Dysgenic Breeding Has Been around Since Antiquity

Greg Rambo:
“The current dysgenic behavior of the African-American community is a complete and absolute result of the government subsidizing pregnancy and desertion.*
* Professor Thomas Sowell.
Agree or disagree?

Sowell is a conservative, so I don’t like him as I am a Leftist. However, he is right on it regarding a number of issues. I don’t mind his theories. I just dislike his politics. You see here he makes an argument about dysgenic breeding and high illegitimacy rates, he turns into a damned anti-welfare argument because he’s a conservative ideologue first and a sociologist second.
Breeding is dysgenic anyway.
It’s dysgenic among Whites and Hispanics too.
For Chrissake, even the Romans wrung their hands and wrote about dysgenic breeding in Ancient Rome. So dysgenic breeding has gone on forever. I doubt if it seriously harms the gene pool since it’s been around since Antiquity.
Scumbags, especially psychopaths, have lots of kids. Which is probably why sociopathy stayed in the gene pool. The women keep breeding with the bad boys, and they either became tribal leaders, or they managed to make a few babies before the other tribal members murdered them or cast them out, which was actually the fate of many psychopaths in primitive society.

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8 thoughts on “Dysgenic Breeding Has Been around Since Antiquity”

  1. i think educated women have about as many kids as the rest of the population while educated men have less, about 1 child per man and 2 children per woman (both being educated).

  2. I’m wondering if white women actually want bad boys. It seems like a lot of them are just normie assholes, massive conformists – with good family connections. But weirdos like me? No chance!

  3. I sort of despise guys who aren’t bad boys. Often they are cowards. Their conformity is cowardice – and they will probably get wives and girlfriends, nonetheless, because, stability does attract some women, just like instability attracts some.

      1. No they aren’t. Bad boys will FIGHT you! Trust me, I’m one. That’s a qualification for being a bad boy. You have to be willing to fight!

  4. In find myself often wondering what the future looks like as it seems like the stupidest people out there are having lots of kids. That’s what I see with my own eyes. If someone is really smart they seem to have none half the time and the if they do have any it’s one or at the most two. I don’t know any really smart people with a lot of kids. Maybe dumb people were breeding in ancient Rome, but back then they didn’t have the pill and smart women probably got knocked as much as the dumb ones since they didn’t go to college and spend their prime reproductive years in office jobs. This time it may be different. I can even see it in the music. People are becoming dumber.

    1. The issue of “dysgenics” is that there aren’t a surplus of high quality men in the first place (never has been) and that nothing incentivizes (attractive) low class and downwardly mobile women to fuck exceptional men in shitty areas, which in turn doesn’t encourage those men to stick around for long.

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