Jews Create Antisemitism, Part 34,027

Being a victim is very convenient for Jews. I was once told by a Jewish man, “Don’t ever take away the sense of victimhood from a Jew. A Jew will literally kill to keep his treasured sense of victimhood. It’s as important to him as life.”
This is how it works a lot of times.
Jews act like complete assholes. Their assholery is so extreme that any sensible person would start hating them for their sheer dickery.————————->
————-> As a result of their outrageous dickery, lots of people start getting mad at Jews for being dicks. —————>
————-> After acting like complete dicks and making millions of people mad at them as a result, Jews start screaming that all of the people they pissed off are evil, genocidal, Nazi, bigot racist hater scum filth. This is accomplished by Jews jumping down and screaming, “You hate us! You hate us! You hate us! You’re evil! You’re evil! You’re evil! You’re evil because you hate us! You’re evil because you hate us! You’re evil because you hate us! Then they start demanding all sorts of revenge based paybacks against all those “haters.” ———————>
————–> Decent people look at Jews screaming for revenge against these people for getting upset at the Jews dickery.  They get disgusted. They say, “You know what? If there’s one thing I do hate about Jews, it’s their insane obsession that 90% of the world hates them for no reason. It’s annoying, and it’s starting to piss me off! ——————————–>
————–> Jews see people complaining about Jewish paranoia and Jews running around screaming that everyone hates them and start screaming even louder that 90% of the world hates them for no reason. ————–>
————–> Decent people conclude once again that Jews are dicks. ———————>
————-> Jews start jumping up and down even more. A few Jews blow blood vessels in their hearts and brains and most people say they deserved it. Jews begin demanding vengeance against the 90% of the world that hates them for absolutely no reason whatsoever. ——————————>
————–> Idiots give in to Jewish menace, terrorizing and threats by harming a lot of the people who got mad at Jews. ———————————————–>
————–> Lots of good people get fired from their jobs, get their careers destroyed, get their reputations ruined, get doxxed, and threatened, menaced and terrorized by wild eyed Jews out for paybacks.
————–> Jews start to calm down with a sense of vengeance fulfilled now that they ruined a lot of peoples lives for no damn good reason. —————–>
————> Hundreds or thousands people have been threatened, menaced, and terrorized by Jews. Many have had their reputations and careers destroyed or been fired from their jobs by drooling, rabid Jews for the crime of being decent people. —————————————————————->
Jews have now created lots of new and extremely angry enemies. On purpose? –>
Hundreds or thousands of people harmed by Jewish paybacks now hate Jews far more than they ever did. Like, almost homicidally hate Jews. They steam about and say angry things. —————————————————>
————> Jews start jumping up and down again screaming that even more people hate them even more than before. 100 new reports are feverishly written up by Jewish stink tanks about “the growing menace of anti-Semitism. 100% of the media picks it up and takes the side of the Jews for some incomprehensible reason </sarcasm>
————-> Jews found twenty new organizations to deal with the fact that so many people hate their guts. These organizations give jobs to nice Jewish boys who produce endless reports on why 90% of the planet hates Jews for no reason. ————————————————————————>
————-> Jews and their silly allies accuse the author of this piece of anti-Semitism for saying true things. ——————————————————————>
Author gets even more pissed off and writes even more “anti-Semitic” stuff —–>
————-> Etc. etc. Rinse and repeat endlessly.
Starting to get the picture now?

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13 thoughts on “Jews Create Antisemitism, Part 34,027”

  1. If you will not let me comment on your website, stop sending me e-mail notices about your posts. I enjoy arguing with you, but you rarely have anything interesting to say, and you are filling my mail box with nonsense.
    John Engelman

    1. Thank you for your comment, John.
      You have to unsubscribe yourself. You were a regular commenter and all regular commenters must donate at least $10 to the site for lifetime commenting privileges. That’s why your commenting privileges were revoked.
      You have to unsubscribe to the site yourself. You’re the one who signed up, not me. I have no control over subscriptions, and I cannot unsubscribe you.
      Best of luck in everything you do.

      1. Rob, if people don’t want to read your blog that’s their choice. It’s nice of them to have made a donation, but if they don’t like your opinions, go somewhere else. Freedom of choice.

  2. I’m a Soviet Jew emigre who has trouble relating to the politics of American Jews. I guess I sort of understand where they are coming from in their cultural reference points (the antisemitism in the first half of the 20th century) but although I’ve encountered antisemitism on the personal level in the US (people who didn’t know I was a Jew saying derogatory things about Jews) it never bothered me as much as Soviet and Russian antisemitism, which was on a whole other level — vitriolic and in-your-face and institutional as well (although that affected my parents, I was too young to experience that.)
    Also, the native-born don’t expect to be scorned as much as emigres, so there was something to that as well.
    Anyway, one reason Jews may have invented identity politics is because traditional class-based left-wing politics have historically backfired on them, and badly. This was true in Pre-WWII Germany, especially true in the former USSR, and probably didn’t win them a lot of fans among the minorities here in the US either. Did Jewish participation in the civil rights movement of the 60s do anything for Jews vis-a vis blacks?
    Not that it’s necessarily a better solution but I can sort of see the genesis of its adoption.
    I guess because of the particular time and place I was born, I have a severe allergy to leftist politics of all sort (class-based or identity-based.) Firstly, I think the whole leftist politics bag, no matter its intentions (and making sure the poor and working class don’t get totally screwed is a good intention) ultimately devolves into a lose-lose mentality. This is what you had in the Soviet Union, and it’s really a toxic culture to live in. It’s easier to achieve “equality” by chopping taller poppies than by significantly improving the lives of the poor, and Soviet-style systems excel at this.
    This is what some leftists really mean when they say “we must increase taxes because of fairness regardless of the outcome.” Lose-lose mentality.
    Ultimately, for me it’s not so much about conventional definitions and labels of socio-economical arrangements. There are really 3 types of mentalities at work in any social arrangement: win-win, win-lose, and lose-lose.
    The first looks at the world as it is, and then arranges the system in a way that everyone benefits more than if things are left to a state of nature. The second is winner take all (not necessary naked capitalism but any rigged corrupt system.) The third is leveling for the sake of leveling, i.e. everybody is poor is but at least there’s not so much envy.
    Obviously, I prefer a social arrangement with more of the first and less of the other two, especially the third. Which is why I oppose identity politics, as it is a win-lose mentality.

