Alt Left: We Are All Trans Now!

Actually, according to trans people, you, me and everyone else are all already trans! What little I knew! This is because I of course have masculine and feminine components, though I am a man. All women have masculine and feminine components also. So the fact that I am a masculine man who definitely has a feminine side somehow means that I can’t be a man, but instead I am some weird species of trans creature! Perhaps I am one that science has not discovered yet. None of you women are women either as you are all both feminine and masculine.
The only way to be a man is to be 100% masculine! Wow, that’s virulent toxic masculinity in a nutshell, that not only bashes gay men but also bashes a lot of straight men for being “fags” too. Such are men socialized into hardcore masculinity. It’s either that you or you get called gay your whole life, plus you get your ass kicked a few times.
The only way to be a woman is to be 100% feminine. Isn’t that a bit ridiculous? Like some swooning Southern belle, a silly, petty, giggly, and ultimately usually moronic creature who has gone so overboard on the femininity train that she is a caricature.
We are all trans now!

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