a degree?
    OK, Elvis had no degree. Did anyone care?
    Anyhow, few people in Tennessee and I’m sure other states have a degree – and then so many that do have degrees that aren’t so job friendly. In other words, unless they made a popular blog about history or something – then the financial reward for them seems a mirage.

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