Alt Left: US Low Class Ghetto Black Women Are a Race of Whores

Rahul: First of all, who was that 106 IQ commenter? You said was, where is he now, and why did he leave?
Second of all, have you ever met someone from 80-85 who was on your level?

I think his name was Scott. A bit of a White nationalist, young guy. His verbal is probably quite high.
When people have IQ’s as low as 80-85, you never learn their IQ scores unless you are them or their parents or you are the clinician administering the test. Probably the best person to ask would be a clinician who administers these tests. He probably knows these people well.
Blacks in the US are ~86 IQ. In the ghetto, it is probably lower. So if you go into a Black ghetto, walk around and look at those people, and that is what people with 80-85 IQ’s are like. I have met many more or less ghetto type Blacks in my life, and I still meet them all the time on dating sites. Right off the bat I will tell you that 80-85 IQ Black women are not that smart. They often can’t even spell properly, which is a huge turnoff in the age of spellcheckers.
They can have excellent common sense but they tend to have quite low morals, are very materialistic, very much out for money over anything else to the point of being grossly greedy, and almost all Black women of that IQ level more or less trade sex for money in one way or another. These are most profoundly mercenary women on the planet.
Black men from this culture are not whores, but they are profoundly mercenary and materialistic too. All of their profiles have dollar bills all over them, and they list their interests as money, money, money, money, and money. This all comes out of garbage rap culture that promotes extreme accumulation of money as the ultimate goal in life.
Sure there are Whites, Asians, Jews, etc. who are very into money, but they don’t  put dollar bills all over their websites and list their interests as money, money, money, money, and money. The strange thing is that these Asians and Whites will make much more money in life than these mercenary, grotesque Blacks.
In White and Asian culture, it is considered gross and low class to be as openly mercenary as that. In a word, it is disgusting. If you are White or Asian, and you act that way, you will not get a good job, or you will be fired from any good job you get very quickly. Of course these people are greedy, but you are supposed to keep your greed respectable and on the down low.
In particular, any White, Asian, or Hispanic woman who puts dollar bills all over her website and says she wants money, money, and money is often attractive and is very quickly marked as some sort of a whore, which is exactly what she is. Any woman like that is looking to be a sugar baby, a stripper, an out and out call girl, a cam model, a seller of pics or movies or herself, or moving all the way up to porn star. Most White and Asian men have low regard for any woman like that, and we regard them as nothing more than common whores, which is exactly what they are.
In White, Asian, and Hispanic cultures, even among young women, it is still very disreputable and dishonorable to come across like a complete whore whose ass is directly for sale for money. Most young women of those races do not come across that way. I have met a number of young women recently who wanted me to be their sugar daddy, but they were very discreet about it and did not look or act like whores. I would like to add that a very large percentage of those potential sugar babies were Black women, far more than their 7% population in California. And these were not even ghetto Black women. Several were university students. Yet even they were far more likely to whore themselves out as sugar babies than other races of women.
I have met a lot of attractive young Black women on dating sites recently. A very large number of them were simply out and out prostitutes in one way or another. They all wanted to either sell me sex or wanted me to buy them fancy things. In return they would send me dirty pictures.
Why are Black women the most whored out race of women on Earth? I have been around many, many women of all races in dating and chatting up situations, and no race of women whores themselves out as easily and with as little guilt as Black women. In my town, for instance, Blacks are 4% of the population. Nevertheless, they are quite ghetto. We do have some women who sell their asses on the street here. We also have a few call girls.
I met my upstairs Black neighbor and her friend. Both were pretty ghetto and had quite low morals. The neighbor had an arrest record for prostitution in Orange County where she worked as a call girl. Her former boyfriend was a pimp. Later I saw her friend dressed up like a prostitute with another Black women in front of the local store on a Saturday night. People told me she was “ho-ing” and acted like that was completely normal.
I recently saw a woman walking down the street, and she kept looking back and me. That means streetwalker. I was stunned because I thought she was an Hispanic woman, and I’ve never seen an Hispanic walking the streets here, though they are 69% of the population. I kept looking at her and after a bit, I figured out she was a Black woman, and I thought, “Well, of course.”
There was one fat White woman crack addict who used to walk the streets here. However, her very sleazy pimp was a Black man. He was one of the oiliest human beings I have ever met. Before that, I had met another Black pimp in my complex. He was an awful, disgusting person, right out of the movies.
So in my city of 69% Hispanics, 27% Whites, and 4% Blacks.
100% of the pimps are Black.
75% of the open and obvious prostitutes are Black.
There are Hispanic women around here who prostitute themselves, but they tend to blur the line between prostitution and non prostitution and dating and non dating. Bottom line is they engage in a lot of mercenary and transactional dating. I met one outside the bank one afternoon, and she was extremely friendly. I thought, “My lucky day, pickup,” because that’s what it seemed like. I got her in my car, and we drove around a bit. She was straight out open that she simply wanted to fuck. I was counting my lucky stars, and got her over to my place. Everything was ready to rock and roll towards the bedroom when she put her palm out. This wasn’t going to be a freebie. I threw her out. I’m not really into buying sex, though I have done so several times in my life.
So that’s how the Hispanic “prostitutes” act around here. Some also work out of the bars, and I don’t understand exactly how they do whatever they do. I hire illegal aliens as maids. As a rule, I generally try to seduce them because I am a disgusting pig when it comes to sex, and I have no morals in that area. If they shut me down I knock it off. I usually don’t get far with them.
One of my illegal alien maids told me that she used to whore herself out of bars sometimes. She wasn’t clear exactly how the bar whoring worked exactly. She was also homeless and a meth addict. I got her out of her clothes somehow, and she spent two hours strolling around my apartment naked, but she wouldn’t do much. I finally caught her naked ass smoking meth in my kitchen, so I threw her out.
Almost all low class Black women act like there is a price tag on their pussy, and they don’t like to give sex away for free. I would go so far as to say that low class ghetto Black women are a race of whores. I’m not sure if they are just like this in the US.
I have met some Jamaican and Dominican Republican women on the Net on dating sites, and they are completely different. Especially Black Dominican women are extremely nice and feminine, and they are not whores at all. They are too feminine for that. Jamaican women can be pretty slutty, but none have hit me up for money yet. I met a young 18 year old Jamaican woman on the Net once, and she was extremely feminine. I was shocked.

