Alt Left: Why Do Feminists and SJW’s Always Attack Their Male Enemies by Saying That They Can’t Get Women?

Jason Y: I seriously think these MRA guys are either ugly (as society says, not necessarily true) or have ugly personalities. It’s just like with extreme SJW women who were turned down for being so-called dogs, overweight etc.

I don’t know if they are ugly or not. I only know of a few MRA’s, and the famous ones I know were both handsome men, Paul Elam and Warren Farrell. Another prominent man just looked like some typical middle aged guy. I’m not sure what’s going on with those guys, honestly. They don’t seem to lack for sex, that’s one thing for sure.

It is interesting that you bring that up because only recently did I figure out that many feminists were ugly as sin. But I talked to a friend of mine from Italy, and he said that feminists showed up there back in the 60’s and 70’s, and they were rampaging through the streets screaming all sorts of awful stuff about men. He also said they were _____ (some Italian word for ugly). Actually he said they were ________ (some Italian word for really ugly, ugliest of all).

It was only then that I started putting it all together that a lot of feminists hated men because they were ugly as sin, and men had rejected them on that basis. A lot of feminists are very fat too. People always joked that feminists were ugly, but the few that I met were not, and I always thought it wasn’t really true.

The SJW thing would be to say, “Well obviously you can’t get laid,” but SJW scum say that to everyone. Why do they say that? Why do they always resort to the “you can’t get a woman” bullshit? Every time you disagree with a feminist piece of shit, they all bombard you with “You obviously can’t get laid?” What’s up with that? And other SJW scum do the exact same thing.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why Do Feminists and SJW’s Always Attack Their Male Enemies by Saying That They Can’t Get Women?”

  1. Well, I don’t think that’s always true – and that may not be true for the majority – regarding Feminists and their mirror enemies MRAs
    It’s just some dumb childish stuff that people bring up to bash enemies.

    1. Yeah but when we Lefties fight Rightwingers, we never say, “Obviously you can’t get laid!” When rightwingers fight us, they USUALLY don’t say, “Obviously you can’t get laid!” although sometimes they do, because conservatives are SHIT, just like feminists and SJW’s.

      When Commies and socialists fight capitalists and freemarketards, we never say, “Obviously you can’t get laid!” Why would we say that? Why would someone being a capitalist mean he couldn’t get laid? If anything, he probably gets it more because he’s got money.

      ALL SJW’s say that. If you piss off the Black antiracist shitheads, “Obviously you can’t get laid!” But we on the Left don’t look at BLMtards and say, “Obviously you can’t get laid!” Why would being a BLMtard mean you can’t get laid. Black guys get more sex than we do, and Black women get tons of sex.

      When the SJW faggots get mad at someone, they say, “Obviously YOU’RE a fag!” Like if you ever say two words against gays, that means you have a penis in your mouth. What bullshit.

      They usually don’t say you can’t get laid. They just scream that you’re one of them. But if we are one of them, and being gay is the most wonderful thing on Earth, why are these shit for brains fag SJW’s insulting us by saying we are one of them as if it’s the lowest thing on Earth. As usual, SJW’S DON’T MAKE SENSE.

      Tranny SJW’s just call you a bigot. They have the decency to not accuse of not being able to get laid.

      SJW Jews accuse all of their enemies of not being able to get laid. They also claim all their enemies can’t make a nickel. There’s Jews and there’s kikes, two different things. As far as I am concerned, Jews who do that are KIKES. If you don’t want to be a kike, don’t do that shit, real easy.

      Mostly those are Superjews who love Israel. Jews are the worst SJW’s of all. Your average Jew literally screams “anti-Semite” 100 times a day. Why they do this, I have no idea. Perhaps it is an Orthodox prayer ritual.

      I’m so tired of SJW shitwads. Fuck em all. Seriously, I want to kill every single of those pieces of shit.

        1. Actually conservatives always say that about liberals. If you go to the places where conservascum and liberals fight, the conservatives always scream that the liberals “live in their Mommy’s basement.” What a shithead thing to say! I think they also say liberals are broke. Not sure if they say liberals can’t get laid though because conservatives are shit that has no morals or values or anything. Rightwingers are pure garbage.

        2. Yeah, the right-wing accusation is that liberals are wusses who live in mommy’s basement and also that they’re thieves (well, that would be the poor whites, blacks etc.. taking welfare, not normally the SJWs).

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