Alt Left: Women Throw a Shit Fit over True Facts

How women define “truth.”
Does that statement make women look good? Yes ——————————> Statement is true.
Does that statement make women look anything less than stellar? Yes ———————> Statement is false.
What do you know! A brand new theory of moral philosophy, feminist style!
* Actually these are not really women per se. Instead they are a subgroup of women called Feminist Retards. I should have known. Sorry for any real women who got offended by me calling you feminists. I’m sorry. I really am.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Women Throw a Shit Fit over True Facts”

  1. Feminists have done a lot of harm to woman like me who want to be treated like a lady, who want the door opened for them, or the seat pulled out in a resturant. I love being treated that way, and if my man works, I love to treat him as he should be, a hard worker who brings home the bacon!!

    1. This is great! Feminists keep saying that guys like me hate women, but I don’t at all. If I hate anyone, it’s feminists. And I don’t even hate all of them.
      There’s two kinds of women:
      Real women (like you)
      It’s most of the feminists we have a problem with. We love real women like you!
      Welcome to the site BTW. Would love to have more women on here.
      I am actually a feminist myself, but I am an equality or equity feminist like Cathy Young. Equity feminists just want equal rights and equality for women. Why would anyone be against equality and equal rights for women? I’m definitely for it, I will you that much!

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