The White Whale of Affirmative Action

Zamfir: To say that AA no longer exists is legalistic at best. Almost all universities are still very strongly committed to ‘diversity,’ which in practice just can’t be achieved except by discriminating against whites (and Northeast Asians).

What happened was that the relatively clear and straightforward objective measures they had years ago got struck down, so they were replaced by vague ‘holistic’ measures that no one outside the admissions committee or the administration can ever understand.

It’s not exactly the same thing. There’s so much less anti-White discrimination than their used to be. Studies have shown that since getting rid of AA in California, admissions for Blacks and Hispanics to the tougher schools have dropped by a lot, in some cases by 75%. For instance at Berkeley Law School, rates of Black admissions went from 11% – 2%. That’s a huge drop.
And at the state universities, there are no restrictions. Really anyone with good enough grades can go to California state universities if your cash is green. Your grades don’t even have to be that good, as you can go in via a remedial program. State universities have open admissions and no one is turned down due to AA.

Zamfir: And there’s no other way to explain the results. If you look at any objective measures that would correlate with academic achievement, either IQ scores or LSAT’s or GPA’s or whatever, these all predict massive ‘under-representation’ of certain groups in the universities, but that isn’t what you find.

I do not know who you are talking about as in California, state universities have open enrollment and just want your cash. I went to USC, a private university also, and they want is to make sure your cash is green too.
You can always go to a lower tier law school if your money is green. Hardly anyone drops or flunks out of medical school. The admissions program is too rigorous. There’s no AA in med school. You don’t have to go to an elite New York city school. Any old NYC school should be just fine.

And then there’s hiring within the universities. I know of way too many absurd cases to believe that AA doesn’t exist. I’ve seen non-Whites and women with essentially no relevant experience or achievements (PhD incomplete) get hired into high-level tenure stream jobs over White men with 10 fancy publications and years of experience. It’s real.
And wouldn’t it just be crazy to think that the academic community, who are the most fanatical about feminism and anti-Whiteness, the most extreme supporters of AA, would not find someway to implement their values in their own institutions?

I don’t know what to say about university hiring in which there does appear to be a lot of what looks like AA going on. What does Zamfir propose to do about it. AA is already illegal at all universities. So they are getting around the law. What are we supposed to do now?

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7 thoughts on “The White Whale of Affirmative Action”

  1. In the humanities and in law schools there is still major over representation of some groups relative to objective measures like IQ or GPA.
    It’s true someone who gets denied at a top school because of these practices can go somewhere else. But that’s still a major setback (and injustice) that’s bad for the individual and society. The problem is serious and not a white whale…
    What to do? I don’t know. Maybe there’s nothing we can do. We live under elited with an anti-white-man agenda. Maybe we are just stuck with this until we change our elites somehow.

    1. The lazy and dumb simply cannot pass humanities either – even if those fields are culturally sensitive ones.

  2. It all boils down to grades, but in stuff like math and physics, at least, there no papers, so no subjective grading. You either know or it or don’t. In that case, how can some NAM weasel his/her way into an undeserved degree?
    Oh, there were lots of math grad students from Africa at my Tennessee University.

    1. Yeah it’s harder to fudge in math but it does happen there too. Where I am schools get money to enroll more women in engineering, grades be damned.
      But anyway there are millions of people in humanities where all kinds of fudging can be done pretty easily.
      Math grad students from Africa. Sure. But look at grades and IQ for Africans versus the rest of the world or Americans. If there really were lots I would be suspicious. There is a big IQ/grade/achievement gap there. Maybe they skimmed off the top of thr African population. But why? There are going to be lots of better qualified white or asian applicants out there… Suggests some kind of bias.

    2. It doesn’t happen in math. How in the hell can people pass math exams if they don’t know it?

      Maybe they skimmed off the top of thr African population. But why? There are going to be lots of better qualified white or asian applicants out there… Suggests some kind of bias.

      State universities and the like have open admission.

  3. What is so sad is that these non-whites are really smart and have worked their asses off to to where they are – yet are accused by alt-right of being charity cases. What an insult!

    1. Who is really dumb and lazy are these punks in their mom’s basement into alt-right politics. They’re possibly jealous cause they, themselves, are exactly as I’ve described them!

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