Alt Left: SJW/Identity Politics: The Causes Are all Good, but the People Pushing Them Are Horrid

The Causes are Good, but the People Pushing the Causes Are Horrific

Most of these causes are actually good causes, which is where the Left autists get it all wrong. They think if we complain about feminist nuts, we oppose women’s rights. But in many cases it is not so!

  • The cause of equal rights and an end to discrimination against Blacks is a great cause. On other hand, Black SJW anti-racists are shitwads.
  • The cause of equal rights for women is one of the great causes of the last few centuries. Everyone should support. Nevertheless, most SJW feminists are pinheads.
  • The cause of equal rights for gay people, especially those who did not choose their orientation, is one of the great liberation movements since the 1960’s. Nevertheless, there are few things more idiotic and insensible than a gay SJW.
  • The cause of transsexual rights is a new one. 10% of them did not choose it and have something wrong with their brains and are true transsexuals. 90% are not true transsexuals but instead have what appears to be an incurable sexual disorder which is mostly harmless. Whatever we think of these people and whether they are crazy or not is irrelevant to the fact that they are human beings just like and me, they are doing nothing, most didn’t choose their condition, and therefore discrimination and hatred against them is a human rights violation. That said, as stupid as SJW gays are, SJW transsexuals take the cake for being the most purely deranged SJW’s of them all.
  • Hatred and persecution of Jews goes back centuries. Many Jews did nothing wrong but were persecuted horribly. Many times out and out murder campaigns were launched against them – men, women,  and children. This age-old erroneous persecution culminated in the Holocaust of the 1940’s. I don’t think any decent people want to see a mass killing of the Jews happen anytime soon. We’ve had quite enough of that for a very long time. Even in the US, Jews were kept out of certain professions, schools and country clubs. Jewish children grew up being tormented in schools for no reason other than picking the wrong parents. Jewish cemeteries and synagogues were defaced by hideous, murderous graffiti which terrified Jewish people. But still at the end of the day, there are few people on more obnoxious, irritating, aggressive, belligerent and out and out thuggish than the Super Jew and his SJW allies.
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12 thoughts on “Alt Left: SJW/Identity Politics: The Causes Are all Good, but the People Pushing Them Are Horrid”

  1. Blacks would be respected of they made money and had some intelligence. It looks like thats potentially happening. They are already on fleek when it comes to swagger/masculinity.

  2. Well, SJWs are horrid because they aren’t attacking one-on-one harassment, but rather banning a bikini video game!
    I went over this before on another thread. Basically, stuff like a black man/white woman with kids being harassed out of a mountain valley gets no press, while loud-mouth SJW cunts protesting at a college does!
    So the whole “change society thing” doesn’t work – but evil still should be confronted!

  3. I guess this is the most appropriate spot to comment this.
    Robert, how does it feel to be part of an dying people? Despite all of your hard work you still cant manage to get babies and now the Dali-lama has to plead about you like african children.
    There are like 480 million african teeagers (probably gonna become 800 million in the future), 380 million indian teenagers, 83 million latin american teenagers but only 170 million white teenagers. you guys are only gonna stand at like 9% of the global population.
    I dont think this will be an security threat to you guys, unless africa and india industrializes like the chinese, its only a question of when, not if.
    Climate change is going to increase fertility in india and africa as poor environments increate fertility rates. Thats the ultimate irony of WN, to support non-white industrialization is the best way to stop non-white reproduction, just compare south african or bahamian fertility rates to those of Niger.

      1. You wont be when the median age is 60? 70? its a real thing and it cant be solved for now. Romania tried with all its might but it barely made it
        Even Iran has low fertility rates, conservatism doesnt seem to fix it outside of maybe saudi levels of crazyness, but even there, how many of the saudies breeding arent part of the lower quintiles of income, does conservatism stand agaisnt the overwhelming cause of technological advancement. It seems like it doenst.
        But you are right, it will be solved, the median age increases around 5 years ever 30 years, so you got like 90+ years on you to fix the issue. Still, non-whites wont have to deal with paying a lot pensions while you guys do, i wonder if thats going to make 1st worlders immigrate if the third world gets cozy.
        Since we are talking about the mayo people, i recoment this cool shit:

        1. Sorry for being so incoherent, the population is gonna age an third of an year annualy. So it is an crisis that wont be solved. The data about 90+ years includes migrants.

  4. The problem is, these SJWs are operating in liberal places, making them more and more liberal (to the point where you get to the Alt), while blacks, women, LGBT are getting fucked up in conservative areas, especially rural areas. The South is racist and sexist, not most people, but many. Due to these idiots not going to places where they are most needed, people are starting to get mad at the genuine people who want to help these causes, and people who actually need help don’t fucking get it.

      1. Shit, I’ve been rolling with that misconception for ever! Jesus, since the alt right is a bunch of loonies, I thought that the alt in lt left would depict the same!

    1. They don’t! Only 10% of transwomen have brains like that, and their brains are only SHIFTED towards women’s brains. They are halfway between a woman’s brain and a man’s brain. It’s not a woman’s brain in a man’s body.
      90% of them have brains that look just look normal men’s brains, except they are different in four areas in which male and female brains are the same. So their brains are weird but they are not feminized at all.

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