Alt Left: SJW's/Identity Politics: The Horrible Problem of False Accusations against Innocent People

Thinking Mouse: The thing is that many people don’t think independently, so to say things related to certain “isms” does most likely mean that you are that “ism”, as its informed by the scholars/pundits/special interest. Even though there is variance in expression of your “ism”, it only exists in reality as how the majority ruled by the leaders follow the “ism”. The thing is that David Duke isn’t the leader, only one of them, himself being ruled by bigger powers that also rule the subjects of Duke..
I kinda agree with the SJW´s on this one, but every political block acts like this. I mean, how many time haven’t you been called a commie who consents to 100 million people being murdered LOL.

Boy I don’t agree with that at all.

Most Accusations of -Ism Are Flat Out False

-80% of the people the Black anti-racist kooks accuse of hating Blacks don’t particularly hate them at all!

  • ~80% of the men that the idiot feminists accuse of hating women don’t particularly hate women at all!
  • ~80% of the people that the gay and lesbian morons accuse of hating them don’t really hate gays or lesbians at all!
  • ~70% of the people who trans accuse of hating them don’t really hate trans people at all.A
  • And of course, ~80% of the people that the idiot Jews accuse of hating them don’t really hate Jews at all!

80% of Black accusations of racism among Whites are flat out false. They are accusing innocent  people.
80% of feminist accusations of misogyny and sexism among men are nonexistent. The people are not guilty.
80% of gay accusations of homophobia among heterosexuals are bullshit. These people have done nothing wrong.
70% of trans accusations of transphobia among cisgender people are not correct. They’ve got the wrong person.
70% of those accused of antisemitism are completely innocent of the charge. They’ve fingered the wrong people.

Why SJW/IP People Are Monsters

This is why I despise modern antiracists of all colors, almost all feminists, all SJW gays and transsexuals, and all professional Jews. They mostly don’t even fight racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and anti-Semitism at all anymore and instead mostly just run around hunting for ghosts and phantoms, acting paranoid, going on enemies hunts, accusing million of innocent people of crimes they never did, and jump up and down screaming “You hate us! You hate us! You hate us!” hundreds of times a day.
So really millions of people are getting falsely accused of these bullshit crimes.  People are getting fired, having their careers and lives destroyed, being annoyed, abused, hounded and persecuted on the basis of charges that are not even remotely true. In Western law there is a huge effort to try not to convict innocent people of crimes, but SJW’s and Identity Politics idiots have thrown all of this out the window and an accusation from a “victim” (which usually not a victim at all, so it is a false victim) is sufficient try arrest, try, and convict someone of one of these thought crimes.

The Mostly False Link between SJW’s and Communism

The only way you can get out of sentencing is to abjectly submit yourself submissively at the feet of your SJW moron accusers, kiss their feet, cry profusely and beg for forgiveness. This is reminiscent of the show trials under Stalin where people gave weeping apologetic confessions but were executed afterwards anyway. So SJW’s and IP people are using a  technique which was perfected by a brutal Communist dictatorship that killed millions of political prisoners for not going along with the system.
I really hate to link SJW and IP boneheads to Communists because almost all SJW/IP people are not Communists, though many are left-wingers. Maybe 10% at most of SJW’s are actually anything close to Communists, but the Hard Left, communist and anarchist faction of the SJW/IP retards is the worst and most insane faction of all. This is due to some BS called Intersectionality, which initialized with 3rd Wave Intersectional Feminism. The Hard Left Communists and anarchists have adopted close to the craziest and most extreme SJW/IP bullshit, and they are actually violent about enforcing their often false accusations.
Antifa is actually nothing more than the armed forces of Third Wave Intersectional Feminism. That’s all they are, nothing more, nothing less.

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13 thoughts on “Alt Left: SJW's/Identity Politics: The Horrible Problem of False Accusations against Innocent People”

  1. I dissagree that 80% of the people that are accused of being racist arent, though it depends in what you want to mean by “hate”. Isnt there polls showing that like 15-25% of Europeans dont want their kids dating non-whites? Interestingly, arabs fared worse than Africans, despite Africans being much more different than the sexy arabs in terms of looks. Even of they dont conciously hate non-whites, they are still supporting the system that keeps them down (in the mind of a person who assumes behaviorao equality amongst the races).
    People are only roughly right when assesing others, but there are an limited amount of special intrests, and so the variation in beliefs that have the potential to be realized in reality are few.

  2. Different political blocks are differently good at reaching different goals though, IP and Libertarianism are amongst the worst in terms of long-run sustainability. IP is fully realized when in Line with economics and military politics, thats why total IP doesnt exist while less overarching types are still prevalent.

    1. Libertarianism is only good as much as it gives normal and above avarage peopoe access to fun hobbies and entertainment.

  3. Its interresting how PC-Culture grew, but i think its overstated in America, as there are regions with White IP, as Jason Y likes to talk about. In Europe its bigger, though there are small pockets of White IP. Ive heard many blonde girls say that Trump is racist lol (i dont really dissagree my dissagreement with Them is semamtical). Its there becuase racists where too vulgar and had bad economics, so sjw’s took the powergap. Sjw’sm will only live in as less overarching, especially when poor non-white demographics grow.

    1. Yeah, being a jerk in White IP land is easy – and there are no SJWs to deal with. I think Robert seems to think SJWs are Gods everywhere in the US – when they’re not.
      But SJWs do have power in SJW areas – and sometimes SJWs like say, bitchy women, can get away with accusing guys of staring – stuff like that. IN fact, there was a man in my area (an White IP stronghold) that was photographing women with a cellphone and got caught and sentenced to prison.
      But then again, rednecks hate peeping toms also – probably throwing them in with child molesters!

        1. Really? I heard that Sweden has turned into a feminist Hell. Sweden has been literally destroyed by some of the most insane feminists on Earth, and they are more or less radfems.
          Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the UK and Ireland have adopted the hate law called the Nordic Model.
          Iceland has banned pornography.
          UK puts men in prison for grabbing a woman’s tit 45 years ago. 45 YEARS AGO. There’s extreme Pedo Mass Hysteria (otherwise known as The Teenage Girl Bullshit) in the UK. Catcalling is now ILLEGAL in some UK cities.

          1. The UK seems crazy. But most Northern Europeans havent noticed any of this and whenever its mentioned they say its dumb. Northern Europe is very deep into lgbt issues though. Sweden has a feminist party that went nowhere. Northern Europe is the most radfem area though, very anti prostitution. Young People are very Little radfem, especially when you consider the non-white element.

  4. I sort of disagree with this article. There is plenty of asshole racists around who need an SJW confrontation. However, though, SJWs I’m thinking are too chicken to go to areas where racists are “untouchable”, preferring to harass targets in “easy areas”. And probably targets in easy areas are innocent. But I’d like to do more research on the subject.

  5. I’m sure people are always being accused of being a racist – at least as an “un-said” thing. However, people coming out and calling people racist would only happen in areas where people aren’t in their place as EP-GAH, the former MRA commentator would say.
    Note, the interesting thing I noted to commentator TR-ASH awhile back where this black lady spews out SJW stuff – but only from Atlanta of course. She’s never say that here – where she used to live She’s be bullied like crazy if she did. Maybe killed!

  6. I think it’s better if people shut up. OK, jokes aside 😆 I know I can’t shut up on here! Well, anyway, what I mean is that a more stoic attitude is needed.
    So why are these people pushing with accusations? It’s because they’re wanting to hurt people, to enact revenge for some reason, perhaps getting back for what they feel is persecution.

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