The "Indian Personality" and Indian Society in a Nutshell

LH: Interesting post. I’ve recently noticed some things that have painted Indians in a bad light for me. (Of course, at this point I’m not sophisticated enough to differentiate between different groups/castes, so I don’t know to which subset this applies.)
Is pettiness, jealousy and envy, mixed with frankly bad judgment a common set of traits? I’ve seen this in more than one person and was wondering whether I was seeing a pattern based on a too-small sample.
RL: LOL! This is an essential aspect of the Indian character! Not sure about the bad judgement part, but the other three, of course. That is the “Indian personality.”
dumbo: I think that’s true. They act catty like the ugly friend does when you talk to the pretty one – except all the time. All they do is cock-block each other in everything and act petty and jealous – crabs in a bucket. If you try to treat one like a normal person with trust and respect, they think there must be something wrong with you. It’s repeated prisoners’ dilemma with low trust – everyone gets zapped every time.
Hence the shitting on the streets and corruption. And all the tall claims about how Indians figured out everything thousands of years ago. They don’t expect anyone to believe them, much less take them seriously- the purpose of talking is to bullshit, not to communicate a point or have a proper discussion.

Dumbo’s comment is perfect. That’s why I love this site. Only eight sentences and the last seven of them are perfect. Read each sentence carefully and try to picture what’s going on. Also try to piece it together into a coherent whole and you will see how most of these things sort of latch onto and tie into each other in a common syndrome.
I never cared anything about Indian people until I started meeting some on the Web. I talked to them for a while, and after a bit, I became appalled at these amoral scoundrels. And soon I realized that about everyone over there was a scoundrel. Being a scoundrel is normal in India. That’s actually how you are supposed to be. I tried to talk to some of them about this and I ran into a brick wall.
One guy was cooking up endless schemes to get money. None of them were well thought out and some were rather scammy. Also in the US we don’t really like people who every time you talk to them are always talking about some money making scheme they are trying to get you in on. It’s considered sleazy to be like that all the time, at least in my White middle class upbringing crowd.
Indians go on and on about how it’s racism that people don’t like them. We don’t get a damn about how you look. If someone has a crap personality and you dislike them, are you an evil bigot? Of course not. Well, when an entire nation has an appalling personality and you dislike the people who come there because they all seem to have this same crap personality, how is that racism? Were they born being lousy people? Do Indians have a Crappy People gene? Well of course not.
If they’d get rid of their crap personality, we’d like them just fine. As it is, I don’t really want anymore of these lousy people in my country. We already have enough narcissistic sociopaths running about. Hell, our own president is one and his followers love the fact that he is a sick as a death ward malignant narcissist. They think being a malignant narcissist is good. Trumpsters would be right at home in India. Is the Trumpster personality like the Indian personality or is it different. Would Indians be offensive to Trumpsters in their personalities?
The weird thing about Indians is that they act dumbfounded if you are appalled at their awful personalities and worldviews. To them this disgusting way of thinking is completely normal. They can’t understand why everyone isn’t a selfish fuck only out for himself like they are. “You mean there are people who actually try to be good? That’s so weird?” the Indian says, baffled.
Americans regard their own people who have typical Indian personality as pretty much lousy people. People who act that way are targets of a lot of negative comments about how disgusting they are. Sure, a lot of society like capitalist fanboys think this is just groovy and everyone should be a greedy little shit like them. But a lot of us still cringe at the used car salesman mindset and personality. Get out of here!
This racist accusation is getting abused. If you don’t like some ethnic group because their culture is crap, that’s not racism. The early Soviets and Maoists attacked the cultures of a lot of ethnic groups in their countries, calling them backwards and barbaric. Were they racists for saying that? I am tired of this word racist being used by barbarians, backwards, uncivilized people towards those who criticize their primitive behavior. The word racist was not meant to be an umbrella protecting all reactionary peoples and cultures from criticism. Death to the Cultural Left! They’re the ones promoting this insane definition of racism.
India is where the Human Soul goes to die. India is like a place where everything good about the human soul has died or been cruelly murdered and all that’s left is the lousy, mercenary parts of being human. It’s a testament to our remaining humanity that Americans still say two thumbs down on this stuff.

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13 thoughts on “The "Indian Personality" and Indian Society in a Nutshell”

  1. and yet your country takes them in hordes. Its a never ending string of Indians arriving EVERY DAY in America(And Canada, UK, AUS). Look at today’s google doodle- this is the second time in the last month or so that Google has put up a doodle featuring some Indian- and an absurd Indian at that, one that even most Indians don’t give two fucks about- last time around it was the actress Meena Kumari whose been dead three odd decades. Why do you think this is? Could be that the entire Silicon Valley is half Indian and appointing sly, meeky Indian CEOs? Of course just look at the Indian newspapers gloating as usual on how Google and the world is recognizing India, even going so far as to mention “Global Indian takeover” on the Times of India’s front page.
    At this point I am so sick that I don’t even blame the Indian. Do you blame the cancerous tumor or the reason it happened? Silicon Valley is anti American, anti-white. The real creative stooges work like ants whilst the top jobs are given to Asians. Who do you blame? The white man is so naive. I love Individualism and where would we be without the individual streak of the west, but it is this individualism that has made the white man ignorant, selfish and completely lost. Things will get worse

  2. @Rishi
    “Look at today’s google doodle…”
    Just a quibble but I think Google doodles are localised i.e. the one you’re seeing in India is for Indian users alone, not global.

    1. You sure about that? Here in Malaysia it is showing an Indian cricket player. I thought doodles are localized if the address is such. For example is localized for malaysians but is universal. And the doodle today for the universal google page has the Indian cricketer on it everywhere.

        1. Even if you’re on, the homepage will default to ‘current region’ as defined in the ‘settings >> region settings’ option at the bottom right. I’m not sure why you’re getting this Indian doodle in Malaysia though, unless you set region to India.

  3. I’m confused. Sure humans have racist impulses; Ballets like swan Lake are sid to be ‘racist’ but….
    UK swans hate ethnic minorities (right click to open in new window):
    (Birds have more acute eyesight than human I check)
    “Angry ‘racist’ swans are terrorising students at Warwick University.
    The bullying birds have been spotted standing guard at a campus footbridge to stop humans from crossing. Students say they are being continually confronted on their way to lectures. And the birds – who are currently in their breeding season – are said to be particularly aggressive towards Indian students. One victim, a 24-year-old student who asked not to be named, said: “I am from India, and they attack me especially – they focus straight on me.
    “We have been warned that the swans will be a bit feisty at this time of year, but they go for me all year round.
    “I think they don’t like too many Indians in England – maybe the swans here are a little bit racist.”
    When the yanks pick an african ballerina to play Odette,the swan queen, they picked one with fairer skin and without peppercorn hair,c_limit/tchaikovskys-new-queen-misty-copeland-01.jpg

  4. There is nothing wrong with a little charisma, but getting too worked up about business, politics can get you labeled a narcissist or some similar thing. However, though, a lot of haters are bashing people who simply try to do something – I mean anything at all.
    For instance, make a charismatic website and watch local small town haters start smarting off to you. Go to another continent and watch them call you a gook lover. The list is endless!
    People are such haters here – and ironically, they probably give Trump a pass on the matter that you can only survive by being a worm

    1. Correction:
      People are such haters here – and ironically, they probably give Trump a pass on the matter and you can only survive by being a worm

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