Is China Faking Its Crime and Economic Figures?

While i agree that the Chinese are doing a good job, i think they fake some of their data, inst there an large discrepancy between Chinese GDP per capita and energy consumption? Crime stats are also exaggerated, china probably has an homicide rate of around 4-8 per 100K.
I don’t think that anyone has made a good case that China is faking its economic figures. They never did under Mao, why would they now? And they never faked crime figures under Mao, why would they now? Most people who go to China say that it is far safer than say in the US as far as street crime goes. This implies that the homicide rate is not ~6/100,000, which is near the US rate.
The crime rate in China went through the roof after the added a lot of capitalism to the economy. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, capitalist fanboys!

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10 thoughts on “Is China Faking Its Crime and Economic Figures?”

  1. Most parts of America has crimerates ~1-4. I also suspect they didnt visit the worse parts of town of the rural areas.

  2. Here’s something interesting regarding GDP calculation: Lets say a retired couple live in their house/apartment(mortgage paid) alone. According to the usual GDP methodology, the dwelling even if not sublet, create wealth in the form of providing housing to the occupants and is calculated annually as a percentage of the market price. I read in china, this GDP component is calculated as a percentage of the construction costs instead.
    There’s a number of difference regarding Chinese national accounting; sure there might be unproductive elements in Chinese GDP calculation.
    I live in Hong Kong and I often walk an hour or so near the west or east end of HK island along the tram/street car rail line 10-12 pm at night. I often see young women in shorts walking around and seems they don’t feel bothered. The last time I saw a real ‘street walker’ was some 15 years ago.

    If you dont want to watch, he says that unemployement amongst collage graduates is high, energy usage hasnt increased a lot, the stock market is volitile, demographics are going to put an large cost at young people, an small multiplier effect from chinese infranstructure spending (for example ghost cities), lee kiqiang quesioning chinas gdp growth in secret.
    An extra question, what are the hiearchy of leftist economics you like? are there trade offs between the different types?

    1. That’s a rightwing anti-China channel. Nothing but rightwing anti-China videos. I told you the anti-China propaganda is stepping up.
      I don’t regard them as a credible source. They had actual economic declines during some of the Mao years. They never lied about those. And the party has now admitted that at least 15 million people died in the Great Leap, 1 million in the Cultural Revolution including 29,000 executions.

      1. I think they slant things often, but one can always take the message and not the messanger. Thats why i said “of you dont want to watch”. I think the arguments are ok. But again, he extrapolates this to “China bad bad ” i just think they lie a little to keep People happy, i mean even Trump lies by saying that his policies are making America wealthier when he actually is just mooching out of Obamas workshop.

          1. To legitmize the state in front of critics and to have provincual ccp party beurocrats promoted. Maybe also to make the rest of the world respected china.
            As i said i Still think they are doing a Good job, but just nudge it a Little bit for the extra effect. Chinas gdp growth is probaböy 3-6% annualy. Which is visible.
            Im really interested in your opinion of different leftist economics systems tied against eachoder. Do you prefer the chinese or Swedish system? For example.

        1. Why didn’t they do it before? Suddenly now that they have great economic growth, they are faking it!
          The CCP has never lied about shit like this. They don’t have to. They don’t stand for elections. They way more honest than US politicians.

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