Alt Left: The MRA Movement Is Pure Poison

I was just over on the MRA subreddit. It’s a horrorshow because they all hate me for being a left-winger (they’re most all rightists) and also for stating that I am a feminist.
Many to most MRA’s take the extreme position that not only is feminism not needed anymore (a valid debate topic) but incredibly, that feminism has never been needed in human society. Isn’t that breathtaking? They are furious when people like me say that we men have subjugated women by imposing a brutal patriarchy on women for most of human history. I think it’s waning now, but that’s beside the point. To me this is just obvious.
These MRA’s state that it is men who have always been oppressed in human societies and women who have always ruled and lorded it over men all down through time, I suppose via some matriarchy.
They even refuse to support the suffragettes! On MRA forums, you see a lot of arguments about why laws keeping women from voting were rational. You can have a discussion about whether feminism is needed now, but looking back over most of the 20th Century, it’s so obvious that this was a direly needed movement, and feminism has done so many great things to move women towards equality.
They don’t even support equity or liberal feminism, as they say that women already have more rights than men, and equal rights hence will simply increase women’s dominance over and subjection of men.
They actually believe this crazy nonsense. It’s an amazing thing to see how people can be so insane and out of touch with reality.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: The MRA Movement Is Pure Poison”

  1. Again, another bullshit mythology movement mostly fueled by a backlash to SJW insanity, one that is attacking the general culture – as in innocent, a little naughty stuff, men find fun – and not attacking real sexist, racist abuse – as in some guy grabbing a woman’s butt at a strip club, seriously beating a woman, constantly, daily calling someone a racial slur, cross burnings, organized racial harassment etc..

  2. I seriously think these guys are either ugly (as society says, not necessarily true) or have ugly personalities. It’s just like with extreme SJWs who were turned down for being so-called dogs, overweight etc..

  3. I think what both sides have to realise is that life was just shitty in general. Yeah sure, men were fucked in ways (women were fucked a lot more), but life is and was always shitty. Especially in the olden days in which there were shitty facilities, and wars were a constant affair.

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