Who Is This Woman, and What in God's Name Happened to Her?

And what in God’s name happened to her? How do you go from the most beautiful woman on Earth to this? She looks like she’s been carpet bombed by a B-52 called “Time” for a while now.
The thing is, no matter how beautiful or handsome you are, there will come a day when you are old and ugly, assuming you are lucky enough to make it that far in the first place.
Time heals all wounds, but it also wounds all heels, and before it kills us, first it makes us ugly as sin, just to rub it in.
Golden years my ass!

When you bet on the body, you bet on a losing horse.
– Buddhist saying.


Something terrible happened here. I don’t know what it was. I think an Ugly Bomb got dropped on her poor face!

Well, she’s 83. Who looks good at 83? On the other hand, I have an aunt who is 82 and she is actually smoking hot! And I met a woman recently at a dinner at the clubhouse in my Mom’s retirement village and she looked good! My Mom said the woman was as old as my Mom, and my Mom’s 85. Even at 83, she should look better than that. Gloria Steinem is in her 80’s, and she’s hot!

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9 thoughts on “Who Is This Woman, and What in God's Name Happened to Her?”

  1. Robert, don’t forget it’s the plastic operations that malé her a monster. Don’t play Within your body, let alone

      1. Ok, as Deni says, she apparently had no plastic surgery. Then I don’t know why she looks that bad. I know plenty of old women who look normal.

  2. No, that’s the result of not having plastic surgery, she never went that route, instead she became a complete vegan, this is what no meat and only lentils and shit does to you.
    My old mum died at 93 last year with no work done and she looked a lot better than Bardot!!

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