Even Ducks Don't Like Indians

You Indians better work on your personalities! You’re even starting to piss of the birds for Chrissake, and birds are pretty stupid. Where do you think birdbrain came from? And ducks are some of the dumbest birds of them all. My high school biology teacher once told us that ducks were very stupid. On her farm where she grew up, there was this path they walked down every day, and the path turned sharply into a low spot where a pond of water had collected in the trail. The pond was easily avoided if you knew it was coming. The ducks would walk along the path and then turn the corner and land right in the water, upsetting and surprising them. They never learned anything from one day to the next, like a lot of humans I know. Every day they made the same damned mistake and fell into the pond squawking again. They simply could not recall that there was a bend in the trail and a hidden pond after it that they had fallen into the day before. I guess these London swans* are not too stupid though! They seem have figured out like so many of us in the West that Indians are lousy people! *If you are interested, there are three types of birds: ducks, swans and geese. They are all related as members of the larger Duck Family. Swans and geese are separate genera, something I was not aware of (I just learned that today!). Swans and geese are larger than ducks. They must be closely related though because swans and geese can interbreed to form hybrids (I just learned that today too!). Isn’t life cool? Here I am at 60 years old and I am still learning new things, even new basic facts about our world, almost every day! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think that’s really neat. H who is not busy growing is busy dying.

I’m confused. Sure, humans have racist impulses; Ballets like Swan Lake are said to be ‘racist,’ but…UK Swans Hate Ethnic Minorities (right click to open in new window): (Birds have more acute eyesight than human I check).

“Angry ‘Racist’ Swans are Terrorizing Students at Warwick University

The bullying birds have been spotted standing guard at a campus footbridge to stop humans from crossing. Students say they are being continually confronted on their way to lectures. And the birds – who are currently in their breeding season – are said to be particularly aggressive towards Indian students. One victim, a 24-year-old student who asked not to be named, said: “I am from India, and they attack me especially – they focus straight on me. We have been warned that the swans will be a bit feisty at this time of year, but they go for me all year round. I think they don’t like too many Indians in England – maybe the swans here are a little bit racist.” ………………. When the yanks pick an African ballerina to play Odette, the swan queen, they picked one with fairer skin and without peppercorn hair.


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16 thoughts on “Even Ducks Don't Like Indians”

  1. By the way, regarding those big birds:
    — Roasted duck and geese are Chinese food favorites. In HK, one can get a roasted duck at US $ 20-40, good treat for family supper.
    — To relieve one’s bestial impulse, better do it with a goat. Birds have high metabolic rate and big birds like turkeys or swans can rip one’s balls off. Just don’t try it (though I heard from a friend some Canadian farm boys fucked chickens; if chickens allow passage of eggs, cocks will do too???).

  2. The colloquial English language is revealing; females are called ‘chicks’, ‘pussies’ and ‘bitches’. If chickens and cats aren’t of the right size, try dogs; they’re man’s best friend, no kidding. Some years ago I really accidentally bumped into a dog sex forum and some of the queer posters there claimed they trained their dogs to fuck them.

    1. Feminists will go insane if I say this, but do you have any idea how many little girls, teenage girls and even very young women train their dogs to have sex with them? LOL mostly they train the dogs to eat their pussies. Dogs love to do that! I hope for God’s sake it’s only male dogs eating human female pussy. Last thing we need is a bunch of bisexual female dogs running about!
      I have had clients who did this as girls, and they were wracked with guilt over it. And my brother dated some crazy 19 year old chick when he was young. She lived alone with this huge dog. He said her eyes got very wide when she started telling him about young girls and their big dogs. She recited some statistic like 3 million young single women have big dogs that they train to have sex with them. Goddamn, I love sick, fucked up statistics like that! Who cares if they’re even true? They’re hot just for being completely sick and fucked up right there!

      1. Canine bestiality seems to be quite ‘universal’, stats from US forthcoming.
        As the original Star Trek motto goes:
        Space: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission (and Enterprise had few women): to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before (ie into other shipmates’ asses or alien body cavities)!

  3. Hi Robert.
    Been a silent reader of your site for quite a while.
    With the recent mucking up of the meaning of the “Alt Left” term for those people who are truly anti PC but still identifying with the Left, I think you might want to describe yourself and others in a new term.
    I personally propose the term “Alternative Progressive” to replace “Alt Left” for you and your friend Rabbit. What do you think?

    1. No, it’s ok. We will continue to push it. We were the first. We made up this term. The newer meaning is not valid because it’s just an epithet the Right uses to describe their enemies on the Left. I would be like saying there is a new movement called Libtards or Rethuglicans. Also the group themselves rejects the term as an insult. It has to be a term that the group uses to describe themselves.

  4. I will die from heart attack because it is too funny to read this post.What duck has to do with Indians ???I think Duck are smart enough to know the reality of Indians and she does not want Indians in England .

    1. Of course! Ducks aren’t stupid! They so dumb they keep falling in the same mud puddle every day, but it takes a lot less brains than that to realize that Indians are no good. Hell, I bet even frogs know Indians are no good lol.

    2. I checked the original link and it seems those swans did particularly picked on Indians but why? Warwick U also has Black and East Asian students. Lets look at it rationally; my guess is:
      1) Birds usually have poor sense of smell, but swans and ducks (sea birds) are an exception. Could they tell from body odor?
      2) Those birds were in breeding season and they could be overprotective of the young and pregnant females.
      3) Some Indians have harassed those swans.
      4) Those swans have converted to Islam if not already Muslims.

  5. Accidental gay relation with a neutered cat:
    When I was in college, I once shared an apartment with some friends. One of them was a biology major who also kept a neutered cat.
    One day, I accidentally tapped the cat’s spine for a few seconds near the tail, and the cat erupted immediately into a highly excited mood and kept meowing for more. That biology major friend said that has to do with the cat’s prostate eroticism. That also explains the major profession of Indian eunuchs (hijra) is anal prostitution.

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