Race Is a Lot More Negotiable Than Gender

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Ricksantos: Why not race…?

Same thing of course, but less so. A Black man is not so much Black as he is a man. The man part of him is much less negotiable. The Black part, much more so. I know quite a few Blacks who have left the Black race for all intents and purposes and act exactly like White people. Or act even more White than most White people. Alpha and Tulio seem to act more White than I do, Hell. On what basis do I single them out as some racial alien or even other when they act more like my own kind than I do? And in that sense, yes of course race is a social construction, at least at the individual level.
It’s a lot easier for a Black person to act White than for a man to act like a woman or vice versa.

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4 thoughts on “Race Is a Lot More Negotiable Than Gender”

  1. I would have to agree here, assuming the conditions for being a man match stuff mentioned in a comment on the last blog post. However, some guys definition of “masculine” is insane and unreasonable. For instance, I don’t think shyness or body type is a sign of gayness, but guys crying, being too whiny, talking in a feminine voice, putting on makeup is.

    1. Yeah I am quite shy and have always been skinny and that doesn’t make me faggy or wimpy.
      Crying is at the very least very wimpy. Men are not supposed to complain all the time. Feminine voice is super wimpy at least and often out and out faggy. Putting on makeup is just weird. Most gay men don’t wear makeup. Guys who wear makeup are often edgy Marilyn Manson type freaks.

  2. People being so-called loyal to their own race is idiotic, especially in this multicultural nation. Sure there are black people who like country music and whites into Motown and rap. It’s no big deal!

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