Alt Left: How Many People Are Transgender, and Is the Rate Increasing?

Eric Blair: Speaking of gender, I am not very familiar with non-binary gender did we even get from two genders to 70?

Thanks for the comment, George, and thanks for stopping by the blog. All this time I thought you were dead! That’s a damn good question. My position is that once you let people act as crazy as they want to, you open the door, and there’s no limit to how crazy people will act. Which is how you end up with 70 genders. The trans madness has been exploding. The figure cited in the 1960’s and 1970’s was 1/30,000. Presumably almost all of these were the more pure biological transsexuals with gender dysphoria from a very early age, sometimes as young as two. However, a recent survey of Generation Z showed that You would not expect a genetic or biological condition to go from 1/30,000 to 1/50 in a few short decades (someone do the math for me please). Genetic or even biological change does not happen that fast. Obviously this is a sociological phenomenon no doubt being driven by quite a bit of faddism. Even trans advocates admit that 8 Indeed, when we get to the point where 2-

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One thought on “Alt Left: How Many People Are Transgender, and Is the Rate Increasing?”

  1. A great deal of what is called ‘trans’ in the West today is just Identity Politics. The 167 airhead genders are fashionable, transtrender social roles. The roots are not in sexuality but in feminism and feminist insistence that gender is ‘just a construct’. It’s not, but these idiots are teaching kids. And if you’re taught that gender is constructed, then why not just construct your own personal one? It is MASSIVE egotism and repellent.
    There are real transsexuals. The number of 1/30,000 actually came from a tiny Dutch study and ONLY counted individuals who had or were pursuing GRS (‘sex change’). So that was very narrow, since most transsexuals do not seek this. Recent studies trumpet ‘1%’ that is, 1/100, but that counts ALL THOSE who self identify as Gender non-Conforming, ie, it includes all the airhead transtrenderists.
    In males there are two actual forms of trans: Homosexual transsexuals, otherwise ‘True Transsexuals’ or ‘former transkids’. These begin displaying gender dysphoric behaviour as early as age 2 and are strictly homosexual. (Think Blaire White.) There is a female equivalent, but it appears less numerous.
    The other type are male non-homosexuals who have a paraphilia that leads them to fetishise the idea of ‘being women’. Essentially, they are narcissists obsessed with themselves as sexual targets but who, because they are heterosexual males, are repulsed by masculinity. So they invent a pseudo-feminine character to play the role of their lover. If this gets strong enough, typically through sexualised reward, it can take over. Think Bruce Jenner. These are called Autogynephiles and the condition is Autogynephilia. There does appear to be a female non-homosexual gender dysphoria, but it is poorly understood.
    It’s impossible to tell how many of the above types there are because of the problem of the ‘hidden trans’ — males who are actually HSTS but who live as men for fear of social retribution, females who are HSTS but actually live as women, and closet transvestites who keep their fetish a secret. Nobody knows how many of those there are, so nobody knows who many there will be, if society becomes tolerant enough for all to ‘come out’.
    I think it’s safe to say it will be a lot more than in the 60s.
    There is an uptick in referrals of young females to gender clinics, but this appears to be caused by an extension of the IP airhead genderism, called ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’. It’s a social contagion.

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