Alt Left: Feminists Claim "Fuck you" Is a Misogynist Statement

Just when you thought modern feminists could not get any more out of touch with reality, they come up some new crazy idea that sets your eyes rolling.

The latest is that feminists say that “Fuck you” is a misogynistic statement.

Female says it to a male? Misogyny, or self-hatred I suppose. What does it mean when a woman hurls a woman-hating insult at a man? And why would that ever happen in the first place? The crazy feminist theory already has four tires in the mud with no one to pull it out.

Female says it to another female? A misogynistic attack on that other female by a self-hating female. Which is weird. Why would a woman basically say “I hate women!” to another woman? That’s so weird. The theory wrecks on the rocks below again.

A man says it to a woman? Misogyny. Now this one in part I agree with. When a male says “fuck you” to a female (which doesn’t happen much anyway), he may well be a misogynist who not only hates the female he is saying it too but in addition he also hates women in general. On the other hand though, many to most men who say “fuck you” to a female are simply expressing hatred or contempt for that particular woman and not women as a whole.

This is a mistake that feminists always make. A man hates one woman? That means he hates all women! A man calls a woman a bitch or a whore? He just called every woman on Earth a whore and a bitch. A men beats up a woman? He’s also beating up every other woman on Earth. Now granted a lot of woman-beaters don’t have a very high opinion of women. But misogyny is not necessary for a man to hit a woman. He need only be sufficiently enraged at her.  He may not hate women as a whole. In fact, he may even love women in general. He only hates this one particular exasperating bitch.

What about when a man says “fuck you” to another man, which frankly is the most common use of the term? “Fuck you” is for the most part a term of abuse that men level at one another. It’s a potent insult and it usually means the fight has seriously escalated. In Man World, you say that to another man, and depending on how you said it, you just declared war on him. You don’t throw words around in Man World unless you are ready to rock and roll. Words are worth almost their weight in gold there. And when insults between men get so elevated that they are yelling “fuck you” at each other with fire in their eyes and  heat on their breaths, it might be best for you, the spectator, to pick up your popcorn box and clear out of there. Because in a lot of cases, somebody’s going to hurt.

Just to show you how potent that phrase is, if you say that to another man, according to the Rules of Man World, he has a perfect right to walk up to you and punch you in the face. Once. Not necessarily more than once. There has to be only one punch. You start advocating more assaults than a single hit, and you will lose a lot of men. This rule is so widely accepted in Man World that no man sitting at the bar would criticize that man for punching you after you said “fuck you” to him. In Man World, when it’s man to man, those are simply fighting words. And in Man World you have a right to respond to fighting words with at least a punch in the face.

But how is it misogyny when a man says fuck you to another man?! No man is thinking of women when they utter that phrase. Hell, I don’t even know what “fuck you” even means, and I’ve been saying it my whole life! What does it mean, anyway?

If a man says “fuck you” to a woman, well, first of all, most of us just don’t do that. That’s a river a lot of us are not inclined to cross. You are now using the fighting words of Man World towards a woman, for Chrissake. It’s a very serious matter.

But how would a man say it to a woman, assuming it was outside of a wild rage fest of screamers? Gosh. Most of the time, a man would say “fuck you” to a woman that he knew well, and probably he was involved in a significant love/sex relationship with. You don’t toss that word around at female strangers. That’s incredibly uncouth. Most of us men prefer to stay out of the gutter if we can. It’s a matter of honor more than anything else.

But if a man said it, he would probably say it with a smug smirk and big evil thousand dollar shiteating grin, and it would also probably be a challenge and a bad boy sort of an invitation to sex, daring her to say yes. This only applies to a minor battle with a woman, not an all-out war.

And he would usually combine with some choice, juicy misogynistic words, such as “Fuck you, bitch” or “Fuck you cunt.” And at that time, even in most non-chauvinist men, we would be feeling very much that males are superior to females, if only for a minute or two.

Really though, that’s not something you usually say to a woman unless she’s acting really bad. Save it for when the bitch is firing nuclear weapons right at your Achilles heels and trying to push you to or past your limits, as so many women so love to do to us men at times.

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10 thoughts on “Alt Left: Feminists Claim "Fuck you" Is a Misogynist Statement”

  1. I think everything is implicitly sexist as we are kinda hardwired. I mean, women kinda look like children :O.
    Kinda like how everything is implicitly sexual, its a matter of choosing different word use and methodology of research in the material reality that has everything interact.
    Everything is implicitly everything?
    well of course. The issue with feminism is that its analysis is very limited (lack of falsifiability and predictability) and in many cases empirically wrong, but not always. I like feminist theory but not the adherents themselves lol.

  2. South Koreans use fuck you, even older people, to foreigners just randomly like it’s nothing. But I suppose we’re supposed to ignore that – being culturally sensitive as we’re supposed to be!
    Or we could claim they’re acting retarded – but then that would be racist – thinking only little monkeys would say that, lol.

  3. The word pussy is sexist – cause not all women are cowardly etc. OK, any other word mocking a man’s manliness would be pansy, another sexist word. Well, a few words don’t reference females like yellow or chicken. Well, those are safe words that even kids can use without going to the principal’s office!

    1. Go ask the feminist loons. They had some insane reason why this was misogynist. But feminists see misogyny everywhere. A lot of them say most if not all men are misogynists. Well if that’s true, then I am a proud misogynist because I am a regular guy! I would prefer to be a less misogynist man than a more misogynist one though.

    1. There are still a lot of feminists out there, Thomas, many women you might get involved with are feminists, and worse, feminists have control over the levers of power now and they are starting to attack men directly with this endless redefining of normal male sexuality as harassment, assault, and rape. Many, many men are losing their jobs and having their careers destroyed for looking at a woman too long (eye rape), asking for her number, telling a joke, flirting, or God forbid making a pass (I guess this is illegal now).
      We need to listen to these cunts. As long as they are destroying men’s lives and have such a huge cultural influence, they remain important and we men need to listen to them. Know your enemy, my brother.
      Bros before ho’s!

      1. Well, if that’s the purpose then I agree completely: we need to know what they are up to in order to be able to counter them.
        What my comment was getting at is that, at least among the younger generations, there is a feeling that Feminism is an unserious ideology, and that those promoting it are a little bit “out there.” At least, that’s what I gather from observation of internet-discourse.
        But perhaps I just don’t spend a whole lot of time on the Left. On the right, Feminism has come to be seen as a bad joke. The Left obviously sees that differently. The reason is clear:
        The Left holds Egalitarianism as a sacred value, and Feminism claims (falsely, but that’s not really the issue) to be an Egalitarian ideology; therefore, Leftists find it much harder to dispose of it than Rightists do.
        Am I correct?

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