Alt Left: Do Radical Feminists Hate Men?

Radical feminists most certainly do hate men. Almost all of them do to varying degrees, often to the extreme. There are some radical feminists who continue to date, get involved with and marry men, and their hatred of men is a lot less, but it’s still there, just to a lesser degree.
It’s often said that feminists hate men, and in fact most of them do or at the very least they have a lot of anger and hostility towards us, which explains their feminism.
I know some feminists close to me who are actually sexist female chauvinist pigs – they simply think that women are better than men, and they deride us as an inferior gender. It’s not very pleasant to be around feminists when they are acting that way. I will say that I feel sympathy to females who are on the receiving end of male chauvinist sexism because it sure feels lousy on the other end. I don’t appreciate being treated as a contemptible inferior, and I doubt if most women do either.
If it’s wrong for them, it’s wrong for us. Neither sex should be sexist or chauvinist towards the other. There’s no good reason for it, and in most cases, there’s no excuse for it. Other than in cases where someone has had a lot of bad experiences with the opposite sex (really almost all heterosexuals), sexist chauvinism from either gender is never based on reason, facts, truth, or sense. Looking at the matter scientifically, there’s no case to be made that one sex is superior to the other, nor is there a case that one sex acts so horribly that they deserve to be hated. The latter notion is an excuse many feminists use for why their hating men is ok but our hating women is not – we deserve it, and they don’t.
While most feminists twist themselves into endless contortions to say they don’t hate men, radfems don’t even try. Their hatred of men is open, obvious, and palpable. Most radfem theory is based on utter contempt for men.
Most radfem heroes in the feminist pantheon were or are extreme manhaters: Valerie Solanas, Catherine MacKinnon, Robin Morgan. Mary Daly, Julie Bindel, Gail Dines, Ti-Grace Atkinson, Susan Brownmiller, Phyllis Chesler, Nikki Craft, Andrea Dworkin, Germaine Greer, bell hooks, Sheila Jeffries, Audre Lorde, Kate Millet are the ones that come to mind.
Robert Jensen and John Stoltenberg are two prominent male radical feminists. Both of these self-hating men hate their own gender quite a bit. Stoltenberg is gay but somehow he married Dworkin, who called herself a lesbian. I know, it makes no sense.
Most of Stoltenberg’s work involves rape paranoia and his attempts to rid the world of masculinity, which is destroying humanity.
Jensen is even crazier. He was feminine or effeminate as a boy and teenager. This is very common. Almost all radfem men are either gay ,or if they are straight, they are feminine to effeminate straight men who were often called  gay when growing up. One prominent radfem man proudly calls himself a heterosexual sissy. He is absolutely crazy about women though (like me), so I will give him a break.
Jensen has spent most of his career railing against masculinity and pornography. Although he has been married for many years, recently Jensen decided that male heterosexuality was so poisoned by toxic masculinity, misogyny, and patriarchy to the extent that he could not bear to be a straight man. So he turned gay as an act of male radfem resistance. A straight man cannot turn gay anymore than a gay man can turn straight of course, so  predictably this did not go over well. Hence he abandoned homosexuality and now he is celibate. No word on how his wife is dealing with all of this.
There are many other radical feminists, but these are the only ones whose work I am familiar with. The only one who might have possibly not been a man-hater was Shulamith Firestone. And she said that women will only be free when we make babies in test tubes so women don’t have to get pregnant and carry babies to term in their bodies anymore. So even the non-manhaters were pretty crazy.
Canonical tracts of feminism include the SCUM Manifesto, Intercourse, Take Back the Night, and other texts that reek of man-hatred. The SCUM Manifesto openly calls for the extermination of all men. Very prominent radical feminists have made a variety of shockingly anti-male statements:
We need to kill all of the men. Valerie Solanis.
That we need to reduce men to 10% of the population to save the planet. Aborting male babies was suggested as a way to go about this. Mary Daly.
That all heterosexual PIV sex is automatically rape and hence all heterosexual men are automatically rapists. Andrea Dworkin.
We need a curfew on men so men are not allowed on the streets after 8 PM. Various.
We need to put all men in concentration camp type structures until they can learn to behave themselves. Julie Bindel.
The strange thing is that most leftwing people and almost all feminists regard the notion that feminists hate men as an antifeminist canard. If you say this, you are an antifeminist reactionary. But as you can see above, quite a few feminists do hate men, and many are not shy about coming out and saying so.

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