PUA/Game: How Do You Control a Psychobitch?

A repost of an excellent old post that is making the rounds on the Net: Ben Steigmann writes:

“Controlling a woman (which is mandatory) involves a lot more than being a porn stud in bed.” What are your suggestions?

It seems like nothing works when you are dealing with an abusive bitch or a psychobitch. I have tried everything on Earth, and nothing calms them down. I tried responding to them with aggression, which I never used to do before. It works well in a sense, but it also makes them way more aggressive, and they start insulting me horribly, threatening me, and attacking me physically or spitting on me. I’ve had bitches who would verbally attack me 500-1,000 times a day. I tried everything to deal with the abuse: Silent treatment. Saying “mm hmm” or “ok” after every attack. Agreeing with the insults. Saying “thank you” to every attack. Fighting back: “Shut up!”, “Shut up bitch!”, “Shut up cunt!” “Shut up you fucking cunt!” “Shut up you fucking bitch!” “Shut up you worthless cunt!” I often said those things in a mean and menacing too. Totally worthless. No matter how hard you fight back, it doesn’t stop it at all, and actually, they usually just escalate. As far as I am concerned, nothing works. I am up for any suggestions on how to deal with abusive women or psychobitches. Most people will say, “Well, the reason she is a psychobitch is because of your behavior.” Then they will list something you are doing to set her off. The thing is, I often try to modify my behavior even to the point where I am an actor playing completely different roles in a movie. I’ve never found any behavior that seems to stop abusive bitches. People will say, “Well, you need to man up. She is a bitch because you thinks you are Beta/Omega/a pussy/a wimp, etc.” Ok, well then I can go into hypermasculine mode because that’s one the roles that I play. It doesn’t seem to stop the abuse. I will say though that after I started finally fighting back against women with insults like the above, women have fallen wilder and more crazy in love with me than ever in my life. A few them were even trying really hard to marry me. Sure, fighting back viciously makes them escalate like nuts, but it also seems to make them totally crazy in love with you via some means I do not understand. I think maybe it shows you are not pussy-whipped. Once you start insulting a woman like that, it shows that you are not whipped. It shows that you don’t care whether she goes or stays. You’re not sticking around for sex. It’s a statement of extreme confidence and power. Most men are too whipped to say things like that to women because they are afraid she will either stay and cut off the sex or leave outright. In either case, the sex goes. Most men won’t fight women because they fear being cut off from the sex supply. It also helps to let women know that they can be replaced at any time. If they think they are the only woman you can get, and you can’t get another woman, they get very bold and can act very bad. They figure you will put up with anything because you can’t get anyone else. It’s also nice to have another woman in the wings or even another girlfriend. When a woman starts acting bad, threaten to replace her with the woman in the wings or threaten to leave her for the other girlfriend. Say, “Why do you treat me like that? Woman X (your other girlfriend and her deadly rival) never does that to me. She’s always real nice. She treats me way better than you do.” It’s pretty evil to play one woman against the other, but believe it or not, women are very competitive, and if they know if you have another woman, they will usually try to be a better girlfriend than she is. I have had one girlfriend ask me what the other one is like in bed. Then she would try to outcompete the other girlfriend in bed by being kinkier and wilder. Once again, you can play them off each other to try to get them to outfuck and outkink each other. Pretty soon, you’re living in a porno movie. It’s pretty evil, but it works. Women will actually try to outfuck rival women. I’ve dealt with this a number of times. If anyone has any ideas about how to deal with abusive bitches to stop their abuse or if anyone knows any male behaviors to play to make them less psychobitch, let’s hear it in the comments. I am all ears. Let’s talk psychobitches, boys!

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