Four Major African Racial Types

Thinking Mouse: Its all Contingent on Africans having more genetic variance (that probably have less to do with physical traits as they all look the same) but less phenotypic variance than non-Africans. But with the existence of Bantus, Pygmies and Khoisans maybe what i said is irrelevant, or not.

  • 1. Negroids (Bantus and many others including Nilotics)
  • 2. Pygmies
  • 3. Khoisan
  • 4. Horners (barely even Africans technically halfway between Africans and Caucasians)

Pygmies are very ancient. Their genetic line appears to go back as long as 40-60,000 YBP. The Khoisan genetic line goes back 53,000 years and some think traces of it go back 93,000 years. The Negroids with whom we are most familiar as almost all Blacks you meet in the West are Negroid are a recent race.
The genetic variance within Africans is incredible. Keep in mind that there were forty huge genetic groups in Africa when they Out of Africa people left 70,000 YBP. All of the rest of us are related to only those two groups. Within the 40 existing groups, the genetic variance was immense. The remaining 38 huge genetic groups went on to become modern Africans.
I have been told that there is more genetic difference between two Nigerian tribes 25 miles away than between an Englishman and an Aborigine. If that is true then that is pretty incredible.

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4 thoughts on “Four Major African Racial Types”

  1. I wrote my sentence wrong, i meant its all Contingent on Bantus having More genetic variance.
    My point with the whole ordeal is that the genomic difference between abos and euros arent that big compared to different bantus, yet there is much phenotypic difference. Also remeber that abos and euros have non-brain related differences in genes, while the larger genomic difference between Bantu groups are mainly things that arent apperance and therefore possibly much related with Brain/IQ. This is in stark contradiction that genetic variance in IQ is polygenic, as it would be easy to find genes with large effect on IQ.

  2. I’m trying to order every race as I’ve seen you do with some groups.

    Nilotics are now mixed with Bantu but a pure Nilotic looks nothing like a Bantu. Nilotics had the blackest skin, were super tall, with a thin nose, small lips, & high cheekbones. The diversity is not subtle in Africa.

    I’ve seen Irish match Russian and even Middle Eastern phenotypes. Hell, even the Far East Tocharians seem like them.

    1. I always thought Nilotics were pretty attractive, frankly. I mean if you like Black women. The men look pretty good too. I like those fine, chiseled features.

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