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43 thoughts on “Alt Left: US Low Class Ghetto Black Women Are a Race of Whores”

  1. I was wondering that maybe even among black Christians it was the same – sort of. Don’t get me wrong, I’m saying “selling sex” – what I mean is an obsession with the prosperity gospel at churches where so many services are about raising money.
    Also, look at Creflo Dollar, ha, what a name! He’s a black TV evangelist whose swindled millions and drives a private jet.
    Anyway, I see what you’re saying about low-class black women, but I’m sure white women of the same low IQ could be similar.

  2. If the 80 IQ translates to the age of around 13 – 15, then technically, these lower IQ women having sex/sexual things with smarter people is statutory rape/molestation.
    Anyway, I’m all for interracial marriage, but you have to admit, if IQs are low and you say sex with teens and kids is wrong – then how can you justify it?

    1. Becuase not all mental processes are intertwined with IQ. Maturity tends to entail certain traits other than IQ as well.

        1. “Nice thinking”
          IF you think thats nice go to the post Robert made about NATO and check My comment about syrian refugees in Turkey.

  3. OK, the world is about money and survival and especially if you’re starving – being a whore would be an powerful temptation if you were what society sees as attractive.

  4. Black women are the most annoying group imo. The ones from Africa are worse but the true African-bitch nature of African American women cannot be contained by a church dress. I work with them and unprovoked Serena Williams type outbursts are all too common. They harass, name-call, and don’t do their job while strutting around like men who own the place. The system enables these crazy pumpkin seed cunts to do whatever they want.

      1. I just saw a young Black woman dressed in very sexy attire walking down a residential street near me for the second time. The first time was at 10 PM. She turned and looked at me too, which is weird. I’m afraid she might be a streetwalker.
        And I talked to a Black woman on the Net, now middle-aged, who is a former streetwalker. Earlier I talked to another one who is a CURRENT prostitute. I was trying to see if I could get her for free. I am on a sexual part of the Net, but people are just looking for sex partners mostly. It’s illegal to be a prostitute on there. The Black women on there are far more likely to be openly prostituting on there, although there are a couple of screwed up White women. The White women are more likely to try to sell you dirty pictures.
        I think there is a cultural attitude among this race of women as a whole that is shameless and says there is no such thing as selling yourself to men and essentially whoring yourself out. Even that middle class Black woman I dated was more or less a whore. I’m not even the one who said it. I told others what she did, and they said, “She’s a whore.”
        There also seems to be this attitude that we men are walking ATM’s to be drained of as much money as possible. And that in order to drain us, you offer up your ass for sex. Maybe it’s a low opinion of men. Now I’m not surprised that those rap singers call women ho’s.
        You have to understand Hispanic culture. In Hispanic culture, being an out and out whore is the lowest of the low. It is literally the worst thing you can be. So they are quite unlikely to do that. Some do, but they work as high class call girls in big cities. You don’t often see an Hispanic woman walking the streets.
        Among White women too, being a whore is considered extremely low. As you can see above, many would much rather sell you pics and videos than openly whore themselves out. There is hidden prostitution like coke whores who had sex for cocaine, but that ain’t the same thing as walking the streets.
        In contrast, with Black women there seems to be a cultural attitude that being a whore is just fine. You see it most in low class Blacks, and you don’t see it as much in the middle and upper class ones, where it gets reduced to transactional dating.
        It’s like they have a morally low culture. Their morals tend to be lower than with other races. And to tell you the truth, that’s one thing that makes Whites dislike Blacks more than any other thing. A lot of us pride ourselves on having some values, and it’s really offensive how low lower class Blacks act. You literally almost never see a White woman stoop as low as they do routinely.

