Most Women Do Not Support Feminism (Only 14% of US Women Say They Are Feminists)

Sisera: A lot of women don’t identify as feminist because of the baggage it carries. They want to impress men, but actually believe feminist ideology 9 I would’ve thought you were smarter than to take what women say at face value 😉

That’s not true. Do you hang out on feminist pages at all? Well I DO. In fact, for the last few days I have been hanging out on a radfem page. I also hang out on We Shot the Mammoth (WSTM), Blue Pill, and even Jezebel.That’s not true. Do you hang out on feminist pages at all? Well I DO. In fact, for the last few days I have been hanging out on a radfem page. I also hang out on We Shot the Mammoth, Blue Pill, and even Jezebel. Trust me when I say that your average feminist on WSTM and radfems in particular does not sound ANYTHING like your average woman. Your average woman buys into about They think boys act awful, but they think it is funny. Feminists think womanizers abuse women, but most women just think they are hilarious and want to date them. Feminists think seduction is evil. Most women laugh about seduction, realize what it is all about and mostly just think it is funny. They are wise and they figure it is just a game where they have to go head to head with men. Most women don’t care that most guys just want to fuck them. When they get 40-55 in fact, they think that’s pretty awesome. I know 18 year old girls who are very happy that some boy was staring at them in a club. They thought it was “hot.” A feminist would call him a sexually harassing creep. This same girl went to a dance club and did not care that some guy put his hand on her ass. She thought it was a bit weird though. Most women just think PUA’s are funny if not hilarious. Women tell me that women need a Game for Women. They are fascinated to hear how seducers operate and female friends of seducers will often introduce these men to their girlfriends in hopes of fixing them up with the seducer. His female friends will give him all sorts of seduction tips and will even help him out on dates to try to get the woman into bed. Most women think seducers are hilarious. This includes females of all ages, even teenage girls all the way up to elderly women.  Even elderly women think seducers are hilarious. Most women know that seduction is a scam but they don’t care will just laugh their heads off if you tell them all the tricks you use on women. Most women will say men are basically just pigs who will fuck anything but that they love men for that. They generally say that men cannot be fixed and just are the way that they are and that’s that. Even women on Jezebel think that P Feminists say there are almost no good men at all – radfems are especially adamant about this, but your average woman will tell you that she has met many very good men in her life who were very good and kind to her. Most women are addicted to cock and love sex and men. A lot especially radfems have given up on men or gone over to political lesbianism. A lot of feminists openly admit to hating men and say they have a right to feel this way, I suppose because we are evil. Others like on Jezebel are very angry at us, often furious. That is the difference between feminists and non-feminist women. Most non-feminist women do not say that they hate men. They openly admit that they love men or they even take pride in loving men. They don’t man-bash and you don’t hear them going on about how bad we are. They don’t even complain about us much. You don’t hear regular woman saying, “Men are always _______!” They just don’t bitch about us much at all. They will definitely bitch about certain men, but they usually don’t generalize it out to all of us. To normal women, there are good men and bad men. In addition, most normal women do not go on and on about how oppressed they are by men or patriarchy or how victimized they are as women. They don’t think the world is out to get them as women. Many normal men place very high priority on men in their lives and in fact many revolve their whole lives around men, getting men, dating men, sex, etc. I have talked to women all over the world and it seems to be quite normal for women everywhere to revolve much of their lives around men, getting a man, keeping a man, dating men, sex with men, being in love, relationships with men, etc. It’s all just men, men, men. They may voice some frustration or even laugh at us – one woman I know laughs at us and calls us “silly men.” Another told me that most women think men are idiots. She laughed when she told me that. Most normal women think sex with men is fun and think men are good at sex. Feminists tend to think men are lousy in bed and sex with men is no fun. Feminists also often say that all of their relationships with men have been lousy. Surely this is why they went to feminism in the first place. Normal women don’t say that. They often talk dreamily over wonderful love affairs they had in the past, lovers, boyfriends and husbands of the past, sex with men they had in the past. I have had girlfriends who regaled me with wild tales of their sexual exploits, having s ex with their husband’s friends, having sex with two men at once, having sex with a woman, on and on. They smile when they talk about these sexual experiences and have fond memories of them. Feminists often think all of their sex with men has been crap and wonder why they should keep doing it anymore. There is a deep sense of grievance with feminists. Feminism is a politics of grievance, grievance and revenge. Normal women do not have a deep sense of grievance about them and they usually don’t want revenge. Normal women tend to be pretty satisfied with their lives, while feminists are often unhappy. Feminists have some crazy prescriptions for men.  Some want to reduce our population to 1 Normal women don’t want any such things. Normal women know very little about feminism. If you ask them about feminism, they act confused and shrug their shoulders. Most normal women say, correctly, that feminists are nothing but a bunch of short-haired man-hating dykes. This is largely true and it is quite unappealing to your average woman. Feminists tend to be deeply unhappy and dissatisfied people. That is why they are in feminism in the first place. Normal women often say that they are happy or fairly happy with life. Feminists want to ban porn. Normal women don’t care about porn and most even watch it sometimes. If you ask them if they like it, they usually say they do even if they do not like it much. Feminists want to get rid of prostitution and say all prostitutes are victims. Normal women don’t seem to care much about prostitutes other than that they do not want to be one. Feminists say that porn stars and prostitutes have horrible lives. Normal women will  say that many porn stars are happy and a lot of prostitutes, especially call girls, are doing what they want and making a lot of money in the process. I have had normal women who  told me they had considered being call girls. Normal women hardly ever bring up the pay gap. Feminists can’t stop talking about it. Normal women do not talk about getting more girls and women into engineering and math because they don’t care. They don’t care about Title 9 either. These things are the obsessions of feminists.

