How Trump Stole the 2016 Elections: The Blatant Evidence

Zamfir: You say Trump “stole the election with computers”. Really? What are you talking about here? I’ve looked into these bizarre claims and never found any proper evidence of anything.

They’re not bizarre. Republicans been doing it since 2000 because the public doesn’t really support them anymore, so like all capitalist, ruling class, and oligarchic political parties, they have to lie, cheat, and steal to stay in power. See the Latin American Right for example. The Republicans been stealing them with computers, especially since 2004. Bush out and out stole the 2004 election.
We can tell they were stolen by how the exit polls went radically off compared to the actual vote. Exit polls are the gold standard of politics for over 50 years now. They always reliably track with results. Out of 50 states, polls will be off in maybe two states, no more. They’ve been going off, often by a lot and almost always in a Republican direction, since 2000. This is when the Republicans started stealing them with the computers. That’s why the Republicans put the computers in in the first place – to steal elections.
In Michigan, all polls for weeks before the election – hundreds of them – were all off, including the exit polls. That can’t possibly happen. So Michigan was stolen. They refused to count 70,000 votes in Detroit for no reason except that they are nigger votes I guess. And many fraudulent votes for Republicans were found even before the recount. A recount was never done because all Michigan politicians opposed it. Why did they oppose a recount?
Wisconsin was also stolen. Exit polls were off but always in Republican districts. There was no real recount in Wisconsin. There was only a fake recount, and some precincts were incredibly shady to where it appeared to witnesses that they were seeing actual fraud taking place.
Also 30,000 fraudulent votes for Republicans were found before the recount even started. The vote in Milwaukee was not possible, and I think they never even recounted it. Write-in’s supported Clinton and those lean rightwing. All exit polls showed Clinton winning. Exit polls were perfect in all precincts that had hand counted ballots but went off in all precincts that had computer counted ballots.
50,000 fraudulent votes were found in Pennsylvania before the recount even started. Write in votes supported Clinton and those tend to lean conservative. There was no recount in Pennsylvania because the DNC governor fought it in court! All exit polls showed Clinton winning.
The vote in Florida was not possible. 70% of votes were write-in’s and they supported Clinton by a decent margin. For Trump to win, a huge number of voters on election day would have had to support Trump. That number was so large as to be statistically impossible. Republican turnout was not elevated on election day anyway. As many Democrats came out as Republicans.
Trump started saying the election was going to be stolen because he was going to steal it himself. He always accuses his opponents of doing what he does or is going to do. This is called projection but it is particularly prominent in this man. It is considered to be a primitive and immature defense that kids use a lot. Yes, adults use it a lot, but people who project all the time are notably unhealthy. It is particularly prominent in personality disorders.
Also Trump, Conaway, and Guiliani became unusually calm about Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania a few days before the election. All polls were pro-Clinton. Manafort said he had just talked to the Russians, and they said not to worry about Michigan. I assume the Russians may have been in on the vote-hacking. Vote-hacking in this last election was never investigated by the FBI or by anyone.
I will add that sleazy Democrats do this too. Hillary had to have stolen a number of primaries. There is no way for the exit polls to go off like that, and the DNC laid down the law that Sanders could not win. Democrats don’t seem to want to fix these machines either I guess because they use them to steal elections themselves.
Republicans are fanatically opposed to all recounts of elections and to fixing the damned voting machines. They must know that the way they are set up now, they are hackable.
Really we need to get rid of them altogether and go back to hand counted ballots. States that hand count ballots never see their exit polls go off.

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33 thoughts on “How Trump Stole the 2016 Elections: The Blatant Evidence”

  1. Another problem is felons. NAMS are mostly democratic so they vote democrat but many of their numbers, especially blacks, are behind bars. So if the Republicans keep up the drug war – it keeps up the Republican votes.

    1. I should have made extensive notes at the time. Some Jewish guy named ____ Simon has written a book about how this happened backing up his case. He is a statistician. Can’t remember his name right off. I had an interview with him but I screwed up bad by forgetting about it.
      The links are out there – I just have to go dig them up.

    1. No, Sam. You have some responsibility here too.
      You assured us that Trump would end Neoconservatism and be at minimum a civic nationalist.
      Even now as he openly behaves as an agent of the Likud party and their backers, you do mental gymnastics to alleviate this.
      When does the line get drawn? Your buddies get executed for violating BDS laws? Your info is sold to Israeli tech firms? Iran is carpet bombed?
      Or is it all 4D chess? Sacrificing the queen for a pawn is a sh*t version of 4D chess.

      1. Jews and, worse, Israelis, own a lot of shit, but thank God we did not let them buy up those voting machine companies. You can imagine what they would have done with them. I mean Jewish folks are not known for their honesty.
        Sam, the machines are owned by radical, extreme rightwing ideological corporate Republicans with an agenda. Gee, I wonder why a bunch of ideological Republicans took over the voting machine business. Hmmmmm.
        You know how the Jews, I mean Israelis, mess with our elections? They own politicians. Mossad has dirt on everybody. They supposedly had footage of Bill Clinton fucking a 13 year old girl. Gosh I wonder why Bill was so pro-Israel. We need to consider that Israel might be blackmailing a lot of our politicians. I mean it’s not below them or anything.