        1. Robert, you clearly don’t think too highly of these women. To you, they are of low character and low morals. Why pursue one of them?

          1. I’m not really pursuing them lol.
            On the other hand, I don’t care about women with low morals. I am just a regular man. I’m a pig. In other words, I am an ordinary man. I’ll fuck anything that moves.
            I dated a literal whore recently. I had no idea she was one until I got there. I just wanted to fuck her without literally handing over money. And I met a Black woman recently on a DATING SITE who it turned out was a literal whore. But she told me she was also open to regular dating. I might date a whore if she didn’t charge me and it was a dating relationship. It’s still rather disgusting though. I would much prefer that these women were not literal whores for God’s sake.
            Not sure if I want a former whore for a long-term relationship.
            Keep on sticking up for your lousy Black men and the whores among your women, Alpha. You don’t act like shit and you’re not a whore, so I don’t see why you defend shitty people. Are you ride or die or something? It’s beyond me.
            So you think Black women are no more likely to prostitute themselves than any other race women?
            And assuming they are, what in the FUCK is wrong with Black women? I’m not so much outraged at them as I just don’t get it. Why is this race of women so willing to literally whore themselves out with complete shamelessness? Now granted, this tends to be those in the lower class crap culture. But if this is true can you give me a reason? I’m thinking it’s a shit culture that literally says it is perfectly ok to be a goddamned whore.

          2. Hold it, Robert.
            I don’t stick up for “lousy Black men” and “Black whores.” I’m questioning some of the things YOU SAY. You are full of inconsistencies about Black people. Don’t try to turn this around on me. You trash these “Black whores” and then tell us in the same comment that you were trying to date one of these “Black whores.” You trash the morals of these lowlife people and then turn around and admit that you yourself are a “piece of shit.”
            You are pretty obsessed with people you can’t stand.
            As for Black men, I grew up in an all-Black neighborhood filled with good Black men. Some of the greatest acts of kindness I’ve known were things done for me by Black men, beginning with my own father. So you’re never going to convince me that Black men are all natural born brutes, lowlifes, and sociopaths. You can forget it.

        2. I said Black men are more likely than Whites to be brutes, lowlifes, and sociopaths. Whether that is natural born or not is another matter. But the rate of this sort of thing in the Black community is definitely elevated.
          Of course they don’t all act that way, and there are indeed a lot of good Black men. But there are too many bad ones. That’s why 30% of young Black men are in jail, prison, on probation, or parole. That statistic is completely insane. You don’t think that a wildly criminal population like that is more like to be brutes, lowlifes and sociopaths than other racial populations in the same cohort.
          I wrote this because it just dawned on me how many Black women are out and out whores. I guess I suspected it my whole life, but it finally hit me over the head.
          I’m a bit disgusted but I’m more puzzled that anything else. I’m disgusted more by how common it is than that it exists at all. Why is this so?
          You still haven’t answered the question why there is so much prostitution in your community. Is it because it is tolerated as no big deal? Is there a culture among Black women that says this is a perfectly acceptable way to make a buck?
          You know very well that we men will use women sexually with whom we have absolutely zero respect. If you want to get the respect of White men, I would recommend not being a prostitute.
          Every time people talk about the awful behavior of so many people in the Black community, you run in and try to shut down the conversation and accuse everyone of being obsessed with people who act bad. Well, yeah. White people don’t like people with shitty morals. We talk about it. It disgusts us.
          It bothers most other people too. If you know people who act shitty, most people talk about that, act disgusted with them, etc. It’s a perfectly normal topic of conversation. If people don’t like other humans feeling disgusted by people with shit for morals, then maybe people should act better so they don’t get accused of that in the first place.
          Black people as a group act horribly. As long as this goes on and until they significantly change their behavior, racism against Blacks will go on because now racism is defined as even having the idea that the Black group acts bad in the first place. Well, they do act bad. And people will not stop talking about (“racism”) until this group of humans starts to clean up their act.