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You didn’t address my point. You are taking what they say at face value.
Straight women want dick, duh. But many don’t want men to have rights or have fewer rights.
I thought you said you were into game?

  1. I don’t know many women who want us to have no rights or fewer rights? Give me some examples of how they want to take away our rights.
    And most women I know think #metoo is either bullshit or overblown. I don’t know one woman who uses the word sexual harassment.

  • I’ve worked in Law Enforcement. I was raised in a broken home headed by a feminist.
    I can tell you that when a man can be falsely accused to the woman’s benefit, most (95%) will not hesitate to make a false allegation for their own benefit.

    1. I don’t know one woman who has ever filed a rape charge against any man, and I know some women who got raped, one very badly. They just never filed. One woman I know wanted to file, but I talked her out of it. And I certainly don’t know of any woman who filed a fake rape charge against a man.
      It was a grey rape “no consent” bullshit thing. That said, that guy was guilty of being a serious asshole and he probably needed a punch in the face. Previously, she had passed out on a date with a man and woke up to find him on top of her. Another friend of mine reported that a young woman he knew passed out and woke to find she has been raped while passed out.
      One woman I know was kidnapped, tortured, and raped for eight hours by a man. Another time, she was knocked unconscious and raped and her room was in a shambles. She was beaten over the head so badly, she suffered some temporary neurological damage. He almost killed her.
      A 14 year old girl once falsely accused me of rape, but she never filed on me. The sex was completely consensual.

    2. Dude. I have fucked more females that most men will in 20 lifetimes. No one has filed a fake rape charge against me yet. Then again, I am Chad, so maybe they are somewhat immune from this stuff.

  • Fine, Bob. You win.
    -Most women in America have been raped or murdered.
    -Men are privileged in society.
    -Women love men and addressing open hatred of men in any way is a ‘Nazi conspiracy theory’
    -False rape allegations don’t exist and/or Alpha males are immune to this.
    It’s great that you believe this.
    Just don’t pretend to be a redpill or anti-SJW.

  • I think a lot of women target guys they don’t like for whatever reason – and do lie out of meanness. For instance, I was accused of stalking at this store and some women told security I was asking girls for dates – which was a total 100 percent lie.
    Anyhow, not sure what percentage of women would do this childish thing, but I think it’s a lot – and especially, girls and teens would do this.

  • As of now, especially after being chewed out by some dickhead mall cop, supposedly who had military service, i am literally fearful to go to any department store.
    I remember the night so vividly. I went to this new gym I liked, but it was around midnight – but it was a 24 hour one. Then out of nowhere, I think I’, being robbed by some idiot – who happens to be security, we get into a scuffle, I tell him he’s a piece of shit hick and that town and area is shit – out of anger.
    But anyway, in my own family, my own brothers are no different than that guy. A whole patch of wannabe cops everywhere here – arrogant people accusing people of being thieves, pervs, parasites etc..

    1. The machismo bullshit of some males around here – particularly the “cop” mama’s boy types is astounding. So I say I would beat him up (the mall cop), and I certainly would have tried and then he gives me this story about his previous time in later he rubs it in as I leave the scene after speaking with cops – saying with such hillbilly enthusiasm “Your not coming to this department store again”.
      So why I cannot respect authority? Because of the condescending, arrogant, preachy bullshit – done by people with no authority of cops.

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