Alt Left: Transsexuals and Transtrenders

Real transsexual people are the truly committed, perhaps with early onset of serious gender delusions.
Transtrenders are just masculine women and effeminate men who have jumped on the trans bandwagon to be cool. Transtrender is actually a widely used insult in and around the trans community.
I guess there are real men and fake men (transmen) and real women and fake women (transwomen). That’s four genders.
In addition, I guess there are real transwomen and fake transwomen and real transmen and fake transmen. That gives us a good six gender species right there.
Someone call a taxonomist.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Transsexuals and Transtrenders”

  1. If transtrender is an insult in the trans community, wouldn’t that mean that there are real real men and real fake men and fake fake men, or something like that?

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