Alt Left: What Feminists Get Wrong about #Metoo (Besides Just about Everything)

It is taken as axiomatic that the high rates of sexual harassment, sexual assault, grey rape and straight up legal rape that men commit against women as exemplified by the recent #metoo campaign and characterized wholly and completely by misogyny or men’s perennial, profound and deep hatred for women. While I am sure it’s true that men who do this sort of thing as a matter of habit don’t have the highest opinion of women, that’s not what is driving the behavior.
The feminist line becomes even more insane when they say that the entire spectrum of behavior – sexual harassment, sexual assault, grey rape, and legal rape – is a spectrum of violence and implicitly rape. Let’s take this apart.
Sexual harassment is nothing more than flirtation except it is unwanted on the other end. Feminists have made clear that even asking for a woman’s number or asking her on a date can be seen as sexual harassment. Sexual assault can be seen as nothing more than dating as all dating is based on sexual assault.
Technically, every time you touch another person without receiving explicit consent beforehand, you commit sexual assault. The nature of dating is that one party, generally the man, starts touching the woman with parts of his body, usually his hand but also other parts such as feet or lips. This is almost always done without receiving consent beforehand. He simply does it and sees how she reacts. Why does he do it? He’s trying to get laid.
So according to feminists, when a man asks a woman for her number or asks her out on a date when she does not want him to, this is somehow violence! How is it violence? The guy’s trying to get a date. How is that violence? Feminists are off their heads. And when you are out on a date and you clasp the woman’s hand in yours, put your arm around hers, or lean in for the kiss without getting permission beforehand, this is violence! How is that violence? He’s trying to get some physical intimacy going.
Trying to argue a woman into bed, even by debate style? Violence!
None of that crap is violence but feminists are paranoid lunatics who see misogyny and violence lurking behind every corner.
How about the argument, axiomatic among feminist retards, that men’s sexual misbehavior is motivated by misogyny and is not motivated by sex at all.
The feminists started a theory a while back that “rape is about violence and power, not sex.” This theory, which like all feminist theory has never even been tested, has been adopted as an unexamined truth by an entire society. I believed it myself for many years as a result of being indoctrinated into this view by a feminist mother. However, in recent years, I have come to question this line.
I would argue that even rape is often motivated by sex. The evidence for that is quite clear. When rates of pornography use go up, rape and molestation rates go down. So men watch porn instead of raping and molesting. This implies that rape and child molestation and driven in part by sexual desire.
Gay men engage in sexual harassment, sexual assault, grey rape, drug rape and actual rape of each other and straight men at far higher rates than straight men due to women. Gay porn has long been based on violence, humiliation, and degradation. Only recently has this filtered over to straight porn. BD/SM is huge in gay culture and rates of sexual sadism are far higher in gay men than in straight men (37% of gay men versus 5% of straight men). Only recently has it become popular among straights.
This shows that straight men’s sexual misbehavior towards women is not due to misogyny as all feminist retards believe. Instead it is simply the normal way that males go about acquiring sexual partners.
Males have very high levels of aggression and violence combined with a very high sex drive that demands to be engaged. These things combine to create a perfect storm of sexual violence that is not directed at one gender anymore than the other.
In other words in addition to being essentially natural born killers if not homicidal maniacs, men in general tend to be natural born rapists. We harass, assault, grey, and out and out rape our sexual partners regardless of gender simply because this is what we are men do. We men are simply rapey as all get out.

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8 thoughts on “Alt Left: What Feminists Get Wrong about #Metoo (Besides Just about Everything)”

    1. Tell that to feminists and they go through the fucking roof! They call that “What about the mens” and they shoot it down as soon as they hear it. Plus a huge number of feminists say that they don’t give one single fuck about men and what happens to us and they could care less how many men get killed by other men.
      Feminism is all about the womyns. They say it’s not about men and it’s not for men. Fine, but it’s also objectively hostile to men, and I say screw that. I’m a man. Why should I support some lunatic politics led by a bunch of crazy bitches that hates me and my kind.

        1. No shit, but those retarded cunts say every time a man argues with, hits or commits any violence against any woman ever, it’s due to MISOGYNY. Ok but that shithead logic, every time a man commits violence against another man, it’s because he hates men, right? Violent men are rather indiscriminate about their violence. They attack other men, women and children. What motivates an attack on men is often what motivates an attack on a woman.

      1. It’s also not so much that feminism is bad, it’s just that it’s being promoted cancerously. The NE America doesn’t need feminism, the conservative hinterlands of America do. Eastern countries do too. Not liberal ass NE America!

  1. Rape is about power a man has over a woman. That’s a good thing. Men should have power over women. Women should never leave their homes without their husbands or male relatives and should be covered. Kavanaugh and those like him who are facing allegations should openly and proudly admit and brag that they raped women. Kavanaugh should say thay women deserve to get raped openly while bragging about every prep school conquest, even making up a few stories about raping women that he never did. Then promise as a supreme court justice that he will vote to overturn all rape convictions appealed to him.

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