Letter from an Indian Woman

Just received a comment from an Indian woman on Magneto’s piece, Indian Men Are Hopeless Rapists. She’s right. I know I sound like a radical feminist when I say this, but everything she says below is true. All of it. I don’t know what to say except that it sure would be nice if Indian men would get it together on this issue. I would also like to shower Western feminists with eternal contempt for insisting that women here in the West have it exactly as bad as those women over in India. And yes, that is exactly what most of them say.

Honestly, I will not downplay this just because I am from India, and that is the bitter truth about our society. Having spent 23 years if my life as a woman there, I can only say this is no country for women or children.
It’s riddled with a patriarchal mindset and male autonomy. Women have no rights, power, or say in any decisions. They have no freedom to express anything. They are raised to be subservient and married off. The whole mindset is nurtured by their own parents. There is constant fear here and women are seen as liabilities and sex objects, hence they are treated as inferiors in employment, schools, the home, and society on general. It has cultural backing and so does the corrupt system perpetuating the abuse. High illiteracy rates, a poor standard of living, and no sex sensitization often triggers this abuse.
And it’s just not rapes, but molestation and dowry harassment are fairly common and normal. I won’t say that the West doesn’t face this same issue, but at least the women are empowered to ask for justice and get fair compensation, and they aren’t shunned by rightwing fucking cultural bandwagons. Women don’t have the stigma there like the women here have.
I myself am highly educated thanks to my liberal parents who stayed most of their lives abroad. Yet staying in this country was a nightmare; just stepping out on the street, I feared I might get raped. I could never do things alone.
I wonder why these men cannot just accept the problem and do something. I don’t have any hope that anything will change in that shithole of a country. That’s why I left and now I am happy and can be independent and not constantly worry about my security. Indian men are scum of the earth, sex-starved ugly rapist apes and uneducated horny perverts. We should just castrate or go Hitler-style execution on them. How I hate those sickos for destroying the lives of countless helpless women.

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11 thoughts on “Letter from an Indian Woman”

  1. Yeah, and I’m sure the typical Indian response to anyone progressive (male or female) is:
    cocksucker 😆
    So how is this different than the alt-right? How is it different than just regular Republicans when off-camera?

  2. I completely agree with the woman .Indian society has become the hell for women .They are seen as sex objects .A recent survey shows that 90% of female in Dehli feel insecure when they go outside .Women are not allowed to go at night .This is one of the most shameful thing of all.Abortion of girls ,murders in the name of dowry and honor has made this society a hell for girls .

    1. Well, with this going on, is it no wonder nearby Islamic states are puritanical? But then again, they also abuse women behind closed doors – in a different way.

      1. Arab states are little oppressive to women but they are far better when it comes to Punishment for sexual attacks.If you rape a woman in arab countries ,your head will be cut .Unlike India where people are marching for rapist .

        1. Marching for the rapist? Well, I assume such guys are probably calling them the victims: cunts, bitches and guys defending them dick-suckers etc..
          OK, where have we heard this before? Umm maybe the US alt-right and traditional Republicans, to a lesser degree?

        2. Islam has made it clear sex attacks are bad. Well, in fact, sex is illegal outside marriage. However, with Hinduism everything is relative and while that would seem to benefit liberals – it actually benefits male supremacists.

        3. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-41070764
          A controversial Indian guru convicted of rape on Friday has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Indian media reported that Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s followers set a vehicle alight just ahead of sentencing. Violence after Friday’s verdict in Panchkula in Northern Haryana state had killed some 38 people…

    1. If that is your opinion, first give up your Sanskrit name, a language elaborated by Whiter than Whites, and used by White supremacists only, far off Whiteness though many of them are actually : off-Whites as they are generally called is the real center of gravity of all White Supremacism as they depict their Gods rather themselves as the perfect White ones that should prevail.
      The genocide most needed to end with White Supremacism has to take place where if came first from, that is to say among off-Whites, starting with the Indo-Gangetic plain, and the doctrine best suited to perform it is Cultural Revolution style Maoism as is still believed in by the Indian Naxalites, not brown nationalism : when the issue of money is not tackled in top priority as is the case with Nationalism they always end up at the hands of millionaires who will buy White slave girls to breed with, as Whiteness is valued as movable property by those who dehumanize it most.
      Even the fiercest traditional German Nazi White supremacists themselves consider their Indian counterparts as purer than themselves, endowed with more desirable features, despite their skin being somewhat darker due to the sun. However darkish you may seem, you then are the dirt the plant of White Supremacism keeps on sprouting from, you are the clay the statues of White idols are made from.
      Whites come from Northern lands such as Russia and Scandinavia but White Supremacism originally came from India to be taught to the former, not the other way round.

      1. We will choose the Purer Norman stock of Europeans as the Seed for Hinduism in the Americas, perhaps the French Normans. NWO all is a storm in a Toilet Bowl. We just flush everybody. Look forward to Cowmerica in the Future.

  3. I agree with this comment of the woman Magneto’s piece in your blog. The major place of problem is North India, states like Haryana, Rajasthan, UP and many others because I have lived in UK for ten years after being born in India, But is back in the shithole to do something for child abuse and women. I am sick of men watching me all the time as if they do not have anything else to do.
    A nation that actually appease male vote bank by not actually making usable laws and giving a lot of loopholes. We are no better than Arab but worst. Everything is about vote bank. Bollywood is a plague which smolders this sentiments. And to use a crude language Media is disfunctional and extended branch of the politicians and celebrity PR
 asslicking fucks all of them 
 They are together in making this shithole and showing to the public that they should love this shithole called India.

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