India as the True Home of White Supremacism

Another great comment by Francis Miville:

If that is your opinion, first give up your Sanskrit name, a language elaborated by Whiter than Whites and used by White supremacists. These people are far Off Whiteness, though many of them are actually off-Whites. Off-Whites as they are generally called are the real center of gravity of all White Supremacism, as they depict their Gods rather than themselves as the perfect White ones that should prevail.
The genocide most needed to end White Supremacism has to take place where it came first from, that is to say among off-Whites, starting with the Indo-Gangetic Plain, and the doctrine best suited to perform it is Cultural Revolution style Maoism as it is still believed in by the Indian Naxalites, not Brown Nationalism. When the issue of money is not tackled in top priority as is the case with nationalism, Brown Nationalism always end up taken over by millionaires who will buy White slave girls to breed with, as Whiteness is valued as movable property even by those who dehumanize it most.
Even the fiercest traditional German Nazi White Supremacists themselves consider their Indian counterparts as purer than themselves, endowed with more desirable features, despite their skin being somewhat darker due to the sun. However darkish you may seem, you are the dirt the plant of White Supremacism keeps on sprouting from. You are the clay the statues of White idols are made from. Whites come from Northern lands such as Russia and Scandinavia, but White Supremacism originally came from India to be taught to the former, not the other way round.

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17 thoughts on “India as the True Home of White Supremacism”

  1. I think this assessment is a bit silly. OK, well Indians are not purer whites than Germans because they bred with Dravidians. OK, I’m not a racist saying that. Just saying it as an objective fact.

    1. Indians are not white at all. Not middle easterners either. Its traits on a person associated with a group, so theres no purtiy, just groups.

      1. I dont know what you mean by White. Hindus are Caucasian, perhaps the German belief is correct, Genetic Purity has been preserved in India. There are two theories, some claim Aryans went from India to Germany, and Black Forest is named after them. If you observe even in the South Lower Caste Men can have European Facial Features Slender Face, nose, High Cheek bones albeit Black Hair. Some time Brahmins are darker/Non-European features than Lower castes. The Distinguishing factor are the Women, Most Brahmin women have European Features, but very or almost rare in other castes.
        But, the reality is All of Humanity at present times on Earth are from Lower Worlds, which means a Brahmin priest worshiping God in the Temple is not much different from somebody else. Since there are many Lower Worlds, people exhibiting Hatred and Rage will obviously from Anda Tamas [Hindu Hells]. One can be a White American an be a part of thousands Lynching a Black in Minnesota, you are no different from anybody else from Anda Tamas. Looks really dont matter much.
        Remember this, Lord Maha Vishnu is known as the Enemy of the Lower World Beings. He always takes advantage of their Tamasic Nature. Another Point to make is Lord Krishna gave two Hoots to even to the Gods. Two days ago, on Fareed Zakaria GPS they were interviewing Robert Shrill and another couple about Poverty in America. Then I did my own research, at present 40% of Americas are some how poor, I believe it will rise to 80 % by 2050. Also, all in anticipation 1000 FEMA camps of 100,000 capacity, any Walmart can be converted to a FEMA camp. These are real facts.

  2. Not sure if going after “white sugar” is really based on racism, only the fact Indian motherfuckers or black motherfuckers (just being sarcastic here) like white poon-tang! Who are we kidding here? 😆

    1. This is one interesting facet of HBD people rarely get methodological about, namely looks.
      My Hypothesis is that people have universally prefered traits (the size of the philtrum, the distance between the eyes, mouth and nose, the size of traits, maxiliary development relative to eyes, size and shape of chins, symmetry, homogenous skin colour, no wrinkles, no submental fat, sizable boobs or natural muscular development etc) that when associated with culturarly achieved traits during childhood imprints us to like the culturally imprinted traits during puberty, i guess social status would be mediating too. The universal traits are things valued in all cultures.
      IF the universal traits were equall amongst races, then differences in attraction would be like 100% environmental, unless some people like certain traits correlated with race but not ingnoring people of different races possesing the traits, which i think is the case, which is why i said “like 100%” instead of “100%”.
      So the questions are: what traits are universally prefered and are they equall amongst the races. These questions get particularly noticable when you consider coloration and prognathism, as non african men tend to like other non african females over african ones, the efect seems to be smaller amongst mens attractiveness, as women tend to be less xenophobic than men intrinsically.
      I have an hypothesis that might give some awnsers the first question. Which is that universal traits arent are malluable, and that culturally aquired triats are an interaction between the universal trait preference and environment. See universal traits as genetic predispositions and culturally aquired traits as environment.
      This could also be applied to individuall differences in attractiveness too.
      Jason Y,
      Saying that non-whites like whites disproportionally is pretty much an admission of white supremacy, especially when its men of status as this posts citation proclaimed.

      1. No, I don’t agree with asshole elitist white supremacy Looks is in the beholder – unless it’s something like a burn victim. However, though, among what people behold – there just might be the case for some unknown reason, people just like whatever they like. I mean, one’s gross chubby girl is another man’s playboy model.

