I Am Not an MRA or an SJW

Sisera: Most women in America have been raped or murdered.

By age 50, quite a few women have had a man try to kill them. These attempts took a lot of different forms, including some you might not accept as attempted homicides. I’ve never known any woman who was killed by a man though. By age 50, a lot of women have been raped. If you include date rape stuff like sex with a  passed out woman, that goes higher and you get more young women.

Sisera: Men are privileged in society.

We probably are privileged to some extent, but I don’t talk about that privilege crap because I don’t feel privileged myself.

Sisera: Women love men and addressing open hatred of men in any way is a ‘Nazi conspiracy theory.

There are definitely a lot of man-haters out there. Radfems are nearly psychotic, I mean  literally mentally ill, in their man-hatred. A lot of other feminists are hostile to or angry at men to one degree or another. But ordinary, non-feminist women? I mean, I talk to women all the time. I date a lot. I meet a lot of women on the Web and other places all the time. I get full nude, tit, and even pussy shots from women all the way down to age 20 on a fairly regular basis. I almost never hear man-hating stuff or even much unjustified anger at men. Most women are cock addicts, which translates into men addicts. They are literally addicted to cock and men.

Sisera: False rape allegations don’t exist and/or Alpha males are immune to this.

They do exist. I just never hear about them and I never meet men who are falsely accused. But I know it happens. Thing is that stuff often doesn’t even lead to an arrest, much less a charge and a trial.

Sisera: Just don’t pretend to be a redpill or anti-SJW.

I am probably more purple pill than anything else. I do hate SJW’s! They are my enemies! It’s just that some of the stuff that SJW’s like radfems say is actually true. And it is true that I am a feminist. It is just that I hate most open, vocal feminists and I think most feminist strains are awful because they are so fanatical and angry. I have now met a few women who called themselves feminists who I agreed with in toto or nearly so. I thought, “If she’s a feminist, then so am I.” The feminist strains I identify with would be described more as equity feminism, liberal feminism, sex-positive feminism, and even 3rd wave feminism. I like a 3rd wave feminist mag called Babe a lot. The real enemies are the 2nd wavers, not the 3rd wavers. I have been a feminist forever now, almost since before I was an adult. I got my feminism from the greatest woman on Earth, my Mom. But even my Mom is a pretty low key 2nd waver. She likes to call herself a feminist, but she sounds nothing like any open 2nd wave feminist I know of. The feminists who are out and about yelling and writing and waving their hands in the air are often a lot crazier than the quiet feminists who stay home and don’t get active. For instance my Mom says she is a Second Waver and in some ways she is but a lot of Second Wavers adopt extreme feminist theory that she does not subscribe to. I try to tell her what loons most active feminists are and she acts like she doesn’t believe me. And my mother’s feminism and that of other members of my family is definitely driven by paybacks. I can see their faces get hard, cold, determined and  mean when they start talking about feminism. In the case of my Mom, etc., it’s all about paybacks.  They literally want revenge.

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5 thoughts on “I Am Not an MRA or an SJW”

  1. Well, the whole SJW stuff had to arise from somewhere and it’s mainly because past US society discriminated against misfits – so much, that they couldn’t get decent jobs and just ended up charity cases for churches or had to float off into ghettos.
    For instance, I remember this Little House on the Prarie episode where the patrons of a bank wouldn’t go there – because a midget worked there. Now this seems absurd to modern society but I’ve seen this snobby attitude among Northeast Asians.

    1. Obviously, women needed their rights, and perhaps they still do. The movement for Women’s Liberation was one of the great Liberation movements of the 1960’s. Nevertheless, active feminists have been insane from Day One.
      One of the first feminist demonstrations in the US was a bunch of women wearing shirts that said, “Starve a Rat.” They were promoting this idea that wives should stop cooking for husbands. Then the husband would starve to death. Now most women were for women’s rights, but no doubt they were appalled at these active feminist psychocunts.

      1. It depends on what kind of man. I mean, I can see some spaghetti throwing Italian-American wife beater, but not average men.

        1. A LOT of men hit their wives and gf’s. I chat up women all the time and some of them I end up dating.
          Verbal of psychological abuse is very common in the background of so many women’s marriages and LTR’s. It’s almost normal. Most men don’t hit their wives and SO’s though. But I do hear about women getting beaten pretty regularly. A lot of these are nice, regular, middle class women with at least some college.
          Some have universities and high paying jobs. Husbands and bf’s definitely assault their wives and gf’s. I don’t think a majority do, but it’s quite a few, that’s for sure. And from what little I know about Hispanic, Amerindian, and Black culture, I would say the rates are quite a bit higher for those women.

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