Alt Left: Why the Endless Feminist Screeching about Male Violence Against Women Is Wrong

I recently clicked on a Youtube video that talked about the wave of violence against women in South Africa. Women down there were organizing demonstrations against the murders of women, and feminists around the globe were agitating about the number of murders of women by men in that country.
Then I did a bit of research. Sure, the numbers of murdered women (almost all by men no doubt) was quite high at least by Western standards. But I did some mucking around with statistics and came up with something very interesting.
88% of all people murdered in South Africa are their fellow males. Only 12% of male murders in that country are females.
So according to feminists, we are supposed to ignore that men get the most horrific brunt of male violence in South Africa and instead focus on the women who are murdered in vastly smaller numbers. Furthermore, the feminist critique of male murders of women is that they are all motivated by misogyny and that men specifically single out women due to their sex alone for violence and murder.
Men kill women for all sorts of reasons. I’m sure misogyny is one of them. But a lot of other times misogyny is not a factor. Maybe a man is mad at a particular woman. Maybe he’s a psychopath who doesn’t care about the gender of his victims.
And if men go out of their way to specifically target women for no reason other than their sex, why are the numbers of murdered women so low compared to the murdered men? If anything, men are massively deselecting women for homicide compared to their population, and they are deliberately selecting men for murder to a huge degree. So men aren’t singling out women at all for murder down there. They’re singling out men for murder. But that doesn’t fit the feminist theory,  so that fact is elided.
In science, if your theory doesn’t match the facts, this means that your theory is wrong, so it’s back to the drawing board.
However, when the facts on the ground don’t match the feminist theory, feminists, like ideologues everywhere, decide that the theory is just fine and the problem is that the facts are wrong. Instead of redoing the theory, they decide that they need to redo the facts to make them fit the theory because feminists believe that theory trumps facts and evidence.
You women think you got it bad in terms of male violence against you, try being a guy! You ladies are getting off easy.
Hint: it’s even worse.

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9 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why the Endless Feminist Screeching about Male Violence Against Women Is Wrong”

  1. This seems like that paranoid crap about blacks trying to genocide whites. OK, well, as with this thing, the targets of black violence is usually black people!

  2. What bothers me the most is that people are making violence against women a sexism problem instead of a violence problem. People are violent as fuck, such people don’t give a shit whether or not the victim is a woman or a man.

    1. That would boil down to people trying to change society rather than tackle one-on-one harassment etc.
      Where I live, people will harass people on racist and probably sexual grounds, but SJWs focus not on one-on-one cases, but on banning bikini video games or something. Go figure!
      OK, go to a supermarket and listen to all the N words and the like. Tell me there is no racial harassment here?

      1. Jesus, the trivial shit that SJWs want to war against is essentially going to rid us of all our freedoms. Remember the whole AC debacle, I still don’t understand it!

      2. Racism is not rare, it won’t be for sometime. SJWs are not improving the situation, if anything, they are making it worse.

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