Feminists Are Vile Scum Part 35,027

The thing is that all feminists react exactly as this woman is doing. I have some feminists close to me and I brought up the notion of crazed, out of control, psychobitch women which all of us men have to deal with, and I was met with this precise response: That the very idea of calling women out of control meant that women should be controlled by men. No, women should not be controlled by men. They should also be controlled by women, kids, society at large, the police, their employers, Hell, even God I suppose.
There is one of most persistent notions of feminism: That women have a right to be as evil and insane as possible, that this is good, it’s empowerment, it’s fighting back, and anyway, women have a right to blow up and go insane all the time! And if you try to stop them, you’re a misogynist. This is generally followed by a completely contradictory argument that women are no crazier or more emotionally unstable than men, or in fact, as many feminists insist, that men are more nuts and unstable than women.
At age 83, my feminist mother finally admitted to me that women are more emotional than men. Much more emotional. She looked completely deflated when she admitted that. She’d been upholding this lie her whole life, and finally now in old age when she’s got nothing left to lose, she can finally let go of it. And my Mom’s not even a crazy type feminist, at least not on the surface. God knows how she feels deep down inside. Actually I shudder to think about that, having some insight into her deep psyche.
Feminism is pure poison. It’s cancer. It’s mental illness. It’s brain rot. It’s blood poisoning in the very veins of human society.
It’s got to go.
Feminists are the enemy, pure and simple.

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