Alt Left: A Clue to Modern Black Behavior from Evolution

Negroids, the only African race with which most of us are familiar, developed only in the past 6-12,000 years in West Africa in the context of organized agriculture. They developed very strong bodies and high levels of aggression due to selection pressure in villages with a tribal chief-based system. The chief and his men often monopolized most of the women, leaving the rest of them with few women for themselves. In one tribe the other men were left with no women, and they engaged in homosexuality their whole lives.
The intense selection pressure resulted in the biggest and meanest men rising to the top and breeding with the most women. So they selected for sociopathy, narcissism, a womanizing mindset, cruelty and sadism, high levels of aggression, and very strong bodies.
If you look at Negroid men the world over, it’s pretty obvious that they have selected for these characteristics because they display them at higher levels than other races.
Black men are twice as likely to be psychopaths as Whites.
Personality tests have consistently shown higher levels of (healthy) narcissism in both Black man and women.
Both Black men and women have higher sex drives than Whites, and both Black men women have selected for extreme secondary sex characteristics such as large breasts and buttocks in the female and large penises in the male.

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24 thoughts on “Alt Left: A Clue to Modern Black Behavior from Evolution”

  1. If these Negroid men were so big, mean, sadistic, sociopathic, cruel, and aggressive, why did they allow themselves to be taken into captivity and enslaved?

    1. Many of them were enslaved by other tribes. The slavers sent other Africans out to get slaves for them. The slaves were usually bought by the slavers from other African tribes.
      You don’t think Black men are more likely to be big, mean, sadistic, sociopathic, cruel, and aggressive than men of other races?

      1. Human nature runs on a range, a range from absolute domination, to absolute nihilistic despair and agony of life due to the fact that you’re fucked.
        This is HUMAN nature. Blacks are humans, so most of them have the capacity to fuck people up, same with any other race.
        The racial sense of identity really came after the turn of the 18th century. Before then everyone was enslaved. American racism, and many other racisms started by stereotyping all Black people as slaves, because there was a time when most slaves were indeed black.

      2. You didn’t actually answer my question, Robert. It doesn’t matter who enslaved them. Why would these aggressive brutes submit to slavery in the first place?
        And no, I don’t see Black men as innately more mean, sadistic, sociopathic, cruel, or aggressive than the rest of you.

        1. I didn’t ask about innately. I asked whether they come off that way period whether innately or otherwise. And yeah, my observation over six decades of life is that yes Black men are going to show more evidence of being big, mean, sadistic, sociopathic, cruel, and aggressive than men of other races, especially White men, at a population level.
          That’s the dark side of Black men. Really ALL men are like this to some extent because mean, sadistic, sociopathic, cruel, and aggressive is simply the dark side of men period, but for sure you see it more in Black men than in White men. That’s as clear as air. And they have a crime rate to prove it by the way. Their crime rate is 6X higher than White men’s. And I understand their domestic violence rate is through the roof.
          If their testosterone levels are high, it makes sense.
          What is interesting is that Pygmies come across as very nice, sweet, and almost submissive.
          And Khoisan people also come across as extremely friendly. Also their testosterone levels are rather low.
          So it’s not an African thing.
          But considering how Negroids evolved, selecting for high testosterone, sexual skills and prowess and extreme aggression makes sense. For thousands of years, the biggest, meanest men made babies with the most women.
          It makes sense for Negroids, but not for Africans in general. And it says nothing about Black women because they were not selected for aggression. They were selected for beauty and exaggerated sexual characteristics as is obvious by the large lips, breasts and buttocks.
          So in your near six decades of life, Alpha, you don’t think Black men come across as more big, mean, sadistic, sociopathic, cruel, and aggressive than say White men?

        2. The african slaves did revolt harshly in regions where they were brutalized, like Haiti, Iraq and Colombia. But they didnt revolt to the same degree where they were treated nicer, like the USA.

    2. Why were they captured despite their being violent, sadistic and psychopathic? Elementary : the main traditional African expertise (not to say the only one, but brought to a supernatural degree that dispenses one from developing any other talent) is casting spells through chemicals or vibrations to subdue their victim’s will. Once their will is subdues they can be made into programmable slaves that actually don’t need chains to be transported as merchandise. They were not for the most part enslaved by other tribes but bred and spellbound by their own.

        1. All things don’t have obvious answers to them.
          To me, it’s dead obvious that you see more mean, sadistic, sociopathic, cruel, or aggressive behaviors in Black men. Further this is exactly what all European visitors to Africa reported in the pre-colonial era. And the reports of this behavior have been consistent here since the slavery era.
          Now why these highly aggressive men were enslaved so easily is an interesting question, but the fact that they were enslaved doesn’t prove that there weren’t aggressive.

  2. I disagree here Robert. A study has shown that there was a very very marginal difference between the level of psychopathy between blacks and whites.
    Marginal as in less than a damn point.

    1. Their crime rate is 6X White men’s, their homicide rate is 9X White men’s, and they’re just as sociopathic as we are? That’s called antisocial behavior. Another word for sociopathy is Antisocial Personality Disorder. So their rates of antisocial behavior are much higher but their rates of Antisocial Personality Disorder are just as high. Do things like this even make a difference?
      I would like to see that study. Studies I refer to were discussed by Richard Lynn and were done a long time ago.
      You live in the US, Rahul?

        1. Here is Lynn’s article.

          Studies in the US, UK, and Netherlands found that Black rate of Conduct Disorder as Whites. Conduct Disorder is often a precursor of psychopathy or Antisocial PD. Another name for it is delinquency.
          “During the 65 or so years following its publication, the MMPI has been administered to a great many groups. Mean scores have been published by different investigators for a number of samples of blacks, whites, Asian-Americans, Hispanics and American Indians. All of these studies show a consistent pattern: Blacks and Indians have the highest psychopathic scores. Hispanics come next followed by whites. Ethnic Japanese and Chinese have the lowest scores. The same rank order of racial groups is found for all the expressions of psychopathic personality listed by the American Psychiatric Association, and these differences are found in both children and adults.”
          Looking at 65 years of MMPI scores across races, Blacks and Amerindians have the highest rates of psychopathy.

        1. Who cares? Black men have extremely high rates of antisocial and criminal behavior, yet you say they have normal rates of Antisocial Personality Disorder, which is highly correlated with these things. I guess I’m saying I don’t care if their rates are elevated or not. Obviously their antisocial BEHAVIOR is off the charts and that’s all we need to deal with right now.

  3. Many african nations have a similar homocide rate to far eastern europe, depsite having much lower incarceration rates and younger demographics.

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