Alt Left: Females Self-Harm, Males Other Harm

That’s actually about it. And it applies to men and women too.
Females internalize aggression or pain, sadness, frustration or unhappiness, weaponize it and turn it into aggression against the self in the form of self-harm, masochism, self-blame, guilt, low self-esteem, depression, and suicidality and males externalize it, weaponize it, and turn it into aggression against others, hostility, rage, fight-picking, competition, cruelty, sadism, and homicidality.
The woman tries to destroy the self.
The man tries to destroy the other.
Those are two essential characteristics of the Masculine and Feminine Principles which in part divide out known world. Note I said Masculine and Feminine Principles and not Male and Female Principles.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Females Self-Harm, Males Other Harm”

  1. That assessment is basically sound but females will happily inflict harm on others, if they are sure they have the numerical strength to win a confrontation. The ‘MeToo’ movement is a classic case, as is the Gulabi Gang in India.
    In INDIVIDUALS, however, you are right. Men are individualistic, risk-taking and aggressive, even when they might not win; women are collectivist, risk-avoidant and non-aggressive, until they are absolutely sure they will win. That’s why dozens of screaming SJW women gang up on individual men, as we have seen at campus riots in the US. When opposing men appear in strength, women usually rely on their tame males (the ones they’re allowing to think might get sex for putting themselves at risk) to defend them.
    I suspect the differences you’re talking about are actually male/female, not masculine/feminine, though it’s not clear. They seem to be related to things like body mass, testosterone aggression and female instinct to protect themselves.

    1. Maybe it is related to masculine/feminine. Lesbians can be quite physically aggressive. Lesbian couples are commit more domestic violence than either gay or heterosexual couples!
      And Borderline Personality Disorder, the quintessential female disorder (in my opinion, BPD is simply the classic way that females go crazy) is 80% women, but 20% of Borderlines are men. Male Borderlines have very high rates of homosexuality and bisexuality and they also self-harm at a high rate, probably because this is a feminine disorder. Female Borderlines are notoriously aggressive towards others, but they are not particularly dangerous or violent. For the most part female Borderlines show extremely high rates of self-harm.
      Male Borderlines, in addition to their high self-harm rates, show very high rates of aggression and even violence towards others, that is, in the typical male fashion, they tend to project their negative feelings outwards towards others rather than inwards at themselves. Many male Borderlines are criminals, and jails and prisons are full of these men.

      1. Yes, but the people you’re talking about have inverted sexualities. That is, homosexual males with female (not feminine) sexuality, and homosexual females with male, not masculine, sexuality. Sexuality comes before gender, and gender is either masculine or feminine. It’s not a major point, but consistency is useful

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