Crime Rates in Black Countries, among Black Populations and in Black Cities and Neighborhoods around the World

Thinking Mouse: Many African nations have a similar homicide rate to far eastern Europe, despite having much lower incarceration rates and younger demographics.

Incarceration rates are low because the police are often incompetent and much crime is not prosecuted or even reported.
Black Africa has had some of the highest homicide rates on Earth for decades. Crime is so bad there are travel warnings against going to most of those countries. Are there travel warnings telling people not to go to Eastern Europe? I recently went through the US State Department warnings for Black Africa and in every single country in the region, there were warnings about high levels of crime and violent crime. I believe Senegal was somewhat of an exception and most of the crime there was property crime.
I would not feel frightened going to Eastern Europe. I would feel frightened in most large Black African cities except possibly in the Sahel. I have heard that Senegal is relatively low crime. There is terrorism now in the Sahel though, so it is dangerous on that basis, but the crime is not very high. Of all of the countries in Black Africa, I would probably recommend Senegal as safe enough to take a careful vacation there. I’ve also heard that it is a very interesting country. It might be nice as a human to visit Black Africa once in a lifetime.
Generally the Muslim parts of Black Africa are safer, more orderly, calmer, and have less crime than the Christian areas.
However, there is an ethnic group of 1 million people in Burkina Faso that has a homicide rate of ~1/100,000, about the same as Japan’s. So this shows that not all Black populations automatically commit lots of violent crime and homicide. But whatever environment this group has created to make such a safe culture does not seem to be easily replicable outside of that group. The group is Muslim, and study of Muslim texts is mandatory for all young people, so the group is educated. Elders are revered and respected and children fear their wrath and do not disobey them much. Elders take it upon themselves to mentor youths and young adults as a matter of course. Ethnic pride is high and members read texts about the group and participate in frequent cultural exercises.
In addition, much of the crime in Black Africa is simply not reported, as police are incompetent, corrupt, and take bribes. In a number of those countries, police set up roadblocks specifically to take bribes from motorists.
The Black Caribbean has a high violent crime and homicide rate.
I read a recent figure for the UK that Blacks were 2% of the population, and they committed 20% of the homicides. In the US, Blacks are 13% of the population, and they commit 53% of the homicides.
All of the high homicide US cities are Black. In LA, the top nine most dangerous police precincts are in Black neighborhoods.
Has the commenter ever been around large numbers of Black people? Gone to school with them, went to their parts of time, driven around in cities where there are many of them? You need to stay out of areas where there are large numbers of low income Blacks. Those areas dangerous as Hell. I taught in Black schools for years.
You had to leave school before sundown. Once I went back to see my school at 9:30 at night and it was absolutely terrifying. Basically these neighborhoods can be more or less ok in the daytime (I drove around them a lot and went out to eat a lot), but don’t go off the main streets even in the daytime and make sure you are out of the area after dark.

There Are Many Good Black People even in the Ghetto

However, having worked in those schools for years and spent some time in the deep inner city of LA (South Central LA), I will say that it is trivial to meet decent people in that area. My car broke down twice in Black areas, once in South Central and once in Compton. Both times, Black adults came out and helped me get my car going. In both cases, there was an older man in his 40’s. In one case there were some young men in their 20’s helping him. They were extremely nice people.
I dated a Black woman in South Central and though she was a scumbag crack addict, I spent some time in her barbershop talking to some older Black men in their 50’s and 60’s. They were extremely cool. One  man acted a bit strange around me and I asked my date and she said he hates Whites and has not been around them much. But he was very nice to me, although he seemed  a bit awkward around me. I think he was surprised to find a friendly, decent Black man.
Even in South Central, a lot of the older Black men from 40-60 are very good people, assuming they are not imprisoned and are still alive. Particularly if they own a home. Black culture has a way of winnowing out the worst people who tend to spend much of their lives incarcerated or else die young.
A number of the incarcerated ones get out and though they are not great people, I would not say they are bad people either. I spent a couple of hours talking to a 45 year old Black man who had done ten years in prison for robbery and attempted murder. He seemed quite a bit calmed down.
People tend to age out of crime and bad behavior anyway and even among adults, it is young adults who act the worst and commit the most crime. Even many psychopaths burn out in middle age and become depressed/alcoholic while the condition lessens and moderates quite a bit.
The Black teachers and aides at the schools I taught at were generally very nice people, although some were pretty angry. I mostly befriended Black female teachers. Some of the administrators were very cool too.
However, in the very heart of the ghetto, in deep Compton near Willowbrook, not only were the students the worst of all, but they hated Whites the most. In addition, a number of the Black female teachers seemed to hate Whites, something I never dealt with before.
Many of the older Black women even in the ghetto are very good people, especially if they are deep into religion. Even some of the Black students I taught were good people, especially if they were deep into religion. At one school, a Black female senior seemed to be in love with me and asked me out and tried to get my phone number.

