Gender Is Biological and Given, Not Social and Constructed

The view of radical feminism and in fact all of feminism is that gender is socially constructed. From a radical feminist or radfem website:

There is no such thing as biological gender! Seriously dude, do you even know what radfem is? From your comments here you seem to think we are a bunch of sexless, genderless, manhating, violent women. Sex is biological. We are born either male or female (with a small percentage intersex). Gender is a social construct with attributable stereotypical traits, behaviours and presentation. Please educate yourself on the basics.

All you have to do is wander around the planet a bit for while with your ears and eyes open to realize that that’s not true. Recent advances in neurology indicate that there are vast differences in male and female brains in terms of the number of structures effected, which typically differ in size, shape, etc. Look also at the experiences of transwomen,  men who became women. On female hormones, their behavior and  thinking changed radically and even their entire view of the world became radically  different. Some transwoman’s on those hormones have reported changes in emotionality and even entire worldview. I realize radfems reject biological gender, but these reports are very interesting. One transwoman was a very masculine, almost stoical, hard-type man. On the hormones, he reported that he was wildly emotional, all over the place all the time, and frequently out of sorts via being confused by all this mercurial emotionality. And this guy was John Wayne before. I figure the pills caused the changes. And one more thing, radfems will hate this too – he said he started giggling. A lot. Not sure if I have ever seen a man giggle. Another transwoman was on the Reddit Redpill MRA group (I know you hate them but I read everywhere). He reported that on the hormones, the world felt very frightening and confusing and he has a strong sense of weakness and wanting to be protected, specifically by a strong, powerful figure. He also become quite emotional, often for little reason. He noticed that his “cis” boyfriend pretty much ignored the emotionality and this transwoman felt that men often ignored a lot of women’s emotionality because a lot of it was not based on much and its too tiring to respond to weathervanes all day. I know feminists don’t believe any of this stuff, but those pills are very powerful and surely hormones can have some psychological effects? Isn’t this obvious evidence that gender is biological? Give a men female hormones and his behaviors, emotions, thinking and even epistemology change dramatically in ways that remarkably resemble stereotypical female behavior. How can feminists explain this away? .

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7 thoughts on “Gender Is Biological and Given, Not Social and Constructed”

  1. Yeah, this stuff regarding gender (not race, though) has gotten way out of hand. I mean, I don’t think kids should be taught being gay is right and I think transsexualism is a mental disorder – even while also saying the alt-right is a mental disorder.

  2. But then again, like I said in another thread, if all the so-called “misfits” aren’t angry – you can see from the past, and even present cultures like South Korea, what they get !!!
    They get crapped all over!

    1. Fine, go try to talk to IP loons. Go their crazy websites. Read all the crazy shit they write. Try to comment on their websites. I bet they ban you. They ban everyone who’s not one of them. You won’t be extreme enough.

      1. Extreme is no good, but I can see how it evolved to becoming extreme. I think the best call of action is to avoid extremists. I mean, if someone wants to live a life of strip clubs and Hooters, then they can normally avoid feminists, BLM or whoever out there.
        The keyword is IGNORE, but I guess in some places you’re trapped.

  3. Very interesting, but these observations are the beginning of inquiry, not the end. Behavior and cognitive processes change when transwomen are on hormones. Okay, is it the hormones? Possibly, maybe even probably. But could it be a placebo effect? Could it be that they feel more free to exhibit stereotypical feminine behaviors that they suppressed before? Would their friends, relatives, or acquaintances back up this self reported phenomena?
    Also, this is one of those areas where popular science journalism gets misleading and confusing. For every article that comes out claiming that the male/female brain difference has been discovered, there is another one claiming that it has been debunked.

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