Alt Left: The Goal of Feminism: To Make All Flirting Potentially Illegal

According to the feminuts, the definition of sexual harassment is “unwanted sexual advances or attention.”
This crazy daffynition has really taken off among the younger generation. Fully 1/3 of young women now say that winking qualifies as sexual harassment. What about looking? Looking is already sexual harassment if you look at her too long.
The problem is that there is no way to know if sexual attention or advances are unwanted and therefore harassment until you try. Maybe she will like it, maybe she won’t. If she likes it, it’s not harassment. If she doesn’t, you just harassed the poor fragile flower of womanhood.
When “unwanted sexual advances” become illegal, then all flirting is automatically proscribed because you don’t know if it’s going to be harassment or not. The only way to play it safe is to wait for women to come onto you (when Hell freezes over), or just stop flirting altogether.
And indeed we are getting a lot of reports lately about men who have stopped flirting with women altogether for fear of being accused of harassment. Of course, the men who said this were excoriated, tried and sentenced in the Feminist Court of Public Opinion. The most recent one was forced to apologize for hurting the feelings of the perpetually aggrieved weaker sex. So even if you do what the feminuts want and you stop flirting with women altogether, it’s misogynistic hate speech to admit to it! You can’t win with feminists, can you?
Of course this is what the man-hating feminists want, and yes, Feminism is nothing but a hate movement against men.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Goal of Feminism: To Make All Flirting Potentially Illegal”

  1. Well, flirting isn’t so bad. It’s nothing compared to traveling 2 hours to photograph girls by cell phone at supermarkets while also grabbing their asses. OK, they finally caught the guy who was doing the things I was falsely accused of. They gave him 2 and a half years!

  2. (Can’t remember if that P.I.V. sex claim was first linked by Robert or me)
    Jesus walked the Earth as the King of Kings. The coming Queen of Queens will announce the millennium realm of Queerdom and criminalize P.I.V sex as ‘rape’.
    ‘..The sex that most people are doing now is actually just an invention of the patriarchy. It’s rape. Men invented PIV sex because it’s degrading to women and it’s suited to only pleasure them….In real sex – meaning the original sex that we were biological programmed for – the man is supposed to place his balls into the woman’s pussy, and then her pussy flexes and crushes the balls. The uterus then sucks sperm out of the crushed scrotum like a soup dumpling.
    When a man’s testicles are being crushed, the pain of being castrated by a woman causes the penis to go erect. This is because men subconsciously desire emasculation by women.
    The pleasure men are supposed to derive from sex is entirely psychological – they aren’t supposed to get off from physical stimulation of the penis. When the penis gets hard with the balls inside the pussy, it rubs up against and stimulates the clitoris, and this is how a woman reaches orgasm. When the woman begins to cum, her pussy constricts further, which provides the requisite strength to completely crush the balls and get to the sperm…”.
    I suspect there’ll be a more benign alternative hetero proposal to the above ball crushing—-Let’s call it ‘STIR’–(double ends) Strap-on dildo In Rectum

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