Though Bad People Are a Minority in the Hood, There Are Simply Too Many of Them

The problem with these areas is not that everyone is lousy. In fact there are many decent and even good people even deep in the ghetto. However the rate of lousy, bad and out and out evil and dangerous people is much higher than in White areas. There are just too many bad people around (although they are a minority) such that it makes traveling and spending time there a dangerous endeavor.

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4 thoughts on “Crime Rates in Black Countries, among Black Populations and in Black Cities and Neighborhoods around the World”

  1. Notice that i said “far eastern europe” and not “eastern europe”, urkaine, lithuania and russia have their fare share of violence. I was not talking about Poland or the Czech republic.
    I dont think corrupt police matter as too much they still record similar number when assesing different sources in africa. The crime is also not recorded as low and certain nations police will record high numbers even though being more corrupt. Africa is somewhere around India in crime which makes perfect sense regarding similar environments, ignoring south africa of course, which has it worse than india.
    Africa is more violent but i took the comparison to show that not all black groups are 10000x more criminal than all white groups, its a common meme and i guess someone like EPGAH would say that. I also said that as large parts of africa only has like 30% more or less homocide than “far eastern europe”. Good that you mentioned certain groups in burkino faso as there are regional differences indicating that africans are receptive to environmental changes. Though reducing environments too much can also be bad thanks to oscilations in homocide rate increasing as the population gets smaller, so you have to avarage it by a couple of years to se the reliability of your meassurment. The most violent mogoloid and caucasianoid area is Siberia, crazy rates resembeling Nambia and South Africa, even though recognized as rather sophisticated by common Rushtionian meassures of genetic stock.
    Also look at how they were after the collapse of the soviet union. showing that light skinned people can go crazy for porlonged periods of time.
    You also mentioned africa being violent in the past. I dont think the genes have changed much so we better just use older datasets as meassurments of environment. You could say that those crazy rates were becuase of genes, id say that they werent crazy enough to warant an genetic explanation.
    Im very sheltered from blacks, i probably havent looked one in the eyes for months. Im even sheltered from retarded whites, i rarely leave my room outside of going to school and the gym. I see africans on the bus/train when commuting to school though. I wonder how they feel about being black in an country filled with whites and some arabs. Trains are really cool. We got high speed rails in my area, just wow.
    I think these minorities in europe are an great opportunity for social scientists, the africans are going to face many different environments to study. Sadly the large cuantity of them and the issues it forms makes many migrants create a little insular communities. Its not as bad as america, but it could be in the future unless something is done about it. This comes to mind:
    some more comments on africans in generall regarding crime and education are here:
    Really fascinating to see caucasians be similar (and even worse!) to africans in homocide rates withing europe.

    1. Sorry is was wrong about india. India has an better environment for crime prevention than pretty much all of subsaharan Africa.

  2. Some non-Muslim subsaharan African countries, seem to have fairly low (to on the lower end of the spectrum) homicide/violent crime rates as well: like Ghana, as well as Malawi, Rwanda, and Equatorial Guinea (and Burkina Faso, as you mention, though Burkina is just over half Muslim). And some other subsaharan African countries have low moderate to moderate rates—including Kenya, Tanzania, Angola and Cameroon. (though of course, several other countries in Africa have high rates). Religion does not appear to be too large of a factor.
    The violent crime/homicide rates in Southern African countries are generally quite high. The homicide/violent crime rates in Central America and the Northern parts of South America tend to be very high also (and include some of the highest, sometimes even higher than many of the higher ones in Africa).

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