          1. I don’t know why there’s so much prostitution in the Black community. There’s a lot of poverty in the Black community, so maybe that explains it.
            You know I can’t shut down conversation here about anything. I question and sometimes dispute the misinformation and bullshit I read here sometimes about Black people. It’s a public forum. People get to say what they want and other people get to respond. Isn’t that how it works here?
            I already know that a lot of you are not going to stop talking about Black people. You can’t resist. We’re just that fascinating and important to you, apparently.

        3. Being a whore is no good if you’re trying to date a black – cause you can’t trust them. I mean, of course, being a whore doesn’t mean nothing to men wanting short time sex, though.

    1. Dude, in California, 7% of women are Black. Anywhere you go in California, way more than 7% of the streetwalkers are Black.
      My town is 4% Black. 67% of the prostitutes are Black. 75% of the streetwalkers are Black women.
      Yeah you almost never meet actual whores on dating sites. Sure you meet a few but it’s pretty sleazy to go on a dating site and pretend to be dating men and instead sell your ass as a whore. You meet a Black woman on there and pretty good chance she is selling her ass or else trying to get money out of you selling dirty pictures of herself. I’ve met two actual whores on this site so far. Both were Black. 7% of the population.
      A number of women came to me asking for me to be a sugar daddy. A high percentage were Black, maybe 50%. And these were the classier ones.
      My Black gf, a former upper middle class woman, had the attitude of a prostitute towards me. I couldn’t even go see her without throwing some cash her way and most of the time she wouldn’t even fuck me. I told a number of men about her and they all said, “She’s basically just a whore.”
      Now I have nothing in particular against Black women except the ghetto ones around here are little more than thieves. They borrow money and you never see it again, they’re unspeakably rude and demanding, etc. They lack even the most basic common courtesy. On the other hand, that is only maybe three that were like that. I am actually friends with some of the Black women around here. So I don’t have a whole list of beefs against this race of women.
      But it is really hitting me like a fist in face how out and out whorish the culture of US Black women is. I never really noticed this before. I am trying to figure out the reason for it, but no one will tell me.
      Now granted almost all of these women were coming from lower class what you might call ghetto, rap, hip hop culture. But on the dating site I am on, over 50% of the Black women on there are obviously wrapped up in that shit culture. And the ones asking to be sugar babies (glorified prostitutes) were from a much higher class. Many were at university, and one was very smart.
      So it’s like as they move up in income, the whorishness is still there, but they just start to disguise it more, turn it into transactional dating, sugar baby stuff, etc. They become a subtle and higher class of whore, but the mindset is still there.
      A common lie that Blacks use is that only 20% of Blacks are from that garbage culture. But it looks like its way more than that. In my town here, most of the Black women are ghetto type Blacks. Not all by any means, but for sure, most. Some are not like that AT ALL, but still, there’s way too many from that lousy crap culture. Most of the Black men in this city are into that shit culture too.
      You spent a lot of time around Black people, Rahul?

      1. All black women are not whores – even some you might think are. Also, you don’t want to get on their bad side. They’ll get a gun, call cops, accuse you of harassment.

    2. It’s not environmental! They have as much money as anyone else. The young ones had just as much money as any young college age woman.
      The ones in my town, I have no idea, but they don’t appear impoverished. They had homes and apartments, kids they took care of, etc. They were in about as good of shape as anyone around here.
      My Black gf made plenty of money.
      Considering that one whore tried to charge me $90 and another one $150, I doubt if they were impoverished. It’s an easy way to make a lot of money with very little work. That’s why most women do it. Or they want fancy stuff. One woman wanted me to buy her nice outfits.

  5. Robert, how can you like black and white women at the same time? it doenst make sense to me, do you view them differently in their appeal like i do to real girls and hentai?
    Do you like prognathism? bigger nostrils, broader nose? gaugy and more cirular large eyes? more yellowish eye-white? kinky hair? lesser maxilliary development relative to chin? not having pink nipples and outer vagina?
    Yet still like north-western european 18 year olds?
    These questions might resolve my confusion.
    They look so different, its just confusing…