        1. Operationalization and falsifiability is imperative for further investigation in this subject, as bias is rampant. While i agree that individualls might have “unkown reasons” and many preferences, im more interested in causial mechanisms related to socialization as that seems to partly inform large trends. I do think that there is a general trend too, and that beauty is defined by the majorities genetic inclinations (universally prefered traits) in synthesis with culture. If that wasnt the case, i cant see how soo many people would be concious about their looks or how pygmies could be proud of themselves withought having an large portion of them dissatisfied..
          In the past it was that most people prefered their own group becuase there was little exposure to anything else. But to have the situation we have in America seems cruel, or maybe not. Kanazawas reporting on the add health study included age groups younger than puberty, which strangely were the ones reporting almost all of the racial disparicies. Meaning that mature black women werent regarded as less attractive by the more appropriate samples.
          Personaly, i think that latinos, Middle easterners, mixed white european-brown caucasian are gonna diminish the role blonde women have, just look at the younth demographics of europe and north america. Asian girls are gonna keep on being an nerd preference lol. I also think its possible being brown (not black) is kinda superior, i mean isnt that how our ancestors looked? White and black people are an insular feedback culture, like the pygmies, Most people were brown or chinese in the past, if nordics were truly superior, then non noridics would have blue eyes. I do think the genes of blue eyes have pleitropty to also cause nuances in eye colour, but brown eyes with nuances are the best.
          I dont think different races have genetic proclivities in sexuality, its all culture, that of course correlate with racial genes lol.
          You cant tell my pygmies are conventionally attractive dude, i think that fact falsifies that tastes are random within an range of subjects not having pathologies or be regarded as an another species.

      2. Black is ugly – and specifically very black. No, not really, because also in beauty is the shape of the eyes, the nose etc.. which respond to individual’s certain tastes. Also, mixed race is not ugly – not like what The Daily Stormer claims,. Well, it can b, depending on the beholder. Again it’s just not explainable – but I wouldn’t be a cruel SOB who tries to act like subjective is objective – just to look like a tough, cold steel racist.

        1. Mixed people are only prefered in areas were the people resemble their own more than the other group their part of.

      3. All these claims of ugliness is so politically biased. OK, Nazis and the like claim certain people are ugly:
        Ugly People (by Nazi standard):
        Liberals: (cause you know they’re just trying to get even for being ugly – that’s what all this social justice is about)
        Mixed Race: Definitely they’re ugly – even though, there are so many people who claim they’re not – and in fact are turned on by them (A lot of black guys for one who have always chosen them over darker blacks).
        Pure Blacks:, Pure Filipinos etc..: Because white racists want their ego stroked – even though, oddly enough, they hate race mixing.

        1. More to the list:
          Fat people. OK, a lot of the fact aren’t 600 pounds, they’re just full figured and actually that makes a lot of people, not all, but a lot, horny.
          Myself, I get darn sick of seeing thin girls at strip clubs and actually a so-called whale on stage, assuming she’s do it which is unlikely (due to fat shaming culture), would massively make me hard – to be honest.

      4. Too things to add:
        Most people are kinda ugly, so that complicates everything.
        Sometimes the culture is isolated and lowers standards/ warps them to unusual levels. For example Pygmies.

  3. As a long time observer of Bharat, I would say the Hindus just can’t help it, and they’ll keep saying they are just suntanned Whites. The most basic motive is that they grossly lack ‘pride,’ and the Hindu elite realize the average Hindus are quite gullible. Some interesting examples (even Trump’s tweets lack such entertainment value):
    1) From the former CEO of Procter & Gamble India:
    — the over-population, gov corruption/ inefficiency is actually a BLESSING:
    “Because the Indian state is inefficient, millions of entrepreneurs have stepped into the vacuum. When government schools fail, people start private schools in the slums, and the result is millions of ‘slumdog millionaires’. You cannot do this in China…”
    2) From a “Harvard professor of economics” and Hindu politician
    –Bharat will become a developed nation in 10 yrs, overpopulation is an accidental blessing, and Hindus will become an advanced species through some kind of cosmic energy (WhateverTF it’s)
    “To become a developed country, therefore India’s GDP will have to grow at 12 per cent per year for at least a decade. Technically this is within India’s reach”
    “Thus, India — by unintended consequences of a relatively unfettered population growth — is now gifted with a young population.”
    “and the spiritual intelligence to tap into the cosmic energy (Brahmand) that surrounds the earth, we can then develop an intellectually more advanced species of human being.”

    1. They are way ahead in terms of making such nonsense statements .The current Prime Minister (Mass murderer ) of India ,Narendra Modi ,once said in his speech that India had developed Airplanes thousands of years ago .They also had missile technology and We had done plastic surgeries and we also had Test tube babies .
      It is fun to listen to such statement from the PMO INDIA .They just went one step ahead by saying that India had developed Nuclear weapons way before and we also had missile technology .

    2. What do you mean they “lack pride”? Surely from observation it seems all they have is fake pride and jingoism

      1. ‘Lack pride’ => manufacture of fake pride
        Like a poorly endowed girl puts on a padded bra, hi-heels and claim she’ll compete in a beauty pageant

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