The Roots of the Modern Conservative Movement, or What Happened in 1992?

Most people date the beginning of the modern conservative or actually reactionary movement. Eisenhower and Nixon were conservatives – the Reaganites+ have been reactionaries or now even fascists. While it is true that Reagan kicked the ball first, it had already been ready for the kicker for a good 15-20 years.
The seeds of Reagan were planted in the Hostage Crisis in 1979 where Democrats came to represent weakness, spinelessness, wimpiness, and lack of masculinity. So Reagan was in part a toxic masculinity backlash.
The movement was truly birthed, as a birth defect, by Goldwater and the Birchers back in the early 60’s, but it never got much off the ground.
It rose again after the two Israeli wars, especially the 67 War, where American Jews, who had been lackadaisical about Israel, suddenly felt that all Jewry was in danger. They’ve been rallying wildly around Israel ever since. The 73 War was even scarier, as Israel was nearly overrun. Many US Jews went rightwing on the military and Israel and turned hard against the counterculture, especially the antiwar movement, as traitors.
In the early to mid 70’s, a large heavily-Jewish group of these newly-minted Jewish conservatives coalesced around Democrat Henry Jackson (the senator from Boeing), one of the worst militarists we have ever had. However, this movement was very small and had little to no power through the 70’s, and most Jews remained liberal as always.
It was in this swamp that the neoconservatives were born and fostered through Reagan’s various anti-Left contra adventures in various countries. Remember General Haig and Jeanne Kirkpatrick? The neocons then grabbed the country after 911 to install their neo-imperial project. Nevertheless, most US Jews remained liberal, and neocons only represent the 20% of Jewish conservatives who vote Republican. But the Bolsheviks proved how powerful a small and determined minority could be.
If you look at the Congress, Congress has been democratic since World War 2 all the way up until the early 90’s. People say Reagan changed everything, but Congress stayed democratic under him. From 1992-2018, a period of ~25 years, Republicans have often been in control of Congress. So the last 25 years have been more reactionary than the previous half-century 1945-1992. They’ve been on a rampage ever since, and it seems like every year they get even more insane and reactionary and move the Overton Window a bit further to the Right to create endless crazy New Normals that aren’t normal at all.
So I am wondering what happened in 1992 that made the country lurch to the Right and stay there ever since? Bill Clinton was elected and the Culture Wars of the 1960’s were reignited, with Hillary and Bill representing the 60’s Left and concurrent Liberation movements, and the conservatives representing the very large portion of the Boomers who hated and rejected the Counterculture. Most people don’t realize that about 50% of Boomers hated the Counterculture and sat it out, seething. War was declared as much on Hillary than on Bill, which leads me to think that the Billary thing was attack on the gains of the feminist movement as reflected by Hillary.
Anyone else have any other theories?

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3 thoughts on “The Roots of the Modern Conservative Movement, or What Happened in 1992?”

  1. Well, some of the counterculture deserves to be hated. I mean, doing drugs is bad, people might like sex – but what dad is going to permit his daughter to be a prostitute/stripper? Also, most are sympathetic to racial minorities – but not when they are being whiners or even trying to be supremacists! OK, with gays etc., Christianity is normally against it.
    So the democrats always going along with a lot of this counterculture stuff has always been a black eye for them.

  2. This asshole alt-right reaction to non-whites is something I hate – but can see where it came from. All thru the Republican years, the government has been trying to force multiculturalism on us – a big part because they want the “white man’s burden” thing to be accepted. In other words, it’s my concern that Syrians have a good government. It’s my concern Iraq has democracy. It’s my concern. the Taliban uses beheaded homosexual heads for soccer games 😆
    So as much I cannot stand these trendy computer age alt-right 20 something faggots, I can see why they’ve looked at the past with disgust and have turned into well alt-right faggots !!

  3. Jobs taken away by non-whites (outsourcing, illegal immigration), wars fought for weird foreign cultures as a white man’s burden thing, a black president, and finally SJWs attacking the general culture, as opposed to individual, justified cases of abuse – have driven a lot of whites over to Trump and the alt-right.

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