Game/PUA: Do Women Like to Receive Dick Pics?

Feminists say that no woman on Earth likes to receive dick pics and that all men send them unbidden because we males are idiots who are idiotically proud of our penises. As with most everything feminists say, this is not true.
So, do women like to receive dick pics?
Yes, they sure do. Well, they want nudes anyway, and that includes dick pics. In the last few years I typically get a request even before the first date. It’s also fairly common for me to get nudes or semi-nudes of the woman even before we have the first date.
Our culture is getting so pornified. Back when I was dating in the 1970’s and 80’s the thought of getting nude photos of a female before you even go out on the first date with would have seemed like some wild pornographic fantasy of every man’s dream world. Now here we are, living in it.

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