Radfems and MRA's: Two Peas in a Pod

Noting that radfems reject the strong science proving the reality of biological gender, the fact is that radfems anti-science. So like the reactionaries in that way…must be horseshoe theory again. Radfems are some of the most extreme ideologues out there. I see absolutely zero difference between radfems and the MRA’s, PUA’s, incels, and MGTOW’s. Radfems the other side of the mirror, that’s all. Radfems hate men like MRA’s hate women. Both screech that they are constantly under attack by the other gender. They both claim that their gender suffers from horrific oppression. They both propose extreme solutions to deal with the enemy, which happens to be the other gender. Both deny that there are any good people of the other gender. And it appears that they both hate science when it gets in the way of their precious ideology. They’re both frighteningly angry all the time, but MRA’s anger is more dangerous because male anger is more physical. They both center your entire existence and the entire universe around the notion of gender. They both claim their own gender is an oppressed class. They both refuse to make allies with the other gender. They both claim that the other gender does not suffer or that their suffering merits no importance. Both claim the other side has it easy and is not oppressed. Many of both seek to live lives as separately from the other gender as possible. They are both wildly ideological, with lists of 100’s of positions that every one in the movement must check one, and if even one checkmark is missed, that person is declared on the side of the enemy and is thrown out of movement. Ideological diversity is nonexistent in either movement. Neither group believes in the existence of nuance. Both groups are examples of extreme solipsism – the whole universe is about them – their own bodies, that is, their gender. Both claim to be engaged in informed searches for the truth, but they are too weighted down with dogma to do that. Both lionize some of the worst haters around. Schopenhauer is Mary Daly. Nietzsche is Julie Bindel. Elliot Rodgers is Valerie Solanis. Misandrists and misogynists are the same thing. Both groups are forms of Identity Politics. Radfem is female IP and MRA is male IP. They hate each other, but they are both just different forms of IP and they are much more alike than different. Most sane people reject both of movements and think they’re both insane, just at different ends of the crazy spectrum. No one likes MRA’s for good reason, and radfems are not popular either. Even normal feminism is not popular. Only 1

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16 thoughts on “Radfems and MRA's: Two Peas in a Pod”

  1. Honestly regarding both sides, I think society has told them they were ugly. They were rejected – and this whole mess is a way of getting even, Am I off the mark here?
    Note: I said “society says”. Not being cruel here. In fact, I’ve seen some hot lesbians, who probably think they’re ugly.

    1. Good analysis once again. All this IP bullshit is what I call The Politics of Grievance. They all feel that they have been wronged, that it was not their fault, and now they want their revenge to get back at their enemies and get their just due.
      ALL IP is based on this. ALL of it.
      And that seems to be what you are saying above.

      1. I agree with this.
        I was just quite taken aback on the last article when you said “men treat women like shit”.
        That’s a radfem fantasy, and I had no idea why you were peddling that.
        If we lived in a true patriarchy, rape wouldn’t be a concept. But for most civilizations most of the time, it was a grave concept.

        1. We have been keeping women down for a long time, forever. We are finally starting to lift those restrictions and quit keeping them down.
          I don’t buy into the radfem bullshit about the horrible oppressive patriarchy that oppresses all women all the time everywhere. Most women don’t even believe in it. They think it’s bullshit.
          I still don’t think we treat women real well. I can’t believe how much violence, rape and molestation we inflict on women. I doubt if we are singling them out. Men are probably just violent to everyone, men, women, kids of both sexes, even animals. Almost every woman I know has been raped, and I mean real rape, not date rape bullshit.
          Most women I know have had a man try to murder them. If you are a woman in the US, by age 50, odds are that you have been raped at least once and have had a man try to kill you. In addition, you have had men threaten to kill you and pull weapons on you, sometimes multiple times. Considering all the rape, molestation and violence we inflict on them, I’m surprised they even still like us at all.

        2. ‘If you are a woman in the US, by age 50, odds are that you have been raped at least once and have had a man try to kill you.”
          What the fuck, man?
          Using the most generous interpretation (each of these cases is done to a different woman) over an 80 year life that would mean 7.7 million women would be raped. There are 150 million women in the U.S..
          That’s 5%.

        3. That’s assuming none are false accusations.
          Now there’s the theory that rape isn’t reported, but even if half aren’t reported, that’s 10%.

  2. “Men’s Liberation” is the best version of Men’s Advocacy.
    ‘Men live shittier lives than women on average (fact), but men choose or agree to do so‘.

    1. There is an actual Men’s Liberation Movement. It was one of the original Liberation movements that came out of the 1960’s. Actually it started a bit later in the 1970’s. They were a bit nuts but they were right about many things. Men’s Lib is still around and of all the MRA’s, they are by far the sanest. They criticize male behavior but they have not gone over to the other side to be traitors. They are still men who are for the men, as they should be.

  3. A lot of women don’t identify as feminist because of the baggage it carries.
    They want to impress men, but actually believe feminist ideology 90%+.
    I would’ve thought you were smarter than to take what women say at face value 😉

  4. I don’t think all IP is bad. I mean, there is this group that thinks conditional not eternal hell exists – and probably, like radical atheists, they’re probably obsessed cause of some chip on the shoulder, Nonetheless, they have good evidence.
    OK, also IP for the disabled would carry more sympathy from me considering I don’t think many would be kind to them without politics forcing them to be.

  5. This sentiment arouses viscous hate from 4-channers, Nazis, Young Republicans and the like – but if oppressed groups weren’t angry and aggressive, I’d think people would keep shitting on them, right?
    I mean, look at South Korea!

    1. Well fighting for your rights is one thing, but you don’t have to be a lunatic about it. Most Blacks are for the Blacks, but they are not part of Black IP, which is like BLM or Al Sharpton or Nation of Islam.

      1. Yeah it’s mostly about big mouths claiming to speak for the group. Does David Duke represent whites? Does Al Sharpton represent blacks? Do psychos on Asia Finest forum represent Northeast Asians?

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