Crime in Venezuela

How do you think Venezuela will handle crime? its extremely rampant, like 3.5 worse than Russia.

It’s like that all over the whole region and no one can fix it there either. Venezuela has had a very high crime rate forever, long before Chavez came in. This is another problem that long predates him. Frankly, most of it is in the poor barrios, so most people are not effected. They tried a thousand things under Chavez to lower crime, but nothing worked. The Opposition won’t be able to get a handle on it either and all of the Opposition’s shenanigans have only made crime a lot worse.
How come no one talks about the crime rates in Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and El Salvador? And in the Caribbean for that matter? They are all up there with Venezuela’s and no one can fix it in those places either. Once your crime rate gets really high, it is not such an easy thing to get a handle on.

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2 thoughts on “Crime in Venezuela”

  1. What I noticed about crime in South America was that in most areas crime isn’t really prevalent, however, cities just yank up the crime rates. And the cities are very very bad. In the rural areas, a lot of drug production happens, in the cities, the drug shit happens. Oh, and gang rivalries and violence certainly help in increasing the crime rates.

  2. Colombias crime rate has gone way down and things have improved a lot in Colombia. The crime rate in Colombia still remains very high but is no where near as high and as bad as it was in the previous decades. It was much higher and much worse in the 70’s 80’s 90’s and early 2000’s than it is now.
    One of the crimes in Colombia that has gone way down is murder. The murder rate in Colombia has gone down by a massive 60 percent which is wonderful and very impressive.
    Colombia use to have 31,000 murders a year which is an average of 87 murders a day. Colombia now has an average of 12,000 murders a year which is an average of 32 murders a day.
    The current Colombian government and the previous Colombian governments have done a lot to improve things and make things better in Colombia. The levels and rates of poverty unemployment and drug addiction have all gone way down in Colombia which has caused the crime rate in Colombia to go way down. The level and rate of corruption in Colombia has also gone way down and the standard of living has also rapidly increased in Colombia.
    There has also been a Christian revival in Colombia which is another reason why the country has been getting much better.
    It is wonderful to see and it is wonderful to hear.

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