Alt Left: Putting "Transsexual" Minors on Hormones Boils Down to Child Abuse

70% of “trans” minors grow out of it by age 18. I know a man who tried to transition as a teenager. Then he went back. He now has some permanent physical damage and deformation to his body (3 inches too short for instance) due to his normal development as boy getting hijacked by powerful hormones. He calls his trans phase a delusion (which it is), and he’s deeply depressed, even suicidal. Oh, and he’s also incel. And consequently he’s really pissed off on top of the suicidality and self-hate.
Giving these “trans” kids those insane hormones boils down to child abuse.

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8 thoughts on “Alt Left: Putting "Transsexual" Minors on Hormones Boils Down to Child Abuse”

  1. Yes, this is insane. Just leave kids alone! Also, leave other crazy kids alone like ones with ADHD. All the need is exercise, better food, not a bunch of pills.
    But honestly, I think a lot of ADHD etc. is the result of parents smoking during pregnancy.

  2. I dunno. He did say there were things wrong with his body. The hormones somehow fucked up his face in some way. He also lost three inches of height. And is body is fucked up in “other ways.”
    The poor guy is an incel, full of rage but mostly extreme self-hatred to the point of being seriously suicidal, like a lot of incels. His case is mostly just very sad to me. God DAMN that is sad, man.

  3. Hello Rob,
    Totally agree, enabling a child to take hormones when they are still figuring out their identity and sexuality is loony tunes, not to mention the unknown long term physical effects.
    Haven’t been here for a while, I’ve been very busy. Hope you are doing well.

    1. WB! I thought you got mad at me and left, but apparently not. You were always one of my favorite commenters. I really should put up some new material. I have a lot of it, just too lazy to put it up is all.

  4. Didn’t Michael Jackson take hormones as a teen for singing reasons? Much like with the Castrato thing from the middle ages.

  5. You know, many of these same folks would think that a 30 year old man banging an attractive 18 year old girl is creepy, some would even call him a pedophile. The reason put forth is that “her brain isn’t fully developed”.
    Yet, they simultaneously believe that an 8 year old boy has enough “brain development” to decide he wants to take hormones. Or to decide that he’s gay.

    1. Feminists are fucktards. SJW feminists are double fucktards.
      Bottom line is feminists are not real women! Real women think a 30 year old man who can get an 18 year old girl must be a hot stud, and that’s actually the truth because at that age disparity, teenage girls only go for the Alphas. Feminists aren’t real women because they scream creepy, pedophile, etc. where normal woman just properly see a hot stud who cleans up with the chicks.

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