Alt Left: Why the Rise in Self-Harm among Young Females in the West?

There is a surge in self-harming among young women in the West. One figure showed that 25% of 14 year old girls were self-harming.
Feminists argue that it is the viciousness of patriarchy in the West, the prevalence of misogynistic pornography, and the endless microaggressions that young females in the West face every day in their viciously woman-hating societies.
Ok, nice theory. But even if one acknowledges that patriarchy exists or existed, isn’t it obvious that the very vilest and most extreme versions of patriarchy (but normal in a historical context) exist in other parts of the world like Arab and Islamic World, India, Black Africa, and Latin America? Women are treated an order of magnitude worse there than in the West, where at the very least huge holes have been smashed in patriarchy, and personally I think what’s left is more like remains than a coherent hole.
In the areas where patriarchy has been dealt a serious blow and is much weaker, girls and women are cutting themselves and self-harming.
In the areas where patriarchy is alive and well, and women are seriously oppressed even to the point of femicide (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Colombia), no women are self-harming at all. In fact, they often seem quite happy.
Now how is this self-harming caused by male oppression when it is occurring in the places where such oppression is the lowest, and women have the most freedom and power?
I work in mental health and I am not even sure we know why females self-harm.
As far as porn destroying the self-images of young women and causing them to self-harm, I assure you that young women nowadays are literally growing up watching porn, I mean from age 13 on. They loved to watch it as teenagers, and they love to watch it now. I know this because I talk to young women quite a bit, even underage girls, and I still date young women all the way down 18 and 19 year old girls. And I am 60 years old.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why the Rise in Self-Harm among Young Females in the West?”

  1. Hi: You should look at this in the context of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD), which mainly (actually I think exclusively) affects adolescent and young adult females. Have a look here:
    ROGD subjects are being fast-tracked into HRT and surgical treatments that can be appropriate for individuals with genuine Gender Dysphoria, but this as not been shown to be so for ROGD. The Littman paper (above) suggests that ROGD is actually a body-dysmorphic disorder of adolescence rather than a Gender Dysphoria — like anorexia or self-harming.
    As regards the ‘patriarchy’, it does not exist in the West, as you say. It’s a feminist canard. Egalitarian feminism has achieved all it set out to achieve or can reasonably hope to, that being, equality of opportunity between males and females. That is the case across the West and has been for decades. But Feminists actually want much more than that: today they want the complete eradication of masculinity, the emasculation of men and total control of all social spaces and so, of society itself.
    I have many times written and said that ROGD is the direct result of Postmodernist feminism, for exactly the same reasons as you give for the self-harm epidemic.
    If you have a paper for that 25% increase in self-harm I’d love to see it please.

  2. “File under: Colombia”
    But really, its sedentary life style, shitty diet, higher expectations in work life and looks (im not really sure about these), being fat, not being occupied with other things (girls in the third world probably learned to fake some of their happiness while girls in the first world didnt get as much direction), not being used to chocks of adversity, the frantic advertising of love, masculinity being less prevalent (which kinda like TBH), social media and cheaper/faster transportation making competition larger for normal people, less excersize
    If we wanna go more meta:
    No religion/tribalism, less primitive lifestyle in general (meaning that we are wired to have an environment that is less sophisticated, and that civilization is an spandrell in synthesys with the right environment that fucks up our social, emotional and physical development), not getting pregnant by the age of 14-16.

  3. The West has higher quality porn. I try to be worldly but it’s porn ghetto outside of the West. Blurry Japanese genitals, odd Indian fake sex, and other quirks. Asian porn is great in the West. All these women need is a Western lens. Some Asian porn in the West is funny, overbearing Tiger mom or the women need to be dominated by men. There’s something to be said for a traditional Japanese tea made/served with care by geisha before a bj.

    Native Latina, Arab, Iranian, Indian, Aborigine, African, etc. porn is low quality amateur.

    The real hot porn starlets from these lands tend to float West. Like something’s in the Western water. When you get to Czech and Hungarian territory porn starts getting better, i.e., more Western. Russia has some of my favorite women, so it’s worth suffering the lower quality. Western porn is Jewy, Satanic, Afrocentric, and now woke but it’s higher quality.

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