    1. Thank you for this my Jewish friend. Yes, antisemitism in Russia is a horror. It’s nightmarish. The Russians really hate Jews. But I have also heard that Russian Jews really hate Russian Gentiles. Whoever started it, it’s a great big mess. Antisemitism has never been like that in the US, and what little we had is mostly gone now as much as Jews insist that things are still terrible, I guess because US Jews like being victims.
      IP is just tribalism based on core identity. Jews are extremely tribal and hyper-ethnocentric, so it follows that their tribalism would evolve into IP. What is interesting is that if you study hardcore nationalists all over the world, how many of them act in what I would call a “Jewish” way. I mean you would think they were Jews if you did not know otherwise. Judaism is tribalism, Jewish IP is nationalist tribalism, and nationalism is the “IP of our people.” Most nationalist IP really isn’t much different from Jewish, gay, feminist, men’s, transsexual, White, Black, etc. IP. These are all forms of pseudo-nationalism. Feminism is IP for the Female Nation. Gay IP is the IP for the Gay Nation. Etc.

  3. Hi Robert,
    I don’t think it’s possible to say who started it, because the entire situation was a powderkeg to begin with.
    I’ve tried to learn and think about it to figure it out, and it’s not like there’s a trivial pat answer. This is my admittedly flawed understanding.
    There are three sides involved: Russian nobility/royalty (can be generalized to European elite/aristocracy for all Ashkenazy Jews in Europe), the Russian peasantry and the Jews.
    The Jews have served as “service nomads” for Europe and especially the relatively backward Russia. They provided trade connections for Europe, were literate and numerate tax collectors, physicians and scholars/translators of ancient texts, etc. Like a roaming “middle class” sorta?
    I’ve come across the sentiment, e.g. that Jews somehow roped Europeans into settling in Europe and I can only assume this was because of their “global” (or at least Eurasian) trade connections.
    In any case, European nobility and Russian as well certainly saw an economic benefit in allowing Jews to settle in Russia. This is indisputable. Taking them on as tax collectors was likely one of the major factors to earn them enmity from Russian peasantry. They served as a buffer between Russian nobility and peasantry.
    Let’s say there are no villains and victims, but just the nature of the arrangement playing itself out. Let’s attribute noble motives to nobility (haha) and say they thought Jews would benefit all of Russia, not only the aristocracy.
    So one can look at it as just an innately unstable triangular association. Under pressure it turned highly antagonistic.
    (As a personal note, I know there’s been a lot of IQ discussion on this forum, and I suffer from a stereotypical Ashkenazy IQ that reflects those occupational Jewish niches: high quantitative, high verbal but relatively lower spatial, closer to average. Having that kind of nearly 2 sd gap between verbal/math and spatial ability is actually quite comical: I got a perfect math SAT back in the 80s, and did well in college math when I applied myself, but I could tell that anything involving spatial ability such as certain parts of Calc III were a major struggle. So I’m awesome at typical Jewish stuff of doing calculations fast in my head, good arithmetic (probably close to + 3sd), good working memory but any math or physics requiring spatial just ruins it.)
    Back to history. Jews have been in survival mode for the last 2 millenia, and it is deeply ingrained. I don’t understand the whole victim mentality myself because I think I’ve been through so much on the personal level that it’s too painful too even be in that headspace, but different people react to the world differently. Also, I kind of idealize America in some sense. Not because it is perfect in any way or there isn’t racism or antisemitism but because Americans tend to get on with it and live together even despite the abomination of identity politics (although clearly it’s making things worse all around.) Also, I think I basically trust that Americans are sensible enough people to right the ship when things go to an extreme.
    Maybe it’s something much deeper that makes all the difference. I do believe that Russia is a very peculiar place, almost a purgatory of sorts. It is spiritual but spiritual like purgatory not like heaven. I honestly believe the Russian psyche is nearly incomprehensible to the Western/American person as it involves simultaneously going to the extremes of the most sublime and the most wretched, and Americans are again just too sensible to plumb its depths.

  4. Ha. Jews don’t play victims. This is truth. Take it as fact. Jews ARE victims.
    I know Jews and they are great. I’ve had sex with many Jewish people and I know for certain what they are like.

    1. Yep. What an odd group of people. Everywhere they go on Earth, they have to form organizations to keep people from hating them! I’d say there’s something seriously wrong with you right there. What would you say if someone told you they went all over the world, and everywhere they went lots of people hated them, so they had to take all these actions to fight against the people hating them? Something wrong with him, no? Jews are like the guy who gets thrown out of every bar in town and then claims the bars are prejudiced.

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