    2. Trump’s the most Jewish – and more importantly, JEWY, President we have ever had, Sam. The guy is 500 years kosher. Why doesn’t he just convert already.
      If you love Trump, you love Jews. I never knew you loved Jews so much, Sam. Maybe you should move to Tel Aviv or something.

    1. They must’ve looked at populations and extrapolated by states- otherwise it wouldn’t have been as accurate as it has historically been.

      1. Exit polls have never been off since they were perfected around 1945. All of a sudden, in 2000, they started going off. The odds of them going off like they are is like 70 million to 1. What happened? Why did polls suddenly start going off.
        2000 is when they put those damned machines in. Republicans have been using those machines to steal elections ever since.

        1. Yeah, it’s certainly possible. All neutral investigations have said return to paper ballots.
          But as to motive, the only wing of the ‘establishment’ that consistently backed Trump are the far-right Zionist types.
          The ‘deep state’ is divided over Trump. Some love him, but others think he is too erratic. I’m not sure they really would’ve had a preference in this election, but there certainly appears to be more evidence they were shilling for Hillary, at least right now.

    2. That’s not true. Out of 50 states, only 2-3 states would be off by more than the margin of error, 2.5%. The polling companies have been horrific because their polls keep screwing up because the Republicans keep engaging in election fraud by stealing votes. Polls can’t account for election fraud obviously. The polling groups refuse to believe that the elections are being stolen, so they are saying a lot of bullshit to protect their asses.

      1. Florida was the only one that made me suspicious. When the Clintons registered a gorillan Hispanics in the month before and somehow it still went to Trump.

        1. Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania all made no sense either. Clinton was ahead comfortably in all three, and then Trump won by ~1% in every state. It’s like they just pushed the total to barely over the edge to not arouse much suspicion.
          75% of Floridians voted early and Clinton had a good lead. All of a sudden she lost that lead with election turnout. But election turnout would have had to have been so pro-Trump that the likelihood of that happening is like zero. We can prove that one statistically. Anyway the election turnout was not heavily Trump. It was the same as the early voting.

  2. “All exit polls showed Clinton winning. Exit polls were perfect in all precincts that had hand counted ballots but went off in all precincts that had computer counted ballots.”
    I’m going to need to see sources for this stuff. I’d be happy to start sharing this info around, but not until I can see where it came from.

    1. I seriously didn’t think Trump had a chance. There seemed to be too many non-whites for such a candidate to rise above the tide.

      1. He DIDN’T have a chance. He actually lost the election both vote wise and electorally. He only due to election fraud. So your instincts were correct.
        It was very strange. Three days before the election, people were saying Trump was behind in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania so how can he win? Trump, Giuliani and Conaway suddenly started acting very calm and starting saying they were confident that Trump would win. Manafort came back from Russia and said he just talked to the Russians and they said don’t worry about Michigan.
        Why were they so calm? They must have heard it was in the bag for Trump and were confident that they could pull it off.
        Why did Trump suddenly start insisting that Clinton was going to steal the election by fraud 6 weeks before the election? If you watch Trump, he often accuses other people of doing what he does or is going to do. It’s a primitive response called projection. Trump must have heard about the plans to steal the election.

      1. Please do. Because if there is rock solid evidence I’d be happy to share these on progressive forums.

  3. If Trump stole the election,then he’s technically not our leader, worthy of respect. In fact, we are occupied as much as if China was parading down our streets.

    1. This is to be expected as the US become less white – so conservatives will try to create some South Africa Apartheid state – by force!

    2. The alt-right of course wants non-whites to leave or have no voting rights, cause they think real democracy would in essence make the non-whites the rulers – which they believe would be the fall of civilization.

  4. Absolutely. This is immaculate analysis once again. Or just keep them from voting as they are doing now or just gerrymander everything so that non-White and Democratic votes don’t count and there is no way to get rid of Republicans once they get in. And the Supreme Court is pretty much legalizing the worst partisan and racial gerrymandering imaginable. It’s insane. It really is a Republican dictatorship.
    But Jason, if you study the Right, this is how the Right is EVERYWHERE ON EARTH. They are always exactly like this. They always move further and further right until they get as far right as they can go, but really they are never farther enough Right so they just keep moving further Right. This is the Latin American, Filipino and Indonesian Right. And they ALWAYS put in a dictatorship, especially if there is any threat at all from the Left. The end goal of all Latin American Rightists is a dictatorship. They all hate democracy.
    The Right everywhere on Earth hates democracy because the Right is a minority view. The Right believes in oligarchies, the rule of the rich, the elites and the aristocrats. They don’t believe in the rule of the people, which is democracy.
    The only way you can keep minority rule in is to brainwash the people into voting against their interests – this is what they do here, in Canada and in the UK. In Latin America, people are much smarter and generally refuse to vote against their interests so it is necessary to put in rightwing dictatorships to keep the Right in power because the majority does not want them there.
    This is EXACTLY the project of the US Republican Party.

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