Alt Left: Some Major Differences Between MTF and FTM Transgender People

An excellent comment from  commenter Matt on the major differences between MTF and FTM transgender people:

Matt: In a way differentiating between MTF’s and FTM’s makes sense because they are only superficially similar. Many FTM’s are acting out sexual trauma or using their gender confusion as a defense mechanism against certain aspects of femaleness. Look at the recent social contagion of emotionally unstable adolescent girls (but I repeat myself) “coming out” as FTM’s.
Radfems often note this difference, and they are correct in my view. As you note, most MTF’s are — like most men–just acting out some nasty, sweaty perversion and expecting everyone else to go along. Whether it is politics, intelligence, stupidity, or sexual kinks, men are all about extremes, and these men are just more extreme than most.The tiny minority who are not like this — the ones who have the canonical story of gender dysphoria from an early age — are the exception that proves the rule.
The TL;DR: MTF and FTM are not apples and oranges but apples and crowbars.

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