Alt Left: Modern Western Women Have No Fear of Men. Is That Rational?

I think women should fear men a lot more.
Let me give you an example.
I know my people. I am terrified of men. I know what we are like. Already several men have tried to murder me, and the only way I got away was to try to kill or possibly kill them first (I didn’t stick around to judge the results of my counterattack.) And this doesn’t not even account non-fatal attacks like kidnappings, sexual assaults, and beatings, including being jumped by five men at once and being beaten by a baseball bat.
To radical feminists, male violence against men is meaningless, and radfems have zero empathy for male victims of male violence. For radfems, it’s all about the wimmins. And maybe the chillins. That’s right. The only male violence that radfems care about is male violence against women and kids!
As a result of my experiences, I am not impressed by radfems erasure of male violence against men.
Men are violent period.
It makes no sense to single out violence against women. There’s nothing special about violence against women, and I doubt if most is driven by misogyny. Men are just violent period and they lash out at everything around them for various reasons. I haven’t really been a woman beater in my life (I’ve hit a few but they hit me first, and I didn’t do much damage), but if I were a violent man looking around for something to take my rage out on, I would surely attack a woman before a man simply because she would be an easy target to me. I don’t think women realize how dangerous it is for men to attack other men.
As a result of my experiences, I am terrified of men, and I defer to them almost always, even completely breaking down and going disgustingly submissive if I have to keep a violent man at bay. I don’t start fights with men. I don’t insult men and I am very careful of everything I say to men so as not to inadvertently insult them. I never call a man gay unless I am pretty sure that’s what he is. I never attack a straight man’s masculinity. Where I live, you call a straight man gay or attack his masculinity, you are going to get hit. Period. And no one will call the police or defend you.
I have been appalled my entire life at how fearless women act around men. They deliberately pick and start fights with us, and in many cases they seem to be trying to push men to their limits or past them. That’s called “trying to get murdered” in Man World. In Man World, you do that and some guy beats you up or kills you, everyone at the bar will blame you because you basically poked a tiger with a stick. When women fearlessly provoke men like this, it’s as if they are taunting a grizzly bear with a stick and defying it to attack them.
I am not defending male violence against women (or anyone really). But is it too much to ask women to not go out their way to deliberately pick fights with, antagonize, prod, and provoke dangerous men into violence? At the very least this seems profoundly stupid. Of course women have the right to defend themselves. But I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about starting stuff with innocent men, which women do constantly, especially nowadays. How does that make sense? Why pick a fight with a maniac, which is what most of us men are? I don’t get it.
If I am terrified of male violence as a man for God’s sake, why aren’t much weaker women as afraid of men as I am?
Women must regard men as inherently dangerous creatures who are capable of violence, even homicidal violence, at almost any time. The advice would be for women to either avoid dangerous men or at least tread carefully around them, right?

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11 thoughts on “Alt Left: Modern Western Women Have No Fear of Men. Is That Rational?”

  1. I’m not sure what is your point but here in Brazil women fear man (and with good reason, since rape and violence against women are high with all races and social classes) and feminists are the same or worse than in America.

  2. I hate to play the devil’s advocate, but sometimes women, children, men are asking for violence. In other words, without a culture of fear, these people would become so tyrannical as to be worse than possible people who would punch them.
    For instance, look at American slavery. Of course, it’s sad and wrong slavery existed, but given the situation of the time, it was known blacks were thieves, mean, and considering they weren’t going to send them back to Africa, they had to deal with them considering how they behaved.

  3. I recently asked a question on reddit which got at a similar point to one you raise in this post. Here’s the copy paste:
    If a gay man abuses his boyfriend, is that evidence of misandry? If not, then why assume that hetero abusers are misogynists ie specifically hate women? (self.AskFeminists)
    They could just be bad people in general who happen to be in a relationship with a woman. If such a person were gay, wouldn’t they still have the psychological profile of an abuser?
    Here is the link to see the answers:

    1. Well.
      I think SOME men who abuse women pretty much do hate women. I known some men who by old age had been in several long relationships with women. I was told that he treated the women in each of these relationships like shit. I asked my Mom if, seeing that, it was possible that he didn’t like women too much, and said yes.
      When you see these guys who abuse every woman they are in relationships with, you wonder much they like women. I mean, it seems like maybe they don’t like women too much, right?
      Furthermore, there are men who have made outrageous openly misogynistic remarks – they are all over the MGTOW, incel, MRA and especially PUA communities – and then they rape some women or beat one up or put a gun to one’s head, and you wonder how much this guy really liked women. I mean even granted that his misogyny was a passing sentiment – and it is in most men – the fact that it bore serious fruit later really makes you wonder.
      I mean Roosh never has one good word to say about women. I speaks of them with extreme disdain and condescension. And what do you know? A Polish woman is now suing him for rape, and I know for a fact that he raped her.
      So definitely SOME misogynistic men are pretty misogynistic, but I think a lot of others just got mad at this particular woman for something she did or said. Or maybe he really hates THIS ONE woman, but he doesn’t hate all of them.
      I would say that some woman abusers are misogynists and others are not. I met a men who I know for a fact shot his wife in the head. She lived but was gravely wounded. I was dating this woman. I heard all about how he lived before this incident, and while it sounds like he was a hothead, I really did not think he hated women at all. He never admitted to shooting her and said instead that she shot him herself. I would say that he hated HER at least at the time he did it.
      I was with this woman for a year and a half and I must say I CAN SEE WHY HE DID IT. While she can be kind, loving, and wonderful, she can also be the most monstrous psychobitch you ever met.
      So even guys who try to kill their women or even kill them don’t necessarily hate them.
      As with most things in life, it’s so complicated and there are no good answers.

      1. yeah I agree- there’s both. There are definitely some guys who hate women or are totally caught up in very negative ideas about them. Same as you get man hating radical feminists. That stuff does exist.
        It’s probably to do with negative personal experiences and also personality disorders.

  4. Because they think that they can get away with it. Like last year some time and you can look it up on YouTube, a 19 year old girl attacked a man at a college party. He hit her with a right hook and she dropped like a sack of potatoes. The result?
    Brain damage, being in and out of the hospital, lots of therapy and rehab. And the guy in question was 5’4 120 something pounds. A manlet.
    So she likely thought that he wouldn’t fight back or that she could count on backup from bystanders.I.E. she thought she could just get away with it. Turned out to be a life changing decision for her and the guy was not charged with a crime. The girls name is Emily Rand if you want to look it up.

      1. Some women are idiots. In my circle of female friends, relatives, etc. I don’t know one woman who would hit a man. That’s stupid and low class. I have had some neighbors years ago who did and they were known drug and/or alcohol abusers, who seemed to be into the drama of the fighting.

        1. Thank you, Eva. Yes, the women in my Mon’s generation had the attitude of “You never hit a man.” Part of it was because that’s not something that middle to upper class White women do. That’s something that poor, working class, non-White, or “women of the streets” do. There was also this idea that hitting a man was downright dangerous, which it is, of course.

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