    1. I’ve developed a bit of a taste for the better looking ones. I prefer them to have reduced African features. The ones that look less African look a lot better to me.
      Oh, I am used to the color of their nipples and vaginas. It’s a trip to me. Really exotic looking. I guess I festishize them to some extent as exotic. I guess that’s terribly racist to me, but I don’t give a fuck.
      A lot of them are not real smart, especially the ones coming out of the ghetto culture. But there are intelligent Black women out there. I met one on the Net recently who is a university professor of biochemistry. I met another one who works in Hong Kong for her in laws and spends winters in the Bahamas. She has money and is intelligent.
      I met some others or reasonable average intelligence, not stupid at all.
      The ones that are not real smart or who write in that shit ghetto dialect of theirs are a huge turnoff. That has to be literally one of the worst dialects on Earth.
      There is a whole group of Black women, mostly young but some older, who have a sexual fetish for White men. This really turns me on. I think it’s hot. There even Black women who are going “White cock only” and disparaging their own men LOL. I guess I like to be an object of a fetishized attraction.

      1. Why date African americans Then? horn Africans sound like heaven for you as they have Little to non “african features” and are poor and have an large population willing to give up much for Little cash.

      2. Do those with an White fetish have any sort of cognitive dissonance regarding Them breeding non-whites? I only think non-racists/anti-racists should date interracially. Anything else could be bad for the kids.

        1. My dad was pretty much a moderate white nationalist. That’s why my sister, with curly hair, grew up being so insecure. My dad was type always to make jokes – but they were cruel. In fact, if I weren’t his son, I would have hated him. In fact, I did hate his army buddy who was just like him.
          But all us ingrates are living off my dad’s money!

        2. Jason Y,
          was your… dad… black?
          though ive yet to see anyone prove that the races are euqall in beuty, the only argument ive seen is that its overwhelmingly environmental. Sure, but how would that fare in a multiracial society? too many variables i guess. Still, i almost support ethnic nationalism on the basis that some groups have advantages resource vise and therefore would deteriorate social cohesion in other societies based on propaganda about their group. Though that depends on the possible prevalence of outgroup preference based on propaganda. Do you think that kind of behaviour is normal? Not only in the extreme, but also implicitly, as ive heard the accusation of colorism being thrown around here and there.
          This is really dark… (pun intended 😉 )

        3. No, but he was brown skinned, maybe of Amerndian ancestery, ironically. Also, I think my sister got hair via some Irish thing – it’s not black.
          Anyway, the whole idea of beauty is in the beholder with maybe exceptions like burn victims or something.

        4. I’m not really in favor of a massively multi-ethnic society. I can stand for a smaller one, though. Note, the best smaller ones are best with whites as the majority – cause they’re nicer to minorities. I say this with a cringe, though, because they’re still mean to minorities – but situation is less than some white family living in Harlem.

        5. Jason Y,
          Please provide evidence for “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” as i see that almost everyone likes whats on the media.
          I agree with you on multiculturalism, but mainly becuase race correlates with class. Though the fact that people look different might be an factor to disfunction or some kind of difference in society. I think that small minority you are talking about should mainly be guest workers or highly educated ones.
          One society that forcess multiculturalism and multiracialism is Singapore suprinsingly. Corporations and the government rig which housing areas are allowed to buyers based on their ethnicity to preserve an culture of diversity and equity. They do this despite their former dictator Lee kuan yee being an total HBD:er. The country is majority chinese though.

        6. There are all sorts of examples. For instance, Robert likes some black women – but many guys find all of them utterly repulsive. Some men like curvy, slightly fat women.
          Most of the beauty stuff is just WNs trying to bully people for stuff that’s actually subjective. It’s really quite evil and damaging when people actually believe these WNs or someone who thinks likewise.

          1. Are these trends or anomalies? There are People who like modrbildy obese women, i dont think that says anything about the trends.

        7. Chinese are assholes. There is no need to to go to such extremes to be snooty.
          Anyway, they just act like the middle class/rich in the US with their bossing around the poor, condescending remarks and politics – and inability to believe they, themselves, can commit evil.

        8. How do you know all of the ethnic group are good people – I mean, judging by evil they’re not hiding? I mean, a lot of whites in the US are openly thieves, swindlers and the like?
          Of course, middle class/rich assholes call them that, but that doesn’t mean they are totally wrong. It’s only that they make generalizations without ever admitting they, the middle class, have any faults.

  6. Whores for hair. Once Black women get weaves, they never go back. I like natural hair on Blacks, but they seem to favor White or Asian hair. In Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” documentary, a woman says “natural hair is freedom,” and they all laugh. Black women spend a fortune on weaves, sort of the Cadillacs for the men. White hair is the most valuable because of the variety of colors, textures, etc. and rarity. Most hair is from China and then India. Everyone is chasing what they don’t have, to some extent. Blacks seem like they’re on a wild cheetah chase though.

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