Why Trump Is a Disaster: (((Middle Eastern Foreign Policy)))

Zamfir: I’m surprised you have a strong preference for Democrats over Republicans. To me it seems like a hopeless choice. If you vote Republican you’re voting for one set of evil elite interests, but not explicitly against your biology and cultural heritage; if you vote Republican you’re voting for another set of evil elite interests, and explicitly against your biology and cultural heritage.

Hard to pick between those two! What is the real advantage in voting Democrat in your opinion? (I guess I’d vote for Bernie, but then again I’d vote for Trump for similar reasons… Not that I expect either one would ever do much on anything I care about.)

His foreign policy is literally insane. He’s an ultra-rightwinger. Venezuela. Syria. Iraq. Nicaragua. Trump resigned from the UN Human Rights Committee. Trump jacked up the military budget to the extreme.

((Trump))) hates all the enemies of Israel. (((Trump))) ought to just move to Tel Aviv already. (((Trump)))’s the most pro-Jewish and pro-Israel President we ever had. (((Trump))) has caused serious harm to the Palestinians, and he has uprooted decades of somewhat sane policies in the Holy Land in order to back Israel to the hilt.

The reason Israel has been acting so bad lately, cracking down on domestic dissidents, and massacring Palestinians demonstrating at the border, is because Trump gave them the green light to do so.

Trump loosened the the ROE (Rules of Engagement) in Syria and Iraq, and civilian casualties increased by 10 times. Trump’s deliberately murdering civilians by the tens of thousands. Just the other day, Trump bombed Iraqi forces on the border of Syria, killing 30 of them. Trump loosened the ROE in Mosul, and we and the Iraqis killed 40,000 civilians as a result.

Trump openly states that he wants to steal other countries’ oil.

Trump supports ISIS. The Pentagon is protecting ISIS right now. We train ISIS fighters at a base in Abu Kamal. Every time Syrian troops try to attack ISIS, we bomb them! Trump claims he’s fighting ISIS? Trump is supporting ISIS. We are allowing ISIS to have a large swath of territory in Syria that covers some oil fields. We have bases over there and we refuse to attack ISIS. Sometimes ISIS patrols even drive right by our forces.

Obviously US forces have been embedded with these groups, including ISIS, for some time now. We coordinate attacks against the Syrian military with ISIS. When Syria attacks ISIS, Trump’s military (the air force of ISIS) rushes in and bombs the Syrian army in support of ISIS!

Trump tricked a group of Russian, tribal and Christian militias into thinking an oil field was going to be handed over to them. When these forces went to occupy the oil field, Trump lied and said they were attacking our allies.

Our allies, the SDF, were nowhere in sight. We had told them to leave the oil field. As soon as this group reached the oil field, we started bombing them. At the same time and apparently coordinated, ISIS attacked these forces.

This is where this madman Pompeo chortles about killing hundreds of Russians. Yeah. They murdered those Russians in cold blood along with a lot of anti-ISIS militiamen, including many Christians.

At other times in this war, ISIS killed a few Russian officers, including generals, with very precise targeting. They also targeted the Russian embassy with very precisely. They could not have done these things on their own. The only reason they were able to kill those Russian officers and attack the embassy is because we must have had Special Forces helping ISIS carry out those attacks.

We are using the Kurdish YPG and SDF to occupy a large portion of Syria, including most of its oil. So we are helping the Kurds steal Syria’s oil. We are trying to ruin the Syrian economy by starving it of oil funds.

But when the Turkish military attacked Afrin as part of an invasion of Syria to conquer Syrian land and annex it to Turkey, the US supported them to the hilt. Many brave Kurdish fighters were killed by these invaders.

The Turkish military was accompanied by militias they called the Free Syrian Army, but all they were were radical Islamists. Many were ISIS and Al Qaeda who just changed their uniforms to fight alongside the Turks.

The Turks have been supporting ISIS to the hilt for a long time now, and we have not lifted one finger to stop them. At the same time we are helping Kurds steal Syrian land, we are helping Turkey slaughter Kurds in Afrin in Syria and supporting their genocidal war against the Kurdish people in Turkey.

Most of the funding for ISIS and Al Qaeda comes from Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Qatar quite openly supports Al Qaeda. ISIS was a project of Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia from Day One.

When the Saudis and UAE invaded Yemen, they airlifted thousands of ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters from Syria to go fight alongside the Gulf invaders.
The Houthis fired a missile at a ship full of ISIS and Al Qaeda militiamen and blew up the ship. Trump lied and said it was a civilian ship and accused the Houthis of endangering shipping in the area. Our ships then fired on the Houthi area that shot at the ship.

When Trump attacked Al Qaeda in a botched mission in Yemen, our military came under very heavy fire. Trump responded by leveling the small village we were attacking and killing almost everyone in it, including women and children. Our forces also deliberately blew up houses that had nothing but women and kids in them. But America was freaking out about one dead Special Forces fighter, who probably deserved it if you ask me.

We are occupying land in Syria which we stole and will never leave. We support Turkey conquering part of Syria and annexing it!

Trump has been involved in one fake false flag after another in Syria. Trump has been told that these are false flags, and he bombs Syria anyway. His administration is directly involved in the planning and carrying out of these false flags with the British and the French.

Trump has an alliance with the Saudis, which has resulted in supporting their awful invasion of Yemen. Trump’s also been assisting the Saudis in funneling guns and weapons to the Al Qaeda-type Islamists in Syria as part of an alliance with Saudi Arabia.

Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Turkey, the US, Israel, the UK, and France have all been supporting the radical Islamists in Syria, including Al Qaeda and even ISIS. All of those countries had intelligence and military advisors directly embedded in those groups, in particular in Al Qaeda. An Al Qaeda commander told us this in an interview with a German journalist.

Trump has helped the Saudis and UAE literally invade Yemen, where they have been conducting a genocidal campaign against the Yemeni people. Trump sold a huge amount of weapons to the Saudis.

Trump verbally attacked Qatar and helped the Saudis to isolate them. Trump accused Qatar of supporting terrorism, which is true, but so are our allies Saudi Arabia, UAE, and more broadly Jordan, Turkey, France, the UK and even our own government.

Trump did this because Qatar had opened up friendly relations with Iran, which caused Saudi Arabia to almost declare war on Qatar. We verbally attacked Qatar because Trump hates Iran. All of this is to screw Iran. He dismantled the Iran deal and put sanctions back on Iran.

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2 thoughts on “Why Trump Is a Disaster: (((Middle Eastern Foreign Policy)))”

  1. I can’t believe it. The mighty ol’ USA has abandoned their Kurdish allies in Syria. The withdrawal of US armed forces from the hostile region has come at a very wrong time. It can lead to a resurrection of ISIS and the independent Kurds are being killed like a swarm of flies by the invading Turkish armed forces.


    The Kurds follow Islam but are one of the most tolerant, secular, brave and independent group of people. Trump doesn’t care about them of course. He decides to withdraw the oxygen supply that kept these people alive. Now, ISIS will be back in full action. Be ready to enjoy more beheading videos!

    I don’t understand US foreign policy, nothing of it makes sense. More so under this clownface Trump.

    With the aid of U.S. airstrikes, Kurdish fighters would eventually take back the city in January 2015, and a steadfast partnership was born between the U.S. military and the Kurdish-led forces who ultimately re-branded themselves as the Syrian Democratic Forces.

    Why abandon your favorite allies so quickly?

    The Kurds are now like in a position similar to Isaiah 53:7
    He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.

    Nearly five years later, and 11,000 SDF killed liberating northeast Syria from ISIS’ hellish rule, the nearly 60,000 U.S.-trained force has been abandoned by its American partners and is under sustained assault by Turkish forces and their ragtag crew of proxy fighters — some who have reportedly fought under ISIS and al-Qaida banners.

    Clearly, the US foreign policy is no longer about justice and fairness. They expect an already impoverished people to sacrifice 11,000 of their soldiers for your military goof-ups. And one fine day, the Americans are like “Oh, fuck it. The adventure is over. Let’s head home now.” And, they decide to abandon ship (or the desert in this case).

    The SDF’s demise threatens to erase gains over the last five years that have forced ISIS militants into hiding in remote pockets in the desert and across the Euphrates.

    No shit, Sherlock!

    A sustained counterterrorism campaign to knock out ISIS sleeper cells is in jeopardy of ending as Turkish warplanes reportedly destroyed a coalition-trained SDF commando camp tasked with taking out ISIS leaders and financiers.

    Why fight ISIS in the first place only to strengthen them later? Why? I really don’t understand this US policy decision.

    Hundreds of ISIS prisoners have escaped from makeshift detention facilities under the watch of SDF forces as Turkish forces plowed through northern Syria. Left to defend themselves from the Turkish barrage, SDF forces warned it could no longer prioritize guarding the ISIS camps.

    Hundreds of ISIS prisoners escaped already? LOL are you kidding me. You know where there will be heading next. Europe, possibly, even the USA.

    You have imprisoned these sadomasochistic animals for far too long. Now that they’re out in the open again and will be clamoring for revenge. Who in their right minds keeps these ISIS animals alive or unshackled?


    President Donald Trump tweeted Monday that the Kurds may intentionally be releasing ISIS prisoners to get the U.S. involved.

    So, not only is Uncle Sam a liar and a cheat, it also knows how to play victim blame-gaming. And it’s not like Donald Trump took these decisions. It was the US deep state which decided to abandon the Kurdish allies.

    U.S. military officials have oft hailed the SDF as the only competent military force in northern Syria capable of liberating major cities like Raqqa from ISIS.

    Now that they’ll be liquidated, nothing will stop ISIS commanders from recapturing areas of Syria, Iraq and other countries in the Middle-East. Welcome to the Caliphate! National sport = beheading of infidels

    If I were a Kurd, I would never trust Americans again. This is the most disastrous of betrayals. It’s like when a man is down on his luck and homeless, someone steals his umbrella.

  2. Donald Trump rode into an election victory in 2016 promising that the US will crush ISIS and eliminate it from the face of the earth. What happened to that poll promise, to “bomb the hell out of ISIS” as Trump put it then. Is he a big fat pussy now?

    ME: “Are we now cool with ISIS from this point onward?”

    DONALD TRUMP: “Don’t misjudge ISIS. They’re just misguided youth, OK? Doesn’t matter if they have AK-47s, IEDs, anti-aircraft guns, shoulder missiles and walk around with 10,000 rounds of live ammo, and a suicide vest. They’re just being badass. And I love badass people. Maybe there’s an occasional beheading in Syria, who cares? The ISIS kids are just YouTube stars looking for extra income.”

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